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WATCH LIVE: SpaceX to Launch Falcon 9 Rocket #HISPASAT 30W-6 @12:33am EST
WATCH LIVE: SpaceX to Launch Falcon 9 Rocket #HISPASAT 30W-6 @12:33am EST
WATCH LIVE: SpaceX to Launch Falcon 9 Rocket #HISPASAT 30W-6 @12:33am EST

WATCH LIVE: SpaceX to Launch Falcon 9 Rocket #HISPASAT 30W-6 @12:33am EST - SPACE & UNIVERSE (Official)

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A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Hispasat 30W-6 communications satellite Today from Cape Canaveral, Florida at 12:33 a.m. EST (0533 GMT).

Liftoff window begins at 12:33 a.m. EST.

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March 11: Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 a.m. This time we'll "spring forward" and move the hour hands on our clocks one hour into the future, losing an hour of nighttime.

March 15: A Chinese Long March 3B rocket will launch the Apstar 6C communications satellite from Xichang, China.

March 16: Expeion 55 crewmembers will host a live, in-flight discussion with the National Science Teachers Association in Atlanta from the International Space Station starting at 10:40 a.m EDT (1440 GMT) on NASA TV.

March 20: Spring equinox. This is the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, it is the first day of fall (the autumn equinox).

March 21: A Russian Soyuz rocket will launch the crewed Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan with members of the Expeion 55/56 crew: NASA astronauts Andrew Feustel and Richard Arnold, and Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemtyev. Lifotff is scheduled for 1:44 p.m. EDT (1744 GMT). [Watch Live]

March 21: Arianespace will use an Ariane 5 ECA rocket to launch the Superbird 8/DSN 1 and Hylas 4 communications satellites from Kourou, French Guiana at 5:42 p.m. EDT (2142 GMT).

March 23: Expeion 56/57 crewmembers (NASA astronauts Andrew Feustel and Richard Arnold, and Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemtyev) will arrive at the International Space Station (ISS) after a two-day flight. Their Soyuz spacecraft will dock at the ISS at 3:41 p.m. EDT (1941 GMT), and they'll open the hatch at approximately 5:20 p.m. EDT (2120 GMT). [Watch Live]

March 24: India's Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mk. 2 (GSLV Mk.2) will launch the GSAT 6A satellite from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, India.

March 29: A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Iridium Next 41-50 satellites from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California at (10:19 a.m. EDT (1419 GMT).
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Live (2018) NASA Earth from Space - "International Astronomy Day", ISS HD Video is presented. NASA Live stream of Earth seen from space powered by NASA HDEV cameras aboard the International Space Station. Watch the Earth roll Captured by HDEV cameras on board the International Space Station. ▰ Get Live Alerts: (Rocket Launches & Webcasts) ▰ Poll Results: Updates: (Feb. 25:) A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Hispasat 30W-6 communications satellite from Cape Canaveral, Florida at 12:35 a.m. EST (0535 GMT). [Watch Live] (Feb 26:) NASA TV will air a live broadcast of a change of command ceremony at the International Space Station...

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The full test launch of the Falcon Heavy, from T-45 to finish! Note that these videos are not intended to infringe on the original videos, but provide a smaller recap of the entire event in an uncut video, as opposed to 45-90 minute long videos with 10 minutes of action.

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Last year after NASA SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket disintegrated on cape Canaveral, billionaire CEO of Space X Elon Musk Twitted "We have not ruled that a UFO hitting the Space X Falcon 9 rocket". This never before seen Kryan channel exclusive high definition video is best to watch on big screen TV. Here you can clearly see SpaceX rocket disintegrates shortly after the launch from Cape Canaveral NASA platform after UFO hitting it. Our source in NASA said that all 3 times a top secret package for an American astronaut eyes only is sent to International Space Station -...

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Launched on Aug. 4, 2007, Phoenix landed on May 25, 2008, farther north than any previous spacecraft sent to Mars. The lander dug, scooped, baked, sniffed and tasted the Red Planet's soil. Among early results, it verified the presence of water-ice in the Martian subsurface, which NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter first detected remotely in 2002. Phoenix's cameras also returned more than 25,000 pictures from sweeping vistas to near the atomic level with the first atomic force microscope ever used outside Earth. During its mission, Phoenix confirmed and examined patches of the widespread deposits of underground water ice detected by Odyssey and...

SpaceX Falcon 9 PAZ mission launch 2/22/2018

Elon Musk’s SpaceX launches two satellites to low-Earth orbit by Falcon 9 rocket within PAZ Mission on February 22, 2018. Is launch is for Elon Musk’s STARLINK project! This is the first time when SpaceX launches Falcon 9 rocket after historic Falcon Heavy test flight on February 6, 2018. Falcon 9 launches PAZ satellites from Vandenberg Air Force Base in USA. Liftoff of SpaceX Falcon 9 for PAZ mission is at 4:15 PM 2/22/2108. According to Elon Musk’s latest twitter post, successful launch of PAZ mission will complete star link constellation and make available to work directly as expected. This...

