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Top 10 future transportation that will blow your mind
Top 10 future transportation that will blow your mind
Top 10 future transportation that will blow your mind

Top 10 future transportation that will blow your mind - Top WORLD

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Plains,  trains, and automobiles may have carried us through the 20th century, but these days, they’re old news. The transportation of the future will be more along the lines of magnetic levitation, jetpacks, and zip lines that fit in a backpack—and they could be here sooner than you think
5 Crazy Electric Vehicles You Can Buy Online

PodRide a practical and fun bicycle-car ELECTRICMOOD: The World Smartest Urban E-Scooter Infento: World's First Real Constructible Rides Boosted Boards - The World's Lightest Electric Vehicle Wave Electric 28 MPH Bike

Top 8 Future & Concept Super Trucks in The World

Top 8 Future & Concept Super Trucks in The World -------------------------------------- Look Also: ----------------- Top 7 Best & Comfortable Trucks in the World 2018 Top 10 Future Concept Car You Must See Top 10 Incredible Concept Cars in the World -------------------------------------- Trucks List: 1) Volvo VNL Super Truck 2) E-Fuso Vision One 3) Freightliner Super Truck 4) Iveco - Z Truck 5) Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 6) Nikola One 7) Tesla Semi 8) Walmart Super Truck -------------------------------------- Music : Epic Cinematic Music itZMusicFree – No Copyright Music NCM Epic Music Ender Guney No Copyright Free...


ПОДПИШИСЬ НА канал ПАРАДОКС 5 удивительных самолетов и вертолетов 5 революционных самолетов Смотрите так же: УДИВИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ВЕЩЕСТВА, В СУЩЕСТВОВАНИЕ КОТОРЫХ СЛОЖНО ПОВЕРИТЬ 5 УДИВИТЕЛЬНЫХ МАТЕРИАЛОВ, В СУЩЕСТВОВАНИЕ КОТОРЫХ СЛОЖНО ПОВЕРИТЬ 7 НЕВЕРОЯТНЫХ АРХЕОЛОГИЧЕСКИХ НАХОДОК самолеты и мультикоптеры из видео: 1.Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie 2.Volocopter 2X,Volocopter VC-200 3.ICON A5 4.Airbus E-Fan 5.AgustaWestland project zero Музыка: 1.Soundcritters – Heroic Opportunities 2.Silent Partner - Jupiter


These crazy bikes are built all kinds of strange ways. Here is our list of 20 crazy bikes you have to see to believe. *Playlists!* ⭐ *Connect* 😀 *Subscribe* 🔔 *Explore* 👈 Featured Crazy Bikes ⭐ #20 The Ice Wheeled Bike #19 The Zenga Tall Tall Bike #18 The STOOPIDTALLER created by Richie Trimble #17 the Longest Bicycle in the world created by Mijil Van Mares Werkploeg #16 the Monster Bike created by Wouter van den Bosch #15 The Forkless Cruiser Phantom Bike by Olli Erkkila #14 the Backwards Tandem Bike created by Huang Hong-sen #13 Sideways bike by Michael Killian #12 The Backwards bike by Destin Sandlin #11 the Running shoe...

7 Futuristic Methods of Transport

7 Futuristic Methods of Transport These new and cool tech gadgets and futuristic methods of transport are totally amazing and crazy! Get a glimpse of how innovation, science, and technology will shape our future. Inventions list: Walkcar Mercedes Future Bus Movpak Orbitwheel Hoverboard CITYGO Bolt Other channels I like: Unbox Therapy TheRichest Follow me on social media Google Plus Twitter Check my blog Blogger Leave a LIKE, Comment, Share & Subscribe Subscribe to Future HD for more amazing, new, futuristic, and crazy cool tech and inventions.

10 Extreme Vehicles You Will not Believe EXIST

TOP 10 Extreme Vehicles You Will not Believe Exist ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook Page:- MESSEGE ME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Videos from Creative Commons ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit Subscribe Them 10. Tricycle Ice 9. Winston Wong Bio Biv 8. Cheburator 6 SUV de Alambre Extreme 5 Hammacher Schlemmer Hovercraft 4. ATV Catco 3 Sno-Cat 2 Kharkovchanka 1 Halley Research Station (mobile base)

5 Best Personal Aircraft - Passenger Drones and Flying Cars

Here is a list of our favorite Personal Aircrafts, Human Flying Machines, Flying Cars and Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (AAV). Some of these are already in the market but some are still prototypes. *************************************** BUY OUR FEATURED DRONES FROM AMAZON 1. Ehang GHOSTDRONE 2.0 Aerial with 4K Sports Camera : 2. Ehang GHOSTDRONE 2.0 VR, Android Compatible: 3. DJI Inspire 1 PRO Dual, 4K Camera Drone : ************************************** EHANG 184 Introducing ehang 184, a one passenger drone which can carry up to 100kg payload and cruise at a speed of 60 kilometer per hour. The Ehang is an electric AAV (Autonomous Aerial Vehicle) with 25 minutes...


