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What RUINED Ben 10? | Tracing the Border #5
What RUINED Ben 10? | Tracing the Border #5
What RUINED Ben 10? | Tracing the Border #5

What RUINED Ben 10? | Tracing the Border #5 - Kuro The Artist

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Ben 10 Alien Force: Modesty vs Arrogance:


The image at 10:34 was drawn by Supersketch1220, I accidentally creed the artist as the group the image was put into. My apologies.

Ben 10 was created by Man of Action entertainment and owned by Cartoon Network Studios. All clips presented here are for commentary purposes only.
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Ben 10 Alien Force Vilgax The Movie ►PLAYLIST : ►More Videos : ►Google+ : ►Twitter : ►Game Informations : Developers : Papaya Studio (Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PSP), 1st Playable Productions (DS) Publisher : D3 Publisher Distributors : Warner Bros. Interactive / Entertainment / Time Warner Composers : Michael McCuistion / Lolita Ritmanis / Kristopher Carter Series : Ben 10 Platforms : Nintendo DS / PlayStation 2 / PlayStation Portable / Wii / Xbox 360 Release dates : NA October 27, 2009 / EU February 12, 2010 Genre : Action ►No Commentary Gameplay by NintenU (2014)◄

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