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What is Water Hammer?
What is Water Hammer?
What is Water Hammer?

What is Water Hammer? - Practical Engineering

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Grady Hillhouse is a professional civil engineer and hobbyist everything else in San Antonio, Texas. Randall Munroe said, "You can look at practically any part of anything manmade around you and think, Some engineer was frustrated while designing this. It's a little human connection." My goal for Practical Engineering is to increase exposure and interest in the field of engineering. I'm trying to highlight that connection between the world around us and the energy, passion, and thought that goes into making it a nicer place to live. Disclaimer: The videos I produce are for entertainment only. My videos or comments should not be regarded as professional engineering advice or services. Please do not attempt to reproduce anything you see me do without the proper knowledge, experience, and equipment.

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Hydraulic transients (also known as water hammer) can seem innocuous in a residential setting, but these spikes in pressure can cause major damage to large pipelines and industrial pipe networks. In this video, we briefly discuss how water hammer occurs and how engineers mitigate the effect.


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How to Collapse a Pipe by Closing a Valve

Water hammer can work in both directions, and I only discussed one of those in the previous video ( Today's episode revisits that demonstration to show how water hammer can form a vacuum pressure in a pipe. Momentum carrying fluid away from a valve wants to keep going even after the valve is closed. This generates a negative pressure than can cause major damage! -Patreon: -Website: This video was sponsored by Skillshare. Marxist Arrow by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License Source: Tonic and Energy by Elexive is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License Source:

How to Make Free Energy Water Pump - Ram Pump

How to make a hydraulic ram pump which requires no electricity and no motor. NOTE : This pump uses falling water to lift a lesser amount of water to a higher elevation than the source. So, being primarily used for lifting relatively small amount of water to a higher elevation. if you want to deliver 2 cubic meter of water to an elevated location, you need at least 6 cubic meters of water to operate the pump 4 cubic meters of which will be used to drive the pump and goes directly as waste.

How to Quiet Pipes With a Water Hammer Arrestor - This Old House

Silencing noisy pipes with This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: Full episode: How to Quiet a Noisy PVC Plumbing Vent: How to Prevent Frozen Pipes: How to Stop Copper Pipe Corrosion: Shopping List for Quieting Pipes With a Water Hammer Arrestor: - water hammer arrestors - copper T-fittings - lead-free solder and flux - emery cloth - teflon tape - plastic pipe clip and 1 5/8-inch screw Tools for Quieting Pipes With a Water Hammer Arrestor: - screwdriver - tubing cutter - propane torch - adjustable wrench - drill/driver Follow...

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How to Quiet Heating Pipes - This Old House

In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey takes the racket out of noisy heating pipes. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: How to Quiet a Noisy Baseboard Heater: How to Quiet a Noisy PVC Plumbing Vent: How to Fix a Noisy Faucet: Shopping List for How to Quiet Heating Pipes: - plastic 'Mickey' pipe clips, used to isolate hot-water pipes from surrounding surfaces - 1-inch screws, for fastening plastic pipe clips Tools for How to Quiet Heating Pipes: - pliers, for removing metal pipe clamps -...

Why Bridges Move...

...and other musings on thermal movement of large civil works. This video is sponsored by Blue Apron. First 100 people to sign up will get $40 off their first two weeks of Blue Apron orders. Click here: Most people have a certain intuition about thermal expansion, but you may not have considered how engineers design to accommodate it on large civil structures. The video gives a quick overview on this important consideration that engineers must account for when designing infrastructure like pipelines, bridges, and even sidewalks. -Patreon: -Website: Marxist Arrow by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License Source: Tonic...

The Causes and Effects of Water Hammer

Water hammer has the potential to rupture valves, pipes, and fittings. Condensate can collect on the bottom of steam lines, out of the flow path, so it requires some external means, like gravity for instance, to move it through the system. While damage is most often caused by repeated occurrences of water hammer, sometimes damage can be immediate and catastrophic, and sometimes harmful to employee safety. Armstrong International has released an updated interactive 30 minutes course on Water Hammer. The course objectives are: --Understand basic mechanics of water hammer --Identify conditions under which water hammer may occur --Apply preventative solutions...

