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Two failed LED bulbs for teardown to determine the cause
Two failed LED bulbs for teardown to determine the cause
Two failed LED bulbs for teardown to determine the cause

Two failed LED bulbs for teardown to determine the cause - JohnAudioTech

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I enjoy electronics, building DIY projects and repairing things. Most videos will be electronics related, but I will toss in something random here or there. Enjoy!

Video description
These are LED bulbs number 3 and 4 in my failed LED bulb teardown series. Initially one of the bulbs would light normally for two seconds and then go out (first one checked). Watch and find out what failed inside the bulb.
Ebay $1.50 Filament LED lightbulb teardown (2W)

Teardown of a filament LED lightbulb from Ebay for $1.50 including shipping. Rated 220V 50Hz, the nominal power is 2W, real power is cca 1.6W, it has a E14 screw base. It is quite bright and looks nice, but there's no fuse in it. There's also no filter capacitor, so it has a lot of 100Hz flicker (not visible to the human eye unless you move it fast). It has a capacitor dropper in it with a 330nF capacitor, 1M discharge resistor and 1k inrush resistor. The 330nF multi layer ceramic capacitor looks quite small for the mains voltage.

Philips LED Lamp 9.5W Teardown

A Philips LED Lamp which stopped working is dismantled to see what is inside. 9.5W, 220-240V. Warm white 2700K. The LEDs are 24 individual surface mount items arranged in series. These still work, the failure is in the power supply which unfortunately is potted in resin. Case is made from thick metal with a plastic coating over it. This was purchased in 2013, and has been used for 6-7 hours a day, probably about 5000 hours in total.

CFL Bulb Repair - How to Repair CFL Bulb at Home - DIY Dead CFL Lamp / Light Repair - NEW & SIMPLE

In this video we show step by step detail to repair a CFL Bulb and is a great demonstration experiment. We will learn how to open and replace the CFL Bulb in a very simple and easy wayat the minimal expenses. I hope you can easily repair this Lamp at home without any problems after watching this video. In my channel "science & technology experiments" where you will learn how to make hand made crafts, presents, toys etc. The main thing is that one can make it at home and with one's own hands. You are interested in handiwork, craft or you just...

canvert old broken CFL into super led light at home

canvert old broken CFL into super led light at home canvert old bad CFL into super LED light make esely haw to make led light use old broken cfl make this light use led light and old bad and broken CFL MY Online store-- Philips B22 9-Watt LED Bulb 4pc {400 /-}

How to Replace / Convert a Halogen Floodlight with an LED Chip

Here you can see the products which i used in this video LED COB Chip. AliExpress eBay 30g Thermal Grease Paste Compound Silicone for CPU Heatsink Heat Sink GPU LED . AliExpress eBay In this video i will show you how to convert the old Halogen Floodlight, which consumes a lot of current, into a Floodlight Led using the LED Lamp Chip 50w Thank you for Watching . And do not forget, Like and Subscribe Due to factors beyond the control of DIY Tips&Tricks, it can not guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information or...

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Wunsch on the Dangers of LED Lights Natural health expert and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Alexander Wunsch about the hidden dangers of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting.

Awesome idea 2 life hacks how to make Night light Night lamp

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LED Light Bulb Frequency Effects on the Human Body

LED light bulbs are quite different from conventional filament light bulbs. We test a typical LED light bulb for the effects on the human body frequencies. Excessive EMI/EMR emissions may lead to radio wave sickness (RWS) and/or electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

Light Bulbs | LED vs. Incandescent

Why are LEDs so much more efficient than incandescent light bulbs? Do LEDs have disadvantages? These are some of the questions I answer in this video about light bulbs. I also test the claimed wattage and find some anomalies... Full music credit: Neo Western - Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ISRC: USUAN1100615 Lightless Dawn - Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ISRC: USUAN1100655 Easy Lemon - Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ISRC: USUAN1200076 Pop:Club - Gerardo Garcia Jr.

