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Why is GERMANY Growing More Than JAPAN? - VisualPolitik EN
Why is GERMANY Growing More Than JAPAN? - VisualPolitik EN
Why is GERMANY Growing More Than JAPAN? - VisualPolitik EN

Why is GERMANY Growing More Than JAPAN? - VisualPolitik EN - VisualPolitik EN

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Japan and Germany starred in two of the greatest economic miracles of the twentieth century. For three decades, both countries achieved huge growth rates, which allowed both Japan and Germany not only to recover from the damage caused by World War II, but even to become some of the richest countries in the world.

However, in Japan, the model came to a sudden halt between 1989 and the early 1990s. Today, the German model has shown itself as superior and has reaped better economic and social results.

So the question we ask ourselves in this video is, why has the German model been better than the Japanese? Why has Germany performed better than Japan for the last decades? Some possible answers, which we discuss in this video, have a lot to do with the Keiretsu, how the Yen and the Marco were managed differently, and a very different immigration policy.

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Archie Lim - Tokyo People
Trimedia - Nagano
Adam Szulc - A walk around Munich
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