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WideNeck & LongNeck: Everything Wrong with the Internet
WideNeck & LongNeck: Everything Wrong with the Internet
WideNeck & LongNeck: Everything Wrong with the Internet

WideNeck & LongNeck: Everything Wrong with the Internet - Kurtis Conner

Kurtis Conner
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Video description

In this video, we take a close look at Charles McDowell AKA Wide Neck (@damnwideneck). His mugshot went viral a few months ago, and what transpired afterwards is very strange. From fighting Long Neck to collaborating with SupremePatty and Kushpapi, this whole thing gets really weird.

I hope you enjoy the various sizes of necks!






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Instagram Magicians

ABRAKADABRA!!!!! This week, we're talking about some truly puzzling folks...Instagram magicians. This is such a strange and cringey style of content, and I'm seeing it everywhere, so I just HAD to make a video about it. I'm not bashing on magicians, those fellas are great. I'm bashing on people faking magic tricks on Instagram for likes and followers. CRISS ANGEL WOULD BE ASHAMED!!!! MY SOCIAL MEDIA: MY PODCAST: MY PATREON: BOOK ME ON CAMEO: MY COMEDY ALBUM: thanks for watching :) don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already!!! #kurtisconner

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AND THEN EVERYBODY CLAPPED!!!! A few months ago, I uploaded a video called "The Internet's Most Obvious Lies", and it was my first video to ever surpass 1 million views. So, to celebrate, I thought I would make a part 2. I went through the Instagram account @yeahthatdefinitelyhappened and the subreddit r/thathappened and found some TOP NOTCH FIBS and debunked all of them. watch part 1 here: MY SOCIAL MEDIA: • • MY MERCH: • PATREON: • MY PODCAST: • • BOOK ME ON CAMEO: • FOLLOW @yeahthatdefinitelyhappened • subreddit • thanks for watching!

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THAT'S GROSS!! w/ Noel Miller

NOEL'S CHANNEL: We watch the grossest video ever. NOW THAT GROSS!! SUBSCRIBE▶︎ ▶︎ MY EP ▶︎ ▶︎ PODCAST ▶︎ ▶︎ OTHER PODCAST ▶︎ ▶︎ MERCH ▶︎ ▶︎ PO BOX 333 Washington Blvd. #7 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 BOOK ME ON CAMEO ▶︎ ▶︎ INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: SNAPCHAT: codyko MY CAMERA: MY LENS: MY WIDE ANGLE LENS: MY MIC: MY OTHER MIC: MY VLOG CAMERA: Get free rides on uber here: Business Inquiries Only: CODY KO is an actor/comedian/YouTuber/podcaster/soundcloud rapper/internet badboy based in Venice, CA. He speaks in several podcasts and makes comedy videos on YouTube, some of his most popular videos being his commentary on...

i roasted my followers' tattoos

i asked you guys to tweet me pics of your tattoos for me to roast and you guys sent a whole bunch hahaha this was a lot of fun to film and i'm glad you guys were down!!! pls someone make a video roasting my tattoos i would love it. ps IM SORRY FOR THE OUT-OF-FOCUS VIDEO!!! IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN! FOLLOW ME: MY PODCAST: like comment subscribe whatever

The Movie Villain Nobody Asked For (14 Cameras Review)

Support My Channel! Download Free ⚔️ Vikings War Of Clans Here ➤ IOS: ➤ Android: And Get 200 💰 Gold, And a 🏥 Protective Shield for FREE Join my Vikings clan under my nickname: Mista GG 14 Cameras is a 'horror' movie on Netflix. I think you know the drill by now. Let's talk about this..villain lol Patreon: Paypal: Twitch: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Outro Animation Credit: DISCLAIMER THIS VIDEO IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES AND THE INFORMATION PRESENTED IS IN A COMEDIC FASHION. THIS INFORMATION PRESENTED SHOULDN’T BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY AND DOESN’T REFLECT THE PERSON BEING DISCUSSED. DON’T SEND ANY HATE OR “WITCH HUNT” PEOPLE...

