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Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage, Organ
Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage, Organ
Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage, Organ

Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage, Organ - Pipe organs & Movies

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Video description
The record was made in Ettal (Germany).
I reworked this song for a holy mess of Internat Ettal.
Sheet music:
Played by: Rácz Boldizsár
The film made by: Andrónyi Tamás, Rácz Boldizsár
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Two Steps from Hell's "Archangel" played on the pipe organ at my church. The original sheets came from OwexGoard, I just manipulated and re-arranged to fit on the full set of keyboards. Through this, I've learned that organs are probably the most stressful instruments ever... there are quite a few errors, but I'm proud of the final work. I know that this song is probably not the best decision for a work on organ, however, I regardless had a blast learning and playing this piece!

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Victory by Two Steps From Hell (Piano)

The triumph is ours! Sheet music: Want to learn piano online? Support me on Patreon: Two Steps From Hell piano playlist: Composed by Thomas Bergersen Arranged and performed by Andrew Wrangell Original Victory by Two Steps From Hell: Victory is the single from the 2015 Two Steps From Hell album "Battlecry" and it has an incredible sound. I had heaps of requests to play this one so I hope that you enjoy it! Another Thomas Bergersen masterpiece! I did my best to stay true to the style of this epic music in my piano version so there's a fair bit of big stuff...

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Composed by Thomas Bergersen. Follow Thomas on Facebook: Follow Two Steps From Hell on Facebook: Buy Battlecry: Amazon: iTunes: Google Play: CdBaby: You can buy more of our music here: iTunes: Amazon: CDBaby:

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The Score is finally availble. Write me an email: I will respond as soon as possible. recording was made in deepest winter, the organ was out of tune and the pneumatics were veeeeery lazy and unreliable. btw: its a steinermeyer organ with 55 stops aufgrund vieler wünsche, hier mal ein repost auf einer anderen Orgel, leider spielerisch wieder sehr "durchwachsen" =) die aufnahme wurde im winter gemacht, die pneumatik war sehr träge und das pfeifenwerk teilweise sehr verstimmt! The Score is available for free now! Write me an email:

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Two Steps From Hell MEDLEY

I will create a midi file of any song: Ever wanted to learn to play the piano? This is a very easy and quick way: SUBSCRIBE: 0:00 - 0:34 Never Back Down (Battlecry) 0:35 - 1:04 Heart of Courage (Invincible) 1:05 - 1:18 Strength of a Thousand Men (Archangel) 1:19 - 1:39 Protectors of the Earth (Invincible) 1:40 - 2:08 Heart of Courage (Intro) 2:09 - 2:35 Dragon Rider (Dynasty) 2:36 - 3:04 Empire of Angels (Sun) 3:05 - 3:33 Flight of the Silverbird (Battlecry) 3:34 - 4:22 Magika (Dynasty) 4:23 - 5:03 Nero (Archangel) 5:04 - 5:28 Archangel (Archangel) 5:29 - 6:22 Undying Love (Invincible) 6:23 - 6:54 Heart...

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