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Why 9-Year-Old Boy With Autism Got Arrested at School
Why 9-Year-Old Boy With Autism Got Arrested at School
Why 9-Year-Old Boy With Autism Got Arrested at School

Why 9-Year-Old Boy With Autism Got Arrested at School - Inside Edition

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The parents of the 9-year-old who was arrested in August after fighting another student and striking a teacher are speaking out. Cops were called after fourth grader Devin Shepherd got into a fight with a classmate during recess at Needham Elementary School in Franklin, Ind. When a teacher intervened, Devin hit the teacher. The boy's father recorded the heartbreaking scene. “Just chill out buddy. You're leaving with me. I promise you,” the father told his son as he was being arrested.
Teen With Backwards Foot Attached To Knee Meets Other Cancer Survivors Like Her

One teen has defied all odds as a dancer with a prosthetic leg. When Gabi Shull removes her prosthetic, her leg is backwards. The Missouri native traveled to Houston to perform in a fundraiser for children battling cancer this past summer. Shull took the stage and wowed the crowd and inspired everyone by taking a giant step forward. She has loved to dance from time she was 3 years old. In 2010, an MRI revealed a tumor and she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma a rare form of cancer.

Watch These High Schoolers Get Pepper Sprayed by Their Teacher

A group of Ohio high school students learned the hard way how painful pepper spray can be. The teenagers were heard screaming in agony as the effects of the spray kicked in. The group of teens at Barberton High School willingly participated with their parents' consent on how effective and potent pepper spray can be. "It's like a volcano in my eyes!" one student shouted. The shocking video, shot by a parent, is causing a firestorm on social media. "Horrifying," one person called it.

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Bike thieves are a big problem across the United States. We tested how long it would take for a thief to snatch a pricey bike. We loaned a $2,500 Trek mountain bike and security expert Jason Cecchettini planted hidden GPS and radio tracking device. We locked the bike to a signpost and soon enough, a man used a wire cutter to break the lock and take off with the bike. A wild chase ensued through the streets of North Hollywood. Using the tracking devices, we followed the thief and confronted him.

Do New Yorkers Actually Give Their Seat Up For a Pregnant Woman?

An Inside Edition reporter put New Yorkers to the test by seeing if they would give up their seat to a pregnant woman. Ann Mercogliano, who is seven months pregnant, took a ride on the subway system and found a number of people were willing to give up their seats. She also stood at the bottom of a stairway to see if anyone would help carry her suitcase up the stairs but many people rushed by. Another test shows Mercogliano hailing cabs and was touched when one woman offered her taxi without hesitation.

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Boy, 7, Called A Hero After Finding Stolen Bag Of Cash Near Robbery Scene

More from Inside Edition: Griffin Steele, 7, was at the gas station with his dad, Shane, in Myrtle Beach when he found a $20 bill covered in red dye on the floor. Imagine his surprise when he opened a nearby garbage can to find a bag full of stolen money inside. Steel said the rest of the cash was also covered in red dye so his dad called police immediately. It turns out someone had robbed a local TD Bank in Myrtle Beach just an hour earlier.

See Which Hotels Were Caught Not Changing Bedsheets for New Guests

An Inside Edition investigation found that you might not always be getting clean bedsheets when you stay at a hotel. We visited rooms at different hotels and sprayed messages on the sheets using washable paint only visible under UV light. We checked out and booked into the same rooms the next evening. When we switched on the UV light, the painted messages were still there. The hotels

Airline Passenger With First Class Ticket Says She Was Bumped for Congresswoman

The airline passenger who says she was bumped from her seat to make room for a congresswoman is giving her side of the story. Teacher Jean-Marie Simon says she booked a first class seat on a flight from Houston to Washington, D.C. She showed Inside Edition a boarding pass that read “First Class, Seat 1A.” But when she went to board, a United gate agent told her, “You've been wiped from the system, I can't even find your reservation,” Simon told Inside Edition.

Mom Distraught On Dock After Cruise Ship Leaves With Her Kids On Board

A desperate mom was filmed as she dropped to her knees when a cruise ship left her and her husband behind while their three children were on board. The 4,000-passenger ship was dockside preparing to depart for New York when the woman's husband noticed she was missing. He was driven away in a buggy to look for her, leaving their three children on board. Minutes later, the ship's horn blew as it sailed off. The couple tried racing back to the ship but it was too late.