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dr phil, you are doing some crazy ish lately MY IRL CHANNEL ► NEPTUNE PROJECT ► HYDRA (my merch) ► ME ► Business ► FAQ: 1. What equipment do you use? My camera - Vlog lens - Vlog mic - Photography lens - My drone - Desk mic (commentary) - My computer - My tripod - HIDDEN COMMENT: i am also will smith

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Coco is a very good movie. We enjoyed it immensely. We still felt obligated by reputation (and that contract with Satan) to go looking for sins in Coco. And we found a few. Next week: Mystery sins & Horror sins. Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?! Podcast: Sins Video Playlist: Tweet us: Reddit with us: Tumble us: Call us: 405-459-7466 Jeremy's book:

The Problem With "Female Viagra" Pranks

I came across these "female viagra" prank videos last week, and they made me SUPER MAD AND CONFUSED so I had to make a video about it. An account called "HammyTV" made them, and they're either the most messed up thing or the cringiest thing ever. Enjoy lol MY SOCIAL MEDIAS: MY PODCAST: MERCH / COMEDY SPECIAL: LIKE THE VIDEO IF YOU LAUGHED OR WHISPERED "what the fuck" TO YOURSELF DURING THE VIDEO! COMMENT IF YOU WANT ME TO MAKE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS! SUBSCRIBE IF U HATE OOMPA LOOMPAS!! thanks folks

my deleted videos *NEVER BEFORE SEEN!!*

great start to 2019 ✩ MERCH ✩ ✭ ✩ MY SOCIAL MEDIA ✩ ✭ instagram: ✭ twitter: ✭ snapchat: ✭ spotify: ✩ MUSIC ✩ ✭ Far Away - Tomppabeats I LUV U, -emma chamberlain

The Internet's Most Obvious Lies

Everybody is a dang liar!!! This week, we look at the amazing Instagram account "@yeahthatdefinitelyhappened" and take a closer look at some popular tweets and text posts that are OBVIOUSLY made up. my social media: my podcast: my merch: follow yeahthatdefinitelyhappened: thanks for watching!!! don't forget to subscribe!!!

These 'Niche Memes' Need to Stop

The most NICHE memes you will ever see. I've been seeing these "niche memes" more and more on Instagram, so obviously I had to make a video about them. In this video, I will do my best to decipher these things, and let you know why these niche memes need to stop. MY SOCIAL MEDIA: FOLLOW @NICHETOMEETYA APPS I USED TO MAKE MY NICHE MEMES: PHONTO PICSART MY PODCAST: MY COMEDY ALBUM: DON'T FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE FOR AN EXTRA GREETING!!! kk thanks for watching :)

Pranks with Bae

WHAT TEVATIME IS IT? Time to do some fun and good AND real pranks with bae. I came across an Instagram account a little while back, and it featured a boyfriend and girlfriend pranking each other, but something seemed off. In this video, we take a closer look at their content, and try to make sense of it all. CHECK OUT MY PODCAST • • KURTISTOWN APPAREL: • MY PARREON: • MY SOCIAL MEDIA: • • BOOK ME ON CAMEO: • DON'T FORGET TO LIKE & COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!! (in that order) THIS IS MY MAN BUN

'NichLMAO': The Cringiest Pick-Up Artist on Instagram

CLICK HERE FOR 2 FREE MONTHS: If I could rearrange the alphabet...I would delete this guy's account!!! Today, we take a look at the one and only "NichLMAO". He may seem like your average, everyday Instagram "pick-up artist", but there's much more going on here. I hope you enjoy the video, and by the end, you'll know why he is the cringiest pick-up artist on Instagram. Like the video if you enjoyed it, and please leave a comment! And obviously subscribe for an extra greeting!! MY SOCIAL MEDIA: MY PODCAST: MY PATREON: MY COMEDY ALBUM: kk thanks for watching bye!!!!

