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Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In Black Panther
Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In Black Panther
Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In Black Panther

Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In Black Panther - Top 10 Nerd

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Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In Black Panther
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Black Panther literally just came out – unless you’re watching this video in the future, in which, it’s probably been out for a while. Regardless! Just like any other Marvel film, there’s a ton of Easter Eggs throughout that you may or may not have caught during your first watch of the film. So of course top 10 nerd has got your back and compiled a list of the best Easter Eggs featured in the film. And fair warning – this list has A TON OF SPOILERS. You’ve been warned.

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