Para asuntos de derechos de autor, por favor contáctenos a: BRAIN TIME ► 1. Flyboard Air 2. Porsche 996 Hoverboard 3. DeepFlight 4. Nissan BladeGlider 5. Trikke 6. ICON A5


Hi guys today i show you this 7 genius and smart inventions. This are creative crafts for build at home with very easy things you can find at home. Enjoy this ideas and see you in the next tutorial, the school is back and i will give you new tricks too! :D Greetings from Fernando ★★ Contact ★★: My Last Videos ★ 10 SIMPLE LIFE HACKS! ★ ★ 3 Simple Invention ★ ★ Google + ★ Think Tank de Audionautix está sujeta a una licencia de Creative Commons Attribution ( Artista:

5 BEST Self Driving Cars Of The Future You Won't Believe Actually Exist

BEST Self Driving Cars Of The Future Click here for: 5 Future Concept Cars YOU MUST SEE Click here for: 5 Future Aircrafts YOU MUST SEE 5. Volkswagen I.D. Concept 4. Nissan IDS Concept 3. Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 2. Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion 1. BMW Vision Next 100 BMW Vision Next 100 BMW wants to intensify your feeling of sheer driving pleasure even more in future – with the BMW VISION NEXT 100. A vehicle that is in continuous dialogue with you, the driver. A vehicle that recognises your needs, enhances your perception and adjusts to your individual requirements – seamlessly connecting you with intelligent...


N'hésitez pas à aimer, commenter et vous abonner si vous avez aime. Merci :) 6 ÉTONNANTS VÉLOS QU'IL FAUT VOIR POUR CROIRE Voici tous les liens des inventions cités en vidéo: 01 - halbrad : 02- The Cyclotron : 03- YikeBike: 04- TWICYCLE: 05- GlideCycle: 06- kwiggle-bike -

5 Amazing RENEWABLE ENERGY Ideas & Solutions For The Future

Some amazing renewable energy projects. THUMBNAIL is the 3rd product in the video - Altaeros BAT. For more information follow the links below. 0:06 ➤ Limitless Energy Graphene Project -, 2:53 ➤ Turbulent Hydro - 5:16 ➤ Altaeros BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) - 7:26 ➤ Dynamic Tidal Power - 9:43 ➤ Floating Solar - Some other cool renewable energy projects: Nuclear Fusion Reactor -, Nuclear Waste Reactor -, ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Disclaimer: This video was created for educational/informational purposes and qualifies as Fair Use. If you are the creator or own the footage featured in this video and have reservations please...

7 SCI-FI MOVIE'S GADGETS That Really Exist !

7 SCI-FI MOVIE"S GADGETS That Really Exist ! 10 SCI-FI TECHNOLOGIES That Actually EXIST! 1- Reemo is gesture control technology for life. Reemo is changing the relationship between people and technology by using gestures you already know. Watch and find out how Reemo’s gesture control technology gives you time to be you while keeping you effortlessly connected to the services you depend on. 2.-Hover Camera Passport, a lightweight foldable quadcopter that uses computer vision technology to track your face and body as it flies around you. We love its sturdy compact design and ease of use, and take the drone out...

8 Extreme Vehicles You Never Knew Existed

Take a ride on these 8 extreme vehicles… FREEZE LISTS ESPAÑOL FREEZE LISTS DEUTSCH FREEZE LISTS ENGLISH LINKS JET BLADE SKYRUNNER ATV SHAMAN ALPHA CENTAURI HYDROPLANE HARD DRIVE MARINE LC7 VOLVO AUTONOMOUS GARBAGE TRUCK BULLDOG 4X4 FIRETRUCK GLISS SPEED ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTRIBUTIONS Copyright Free Images From Pixabay:

Top 5 Mind blowing Future Cars at CES 2017

Check out these mind blowing future cars from CES 2017. Featuring Faraday Future FF 91. Watch the Faraday Future vs Tesla Model S Test and also watch as it accelerates 0-60 MPH in 2.39 seconds. Top 5 Mind blowing Future electric Cars at CES 2017 Cars in this video: Toyota Concept-i Designed from the inside out, Toyota Concept-i is an exciting glimpse into a future mobility that is warm, friendly and revolves around you. Honda NeuV Faraday Future FF 91 Watch highlights of Faraday Future's unveiling of its flagship vehicle: the FF 91. Intelligent, electric, autonomous-ready, and connected across your ecosystem of devices, the FF 91 is ushering...