The 'Soft Boy' Epidemic

I'M ARTSY :( Today, we look at the phenomenon known as "soft boys". The dudes who act like they're artsy and emotional for their own personal gain. With a little help from the @beam_me_up_softboi Instagram account, we take a closer look at these fellas, and try to stop...The Softboy Epidemic. MY SOCIAL MEDIA: • • MY MERCH: • MY PODCAST: • • PATREON: • BOOK ME ON CAMEO: • SOFTBOI ACCOUNT:

Roasting Old Embarrassing Pictures of Myself

Yikes....I was a mess. The best way to get to know someone is to look at their past, so I guess that's what we're doing this week. Also, all I do on my channel is roast other people, so I feel like it's only fair if I make a video roasting myself. LEAVE A ROAST DOWN IN THE COMMENTS FOR MY YOUNGER SELF MY SOCIAL MEDIA: MY PODCAST: PATREON: thanks for watching!!! make sure u subscribe for the extra greeting

Everything Wrong With Shrek In 13 Minutes Or Less

*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 9/19/16* Also, TV Sins here: For some reason, we haven't done Shrek yet. Well, that's getting remedied today! Here are all the sins we could find in the original Shrek movie (can you believe there are 4 of these things?!). ______________________ Patreon: Podcast: TVSins: MusicVideoSins: Twitters... Jeremy: Barrett: Aaron: Jonathan: Merch: Subreddit: Website: SinCast Facebook page:

"Uh Oh": The Weirdest Kids' Show Ever Made

Thank you to SeatGeek for sponsoring this video. Use code 'kurtistown' for $20 off your first order: Kids' shows have always been weird, but kids' shows in the late 90's/early 2000's were a whole other breed of weird. Amidst the weirdness, one show reigned supreme: and that show was "Uh Oh". "Uh Oh" was a Canadian game show that was incredibly strange, so I am very excited to show it to you if you've never heard of it before. Enjoy! Watch Uh Oh here: MY SOCIAL MEDIA: MY PODCAST MY PATREON DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE FOR AN EXTRA GREETING!!

Worst Instagram "Facts" Ever

indian fact genius did it again.... Check out Ryan Yerrow: NEPTUNE PROJECT ► HYDRA (my merch) ► MY IRL CHANNEL ► ME ► Business ► FAQ: 1. What equipment do you use? My camera - Vlog lens - Vlog mic - Photography lens - My drone - Desk mic (commentary) - My computer - My tripod - HIDDEN COMMENT: GO INDIA

The Country Boys of TikTok

YEE HAW!!! Wow, just when I thought TikTok couldn't get more entertaining...I stumbled upon some good ol' fashioned country boys. I learned a lot while filming this, but the most important thing I learned is: country boy...I love you :p MY SOCIAL MEDIAS: MY PODCAST: MY COMEDY ALBUM: THANKS FOR WATCHING DON'T FORGET TO LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!!

We Need To Stop The Ace Family

The Ace Family have recently been under fire for a video of Austin McBroom giving his daughter a lollipop that some people find disturbing. Atozy - ● SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! 👕 INTERNET SENSATION SHIRTS 👕 ⛺ THE CAMP CAST - ● BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER ● TWITTER - ● INSTAGRAM - ● CAMEO - ● SNAPCHAT - ImAllexx ● FACEBOOK - ● MUSIC - Bite Your Lips Alex Elmslie or ImAllexx is a YouTube channel based off commentary on events and interests.

"Entrepreneurs" On Instagram Are Super Weird

"Entrepreneurs" on social media make me laugh a lot so I thought I would make a video about them. NO DAYS OFF! ALWAYS HUSTLING, FAM. GOTTA STAY ON MY GRIND! *disclaimer* Obviously if you're an actual entrepreneur, that's super rad. I have nothing against people working hard at what they're passionate about. This video is about all the weird inspirational quotes and people who call themselves entrepreneurs even though they don't do anything lmao OKAY THANKS ENJOY. comment "doinks" if you're reading this FOLLOW ME: THANKS FOR WATCHING! PLEASE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!