Free Energy Machine

F.S Mackintosh Perpetual Wheel patented in 1823. A strong magnet set in the open slot between sides of the wheel attracts an iron ball. The magnet is supposed to draw the ball to one side of the center to make the wheel permanently unbalanced Website:

How to Install a Water Pressure Booster - This Old House

Learn how to pump up the water pressure in your home with This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: Full episode: How to Install a Water Pressure-Reducing Valve: How to Repair a Shower Valve: How to Install a Bathroom Fan: Shopping List for How to Install a Water Pressure Booster: - pressure-booster system, used to raise the pressure of incoming water - copper pipe and assorted fittings, for connecting new pressure-booster system to existing water-supply line - emery cloth and flux,...

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Engineers that work with fluids need a solid understanding of how they behave, and there’s one branch of fluid mechanics that plays a role in areas all across our lives. Whether you’re designing a water tower for a city or you just want to understand how those upside-down pet bowls work, you’ve got to know how to relate the depth and pressure of a fluid: hydrostatics. Thanks for watching! Website: Patreon: Music: Doctor Vox - Gold ( Music: Soft and Light - Electronic Senses

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In this video I comment on Building Brick walls, I show some example of old school Brick walls in Scandinavia, and give opinions on how I thing brick walls are better built, also a tour of Roskilde Cathedral "Denmark" and tour of a Danish house, all my videos are my ways and ideas, I always suggest anyone doing any type of work to consult professional help.

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What is a Tuned Mass Damper?

FAQ: (1) What's that physics simulation software called? Algodoo (it's free!). (2) Your music is no good. I didn't nail the mix on this video, but it is fixed on subsequent videos. In many of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, there’s a secret device protecting the building and the people inside from strong motion due to wind and earthquakes. Did you know you can tune a skyscraper just like a guitar? In this Practical Engineering video, we’re comparing theory to the real world for tuned mass dampers. Luckily this tech is simple enough that we can model it right in the garage. As silly as...

How does land surveying work?

A primer on one of the most important companions to civil engineering: land surveyors. First 100 people to sign up will get three meals off their Blue Apron order free! Click here: This video is sponsored by Blue Apron. Conventional measurement tools like a tape measure and protractor don't work for large civil structures and public works projects. Surveying is essentially the science of measuring big stuff. In this video I give a quick explanation of how surveying works and show a few ways you can do your own leveling survey at home. No sines, cosines, or tangents required! -Patreon: -Website: Marxist...

Automatic Bell Siphon Explained

This is a demo of a bell siphon I built in collaboration with a couple of engineering professors. There are certain cases where it would be nice to be able to create a siphon without any intervention, a self-priming or automatic siphon: the next level of siphonry. It's built out of an acrylic sheet and a piece of clear pipe. Thanks to Rolf Hut and Pete Marchetto for inviting me to collaborate on their project. Full Project: Big Clive Urinal Auto-Syphon: Rolf Hut: Pete Marchetto: Animation: Devin Sloan -Patreon: -Website: Tonic and Energy by Elexive is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution...

How to Measure Flow with Magnets - (Magnetic Flow Meters)

What happens when a civil engineer mixes water and electricity? The results aren't always ideal, but you always learn something! A magnetic flow meter relies on Faraday's Law of Induction to measure the flow of a fluid. Magnets outside the pipe create a magnetic field. Electrodes are located perpendicular to the magnets. A conductive fluid moving through the pipe will generate a voltage (electromotive force) between the electrodes due to Faraday’s law. The faster the fluid moves through the pipe, the higher the voltage. Once you know the velocity of the fluid, you can calculate flow using the cross sectional area...

I built a PC out of rope and wood...

In this video I show you how I built a unique sculptural PC! Big thanks to the following manufacturers and distributors for helping to support this project: Western Digital with their 2TB m.2 drive Burson Audio with their Play Zotac with their GTX 1080 Noctua with 2x NH-D15 Reichelt with the Z370-i Overclockers UK with the Lian-li PCI-E extension cable Here is that threaded insert tool: For those interested, here is the first custom built PC I made, named 'Cloud Unit': .