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We Dressed Like Riverdale Characters for a Day
We Dressed Like Riverdale Characters for a Day
We Dressed Like Riverdale Characters for a Day

We Dressed Like Riverdale Characters for a Day - Clevver Style

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Welcome to Riverdale High, where the students are unrealistically good looking and there’s more murders than math tests.

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From serving looks to sipping milkshakes at Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe (okay, Mel’s Diner – close enough) we transformed into the cast of CW’s Riverdale for a day with the help of a makeup artist (and cat ears.) GO BULLDOGS!! Plus, Bridget recaps two seasons of Riverdale in 30 seconds and we torture Tom yet again (at least this time it isn't wax.)

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Tom Plumley as Archie Andrews – @tomplumley
Lily Marston as Betty Cooper – @lily_marston
Jarrett Sleeper as Jughead Jones – @ jarrett_sleeper
Loryn Powell as Veronica Lodge – @lorynpowell
Erin Robinson as Cheryl Blossom – @erinrobinson
Drew Dorsey as Josie McCoy – @drew__dorsey
James DeMuth as Kevin Keller – @jedemuth

Special thanks to our makeup artist & honorary Pussycat Bryan! @bryanmendez

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i ran away from home and this is what happened.

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WHY Riverdale Is So, SO Bad...'s full of cringe-worthy moments, and people LOVE to roast it. Why? Is it because it's full of confusing plotlines, over-dramatic acting and very, VERY questionable dialogue? Or, is it something else entirely? Does Belle even LIKE this show? Let's find out! Hello, people of the internet! My name is Belle, and yes, this is my video's description! Thank you so much for watching my video on the hit tv show Riverdale. We discuss the show's story, the acting, the characters, and the beautiful, majestic dialogue, as well as my personal feelings on the show. Please enjoy! —— Social Media: BECOME A PATRON --...