For copyright matters please contact us at: BRAIN TIME ► 1. CeramicSpeed Driven 2. DING Bike Lights 3. Zone DPMX 4. BitLock 5. Barstow System and Mini Bar 6. MagLOCK Bike Pedal


10 MOST USEFUL INVENTIONS 1.JOGALONG 2.KENGURU 3.scewo 4.iBOT 5 yikebike 6.EON Scooter 7.Solowheel Iota 8.iTANK 9.TRANSBOARD 10.RYNO


Have you seen all the awesome new caravans out today? Here is our list of 15 awesome caravans & innovative campers. *Playlists!* 👈 *Connect* 💡 *Subscribe!* 🔔 *Explore* 🌎 Featured Caravans & Innovative Campers #15 TIPOON THE MINI TRAVEL MACHINE #14 VW DoubleBack Camper #13 Romotow Caravans #12 AIR OPUS Camper #11 Prius Camper Conversion #10 Barefoot Caravans #9 BeauEr 3X Caravan #8 BeauEr 3Xc Camper #7 The Yacht-inspired Caravisio Camper Concept #6 Mehrzeller Multicellular Caravan #5 Swift Basecamp Crossover Caravan #4 Dethleffs All-electric, Solar-backed Motorhome #3 De Markies A Vintage Conversion Camper #2 Airstream Nest #1 My Pod by Little Guy Music 🎧 MINDS EYE DESIGN SOCIAL MEDIA ✅ Google+ YouTube 15 AWESOME CARAVANS & INNOVATIVE CAMPERS #design #innovation...


He guys check out these awesome passenger drones that we might be flying in sooner than you think! Should we finally have a real flying car or passenger drones that takes us where we need to go? Let us know in the comments down below! Check out our playlists! ⭐ Connect with us on YouTube! 😀 Subscribe to Minds Eye Design! 🔔 Check out our video collection! 👈 FEATURED PASSENGER DRONES ⭐ #7 SureFly At the 2017 Paris Air Show a newcomer showed off its very credible, 2 seat flying car or as we like to call it, Passenger Drone... The 1,100 kg Workhorse Surefly uses an electric...

6 Mind-Bending Future Helicopters & Aircrafts YOU MUST SEE

6 Most Amazing Future Air Transport Concept Vehicles - Future Technology --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe! : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Media: Facebook: Twitter : Google + : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Links : 6- The Transformer Aircraft : 5- Aether Cruise Air Cruiser Ship : 4- Future Russian Aircraft PAK-TA : 3- P-791 Hybrid Vehicle : 2- Thales Alenia Spaceship : 1- NASA Morphing Aircraft - inspired from birds : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Includes : - Kevin MacLeod - - - NCS - nocopyrightsounds Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANK YOU ! for watching and leave a comment if you like the video, please :)

Top 10 Transformers Cars in Real Life

Transformers Cars in Real Life Top 10 Transformers Cars -------------------------------------- Look Also: ----------------- 5 Amazing Flying Cars in the World -------------------------------------- 5 Real Hot Vehicles You Didn't Know Existed -------------------------------------- Future Transportation and Technology in the World -------------------------------------- Music: ---------- NCM Free Music Youtube Free Music -------------------------------------- Subscribe For More Videos -------------------------------------- The video comes under 'Fair Use' according to Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. All the visual-content belongs to their respective owners.

5 Future Trucks & Buses YOU MUST SEE

5 Future Trucks & Buses YOU MUST SEE Click here for: 5 BEST Self Driving Cars Of Future 5. NAVYA ARMA 4. Transit Elevated Bus 3. WILLIE - Transparent LCD Bus 2. Mercedes-Benz Future Bus 1. Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 : This concept vehicle has ushered in a new era for the transport industry: it has gone into the history books as the world's first autonomously driving truck. Yet its futuristic concept is closer to reality than you think. Mercedes-Benz Future Bus : What urban public transport will look like in the future is shown by the semi-automated city bus with CityPilot – it...


● 5 Amazing inventions That will blow your mind, Top 5 Amazing inventions and Gadgets. Links All Inventions Shown in this Video ● SUBSCRIBE Invention Links: BOBBY BACKPACK: / Or SMARTGLASS: COSMO: SOLOSHOT: Gallium: Tech Insider Other 5 inventions that blow your mind Videos : - -