Elon Musk Tour of SpaceX 720p HD

SpaceX CEO and CTO Elon Musk takes us on a tour of the SpaceX Headquarters located in Hawthorne, CA , just outside of Los Angeles. Once a manufacturing site for the 747 aircraft, this 500,000 square foot facility is where SpaceX now designs and builds 80% of the Falcon line. 2010 Tour. More information on SpaceX:

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Project Apollo playlist: more at Apollo 16 was the fifth moon landing of Project Apollo, and the 10th manned mission in the Apollo program. It was the second mission to utilize a Lunar Rover (Lunar Roving Vehicle, LRV) during lunar EVAs (moonwalks). Produced for NASA by A-V Corporation, Houston, Texas. Commander John W. Young Lunar Module Pilot Charles M. Duke, Jr. Command Module Pilot T. Kenneth Mattingly II Command Module "Casper" CM-113 mass 12,874 pounds (5,840 kg) Lunar Module "Orion" LM-11 mass 36,729 pounds (16,660 kg) Launch vehicle Saturn V SA-511 Launch Complex 39A Launch date April 16, 1972 17:54:00 UTC Lunar landing April 21, 1972 02:23:35 UTC Descartes...

Flat Earthers React To SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch || Flat Earth Analysis

What's Up Heathens! Today's video is special because it's an extra dose for of Godless Engineer. The flat earthers saw the Falcon Heavy launch and were not dissuaded from their theory. They took to social media to tell people how deluded they were for believing the SpaceX launch was real. So the Falcon Heavy launched recently and had a stunning view of the earth as Starman drifted along its path. You would think this would put all the bullshit about a flat earth to rest. Instead, they only hardened their position. They shored up their Cognitive Bias and refused to accept the...

How SpaceX is changing the Space Industry

Twitter: @societyofgeeks Facebook: E-Mail me here: If you wanna see more videos like this then make sure to subscribe, it’s free. I really appreciate constructive feedback and criticism on what can be improved either visually or in terms of research and content. Just please be fair and polite. VIDEO DESCRIPTION: On February 6, SpaceX launched their new “Falcon Heavy” Rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. In a spectacular and very media-effective stunt they sent a “midnight-cherry-red" Tesla Roadster as test-payload on it’s way into deep space. The rocket has the ability to put more than 140,000 pounds of cargo into the lower earth orbit, much...

План Илона Маска по колонизации Марса IAC2017 |29.09.2017|(На русском)

Выступление #ИлонаМаска на Международном Конгрессе Астронавтики в Аделаиде, Австралия. Он представляет обновленную ракету #BFR, план по колонизации Марса и постройке базы на Луне, а так же намекает на революцию в перемещении по Земле. Источник: Наши ресурсы: Свежие новости из мира Илона Маска Сообщество во вКонтакте Наш Instagram - Наш канал в Telegram Наш Twitter Группа в Facebook Группа в Одноклассниках Мы в Google+

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Why so many satellites launched for Christmas? Multiple countries report rocket launches and SpaceX looking phenomena in the skies around the winter solstice. Coincidence or part of a network? Standard technologies or secret technologies? Something new or ancient technology rediscovered? Science or occult? SpaceX or Fake X? What do you think? Includes pictures of Vancouver UFO over city hall in 1937, similar UFO Fresco from a monastery in 1350, the teardrop or sperm shaped UFO caught on tape from space the STS-80 Cumbia spaceshuttle in 1996, the 2015 west coast missile and other launch, the Russian missile launch in December 2017, the rocket launch...

Why did the Falcon 9 Explode?

Believe it or not, nasa currently cannot put a man into space. After the shuttle was decommissioned, NASA decided it was going to put their human launch capability in the hands of the private sector. In principal not such a bad thing..... in practice.... its highly debatable. The explosion of the spaceX falcon 9 rocket on the pad in Aug. 2016 was a hell of a wakeup call. Nasa hasnt had an explosion while fuelling for ~40 years. This was all pretty well sorted out a LONG time ago. Further how can you actually get an...

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WEAR HEADPHONES! Click here for Sound Traveler → Checkout Trevor’s Myspace Page: The Sound Traveler on Patreon: Click here if you're interested in subscribing: ⇊ Click below for more links! ⇊ NOTE: Turns out they screwed up and put the same video feed on both of the bottom quad views. I had being wrong in a Smarter Every Day, but obviously I was trying to get this out. Seriously... I will think about this video error for years. Trevor Mahlmann's website: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GET SMARTER SECTION I like this song: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tweet Ideas to me at: I'm "ilikerockets" on Snapchat. Snap Code: Smarter Every...

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SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks on creating Starlink – Space Internet Company to make Global Network available from every place on Earth with minimal latency. Elon says that he is going to change the industry of Internet providers. Starlink is going to become a communication bridge between Earth and colonized Mars. Elon says that Starlink’s Satellite constellation will have more than 4000 satellites. This is amazing! Elon wants to reinvent the way we use Internet! Starlink’s plan has already been described by SpaceX workers in 2017. They demonstrated the whole pack of documents to prove that they are...