11-Year-Old Girl Suffers Third Degree Burns From Making Homemade Slime

More from Inside Edition: An 11-year-old girl paid the price when she tested out a new kid craze by making slime. Kathleen Quinn's mother says her daughter suffered third degree burns on her hands after following a recipe on YouTube to create a goo similar to that seen at the Kids Choice Awards. The mom says she played with her creation every day for several weeks and claims doctors told her the burn was a chemical reaction from one of the ingredients.

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Man Who Inspired ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Dies of the Disease

More from Inside Edition: A man who helped inspire the widely popular ice bucket challenge has died after a 14-year battle with ALS. Anthony Senerchia Jr., from New York, passed away on Saturday aged just 46. He inspired the challenge, which saw people across the world raise awareness for ALS research by having buckets of ice water dumped on their heads. Stars including Britney Spears and Taylor Swift took part.


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Why This Woman Looked So Grumpy in Splash Mountain Photo

It was an unhappy face at the happiest place on Earth as a woman was riding Splash Mountain at Disney World and delivered a death stare directly to the camera as all the other passengers are full of joy. INSIDE EDITION spoke to Jordan Alexander and her husband Steve. Jordan said: "Splash Mountain's my favorite ride. He is not a ride's guy but he promised me and he promised me he would go."

Sick 4-Year-Old Smiles When Entire Football Stadium Waves at Him in Hospital

From his hospital bed a 4-year-old smiles as he looks down at the crowd waving at him. Wyatt Hemphill's immune system is so weak, it might as well be non-existent, his family explains. Wyatt is one of many kids at the hospital thrilled with all the fans and players cheering for them in the middle of an Iowa Hawkeyes game. It's a new tradition that just started this month.'s Leigh Scheps ( has more.

Starbucks Barista Flips Out Over Creating Hyped-Up Unicorn Frappuccinos

More from Inside Edition: One Starbucks employee has had enough of the company's new limited edition signature drink, the Unicorn Frappuccino. Braden Burson is not alone as Starbucks employees across the nation are done with the swirly pink and blue drink. Burson is a barista and had a rough first day with the new dreamy concoction that apparently is a nightmare to prepare. It's ice, milk, Frappuccino syrup, vanilla syrup, mango syrup, pink powder, sour blue powder and something called "blue drizzle," which are all blended together.

Are Steep Stadium Seats Dangerous?

More from Inside Edition: Steep seats are becoming more and more common at arenas across America. They're designed so that spectators in the upper decks are closer to the action with unblocked sightlines, but are they dangerous? Paul McCartney opened to a sellout crowd at Sacramento’s new Golden 1 Center last year. A concert-goer was wheeled out of the arena on opening night after he says a fan fell on top of him. “It just felt very unsafe walking up there,” he said. He's not alone.

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Sam the Elf was off!  Not to the North Pole, but to the hospital for emergency care. Jennifer Thelen's daughter told her their 2-year-old German shepherd had attacked Sam the Elf. Jennifer works for Orlando's Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, the perfect place to treat an elf in distress.'s Keleigh Nealon ( has more.

Wife of 'Hot Felon' Jeremy Meeks Gets Stunning Makeover

Melissa Meeks, the estranged wife of 'Hot Felon' Jeremy Meeks, told Inside Edition she was in need of a confidence boost after discovering he left her for a 26-year-old heiress. So she went to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael K. Obeng to undergo a nose job and receive breast implants. The surgery took two hours, and a week later, she showed off the incredible results. She insisted that she didn't go under the knife to lure back her ex. "I did it for myself," she said.

Why This Poorly-Designed House is Driving Everyone Crazy

More from Inside Edition: A North Carolina home may be the most poorly designed house in America. The driveway leads right up to the window. The garage is on the other side of the house. To park your car in the garage, you'd have to drive over the curb and then over your own lawn. The photo, first posted on Reddit, is now blowing up the Internet. Real estate agent Josh Flagg, from "Million Dollar Listing" said, "Nobody would ever build a home that way. It makes no sense. There's got to be a reason."

14-Year-Old 'Stranger Things' Actor's Medical Condition Is Written Into Series

The young cast of Stranger Things stole the hearts of viewers last summer when the show aired on Netflix. The cast is having the time of their lives riding out the success at award shows where they are being crowned winners. However, one star of the show has a surprising condition that was written into the script. Gaten Matarazzo became a fan favorite thanks to his charming and gregarious character Dustin. In the show, Dustin has an unusual genetic disorder where his teeth won't fully grow in.