Dollar Tree $1 Greenlite LED Bulb 9w (60w) Review and teardown

Review and teardown of the latest Dollar Tree $1 Greenlite LED bulb. This bulb is dimmable, uses less than 9 watts and produces 800 lumens. It is also approved to use in an enclosed fixtures as well! See my other Dollar Tree LED bulb teardowns here:

How to easily convert fluorescent Lights to LED – Conversions Tutorial - Easy Ways to Save Money

How to easily convert fluorescent Lights to LED – Conversions Tutorial - Easy Ways to Save Money Replacing your fluorescent tube bulbs with LED is an easy project that can save you money on energy costs as well as saving you the inevitable time and expense of replacing the electronic ballasts in fluorescent light fixtures. You can calculate your potential savings using this helpful link: Chapter Links 00:41 Tools and Materials Needed 01:36 Steps for Converting to LED 07:44 Putting Everything Back Together 09:29 Important Tips for Choosing the Correct LED Tube #ChangingFluorescentTubestoLEDs #CanyoureplacefluorescenttubeswithLEDs #Whatisthedifferencebetweent8andt12fluorescentlightbulbs #HowdoIrewireatwobulbfluorescentlightforLEDbulbs #Areledsmoreefficientthanfluorescent #HowefficientareLEDlightbulbs #FluorescenttoLEDConversionEASYDIYInstructions #ConvertafluorescenttubefixturetoLED #ChangingFluorescentTubestoLEDs #WaystoConvertYourFluorescentLightFixturestoLED #FluorescenttoLEDConversion Subscribe For More How-To Videos and DIY Tips! Connect with Toolbox DIY! Twitter ► Facebook ► Google+...

Dollar Tree $1 LEDlife 6.5 watt LED Bulb review and teardown (40 watt equiv)

See my other Dollar Tree LED bulb teardowns here: @bigclive always finds cool LED bulbs at Poundland in the UK an I finally found something similar in the US at Dollartreet in Portland. A $1 light bulb which comes out to 66 pence! Whoa! Anyway, I took it apart and as you can see here it's not a piece of crap at all. A very nice 40 watt LED bulb.

Extra long LED filament lamp teardown.

Another new twist with LED filaments. This style is designed to emulate traditional retro filament lamps with a very long LED filament that emits a very golden light. If you enjoy this channel you can help support it with a dollar at

CHEAP vs. EXPENSIVE: LED Pod Lights (Unboxing)

Most expensive LED lights: Middle of the road LED lights: Cheapest LED lights: As we upgrade our LED lighting for our backhoe, we wanted to see for ourselves if there was a difference in LED lights at various price points. Were expensive LEDs worth the money for such a critical tool on our property, or should we stick with cheap LED lights made in China? We hope to torture test these lights, but for now, enjoy this unboxing where we share our immediate observations. ENJOY THIS VIDEO? SUPPORT US WITHOUT PAYING A DIME! It takes us 40+ hours a week to document...

Test and analysis of unusual (dead) LED lamp.

The thing that makes this LED lamp odd is that the current regulation is physically built into one of the LEDs. Given that the lamp was running at around 9W of power it's almost inevitable that one of the LEDs or its bond failed on each circuit.

GE LED Bright Stik bulbs at Home Depot

New at Home Depot, $9.99 for a pack of three here in Portland. 10 watts claimed, 760 lumens, 2700k soft white. In my Kill-a-watt I am measuring 9 watts, 120ma. 0.59 pf so no correction. (The Philips Slim Style has a 0.93pf so they make some attempt...) These are slim and built down to a cost, but what is nice is that since they are so slim is they work in fridges that call for an Appliance bulb. This alone is fantastic as I have never found a 60 watt LED that could do that.

3W, 5W, 7W, 9W same-range LED lamp teardown.

I saw these lamps being sold on ebay and decided to get one of each to compare them internally and externally. They use standard capacitive dropper circuitry (Even the 9W one!) and I have to say that they're all pretty neat. They rely on a very well ventilated structure for cooling, although this is slightly defeated by the closed front. The PCBs themselves are covered in airflow holes and the housing has a lot of ventilation slots that actually make it very stylish looking.