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Two failed LED bulbs for teardown to determine the cause
Two failed LED bulbs for teardown to determine the cause
Two failed LED bulbs for teardown to determine the cause

Two failed LED bulbs for teardown to determine the cause - JohnAudioTech

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I enjoy electronics, building DIY projects and repairing things. Most videos will be electronics related, but I will toss in something random here or there. Enjoy!

Video description
These are LED bulbs number 3 and 4 in my failed LED bulb teardown series. Initially one of the bulbs would light normally for two seconds and then go out (first one checked). Watch and find out what failed inside the bulb.

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Ebay LED floodlight scam warning.

If you've bought or are considering buying an LED floodlight from ebay, then this video will show you some of the pitfalls. From unconnected ground wires to MUCH less than half the quoted power rating. I'm not sure why it's so common to see the earth wires left unconnected. The fixture is mains voltage and metal, so it should be earthed, especially when the cable has an earth conductor in it. Although the LED operates at a reduced voltage, there is still the potential for water ingress, electronic failure or bad manufacturing that could result in the casing...

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I'd like to thank John Harrison for sending me a link to these on Aliexpress. I've not had much luck getting stuff sent from AE to the Isle of Man so I checked for them on eBay and found that HMRC (UK tax) was blocking some Chinese sellers from shipping to the UK. I finally found some sellers shipping to the UK so I bought a couple from different sellers to be on the safe side. They both arrived together, and here's a demo and a teardown. If you enjoy these videos you can help support the channel with a dollar...

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LED Bulb Repair in Hindi - How to repair LED Bulb at Home!!

LED Bulb Repair in Hindi - How to repair LED Bulb at Home!! LED Bulbs are extreamly power efficent and they offers great lumines intensity over conventional light sources but often they becomes faulty and stops working. In this video, we have outlined a detailed process to detect and repair LED bulbs. There are some very simple set of steps which are required to repair LED Bulbs. The best part of this tutorial is that you need not to be engineer or tech savey. if you have courage and passion, then you can definitely repair LED bulbs yourself from the comfort of...

The shocking truth about cheap LED "corn cob" lamps

NOTE: CE does NOT mean China Export, it's just a mis-spaced CE logo (just like the one on the back of an Xbox 360). Comments mentioning China Export will be marked as spam automatically, because it's horseshit. Commenters trying to use alternative characters to bypass the spam filter get muted from the entire channel. Based on feedback comments on my earlier video and a request from the folks at, this is a shorter test on a range of "corn cob" LED lamps available on eBay and Amazon. If you're thinking of buying cheap LED lamps, whether it be online or from...

Inside a very clever LED headlight lamp.

This started off as a simple autopsy of a faulty lamp and turned into something so much more. It's a very clever design that makes the circuit very universal. If you enjoy these videos you can help support the channel with a dollar for coffee, cookies and random gadgets for disassembly at:- This also keeps the channel independent of YouTube's advertising algorithms allowing it to be a bit more dangerous and naughty.


I'm not sure of the seller of this LED mislead me by telling me it was for UK 240V electric, but when I tigged on the solders it banged really loud. I do not recommend bying LEDs from bad people becauise they go boom and may scare you. And for those who actually read down to this level... The actual result of hooking a (really crappy) 100W LED directly across 240V was so boringly controlled that I had to beef it up a bit for a second take with hidden resistors underneath for some sparks and pops. See...

Dead LED lamp autopsy.

A look at a modestly high powered LED lamp that was one of many that had failed. Also discussing various LED power supplies. The phosphor loaded gel in front of the chips seemed unusually tough and plasticky. I wonder if it had baked dry over time or had always been like that. If you enjoy these videos you can help support the channel with a dollar for coffee, cookies and random gadgets for disassembly at:-

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Ebay $1.50 Filament LED lightbulb teardown (2W)

Teardown of a filament LED lightbulb from Ebay for $1.50 including shipping. Rated 220V 50Hz, the nominal power is 2W, real power is cca 1.6W, it has a E14 screw base. It is quite bright and looks nice, but there's no fuse in it. There's also no filter capacitor, so it has a lot of 100Hz flicker (not visible to the human eye unless you move it fast). It has a capacitor dropper in it with a 330nF capacitor, 1M discharge resistor and 1k inrush resistor. The 330nF multi layer ceramic capacitor looks quite small for the mains voltage. You can...

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Philips LED Lamp 9.5W Teardown

A Philips LED Lamp which stopped working is dismantled to see what is inside. 9.5W, 220-240V. Warm white 2700K. The LEDs are 24 individual surface mount items arranged in series. These still work, the failure is in the power supply which unfortunately is potted in resin. Case is made from thick metal with a plastic coating over it. This was purchased in 2013, and has been used for 6-7 hours a day, probably about 5000 hours in total. Contact info, sending stuff in etc.: Support this channel at Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: