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What Chinese Think Of Black Panther
What Chinese Think Of Black Panther
What Chinese Think Of Black Panther

What Chinese Think Of Black Panther - WODE MAYA

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Video description
Black Panther  is Finally on screens in China..
We decided to ask Chinese people what they think of the Black Panther Movie..

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1. Go watch the movie and come back 2. If you're South African, can afford data or the internet to watch this ,but haven't seen the movie by now. I take it your'e not that into it. 3. I have been needing to unpack since premier evening 16th February 2018, I cannot hold myelf any longer. 4. SPOILERS ALL ROUND!!!!

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Got to meet and chat a bit with the Marvel Black Panther cast in Seoul, Korea!😭 Full interview! PS: Michael B Jordan is the real MVP!😱 with Director Ryan Coogler, Chadwick Boseman and Lupita Nyong'o Special thanks to Disney for bringing me out again!💕 Any future features/interviews you’re looking forward to?