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Who Is the Right Person for You? (Personality Test)
Who Is the Right Person for You? (Personality Test)
Who Is the Right Person for You? (Personality Test)

Who Is the Right Person for You? (Personality Test) - BRIGHT SIDE

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Finding the right person to share your life with is super important. Take this simple test to find out what type of person is the right one for you! You will answer 10 questions and see the number of points you get for this or that answer after each question.

What talent would you appreciate most in your partner? 0:47
What do you look forward to doing together with your partner most of all? 1:18
Which movie would you want to enjoy with your partner? 2:03
When sharing your problems with your partner, how do you expect him or her to react? 2:41
What would you never give up for your relationship? 3:32
Which sound most appealing to you? 4:12
What phrase would be an absolute deal breaker for you? 4:48
All your friends are happy for you and ask you to describe your relationship using one emoji. What is it going to be? 5:24
What would your ideal honeymoon look like? 5:59
What's a perfect anniversary gift from your love? 6:39

- If you have 100-150 points, you’ll be happy with an Adventurer. Trying new things together, traveling the world, looking for the special in the ordinary and being bold and spontaneous is what you appreciate most in life.
- You got 160 to 220 points? In that case, a Materialist is out there waiting for you. Maybe that well-organized successful individual will walk into your life tomorrow? Who knows...
- Those who scored 230 to 300 points will be in a harmonious relationship with a Family Man (Woman). You can’t wait to settle down and start living with a person who will share your values and beliefs.
- If your score is 310 to 400 points, a Romantic dreamer will come into your life and stay there for good. You need someone to chase sunsets with, to fly you to the Moon and let you play among the stars without living your own home and to give you all the love and admiration you deserve.

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