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Yu-Gi-OH! Heart of my Cards
Yu-Gi-OH! Heart of my Cards
Yu-Gi-OH! Heart of my Cards

Yu-Gi-OH! Heart of my Cards - Ricepirate

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Professional Voice actor and online animator. I do a lot of parodies, original shorts, and random ass video stuff.

Video description
Joey battles Yami, but he's no match for the true unshakeable power of the heart of the cards.


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Ricepirate (Mick Lauer)

Joey - Stamper :
Yami - Josh Tomar :
Others - Ricepirate

Corey "Darkages" Dyer :

Perry Hull :
VivziePop :
Louie Ramos
Shadman :
Joshua Tomar

Devastus - "Righteous Santa Justice" :
TaeYang (not Vangboi16, I was informed that was a rip and not a collab with the artist as originally stated in their posting of the song) - "Wedding Dress" :

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