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The Smallest Bird you have ever seen
The Smallest Bird you have ever seen
The Smallest Bird you have ever seen

The Smallest Bird you have ever seen - A Chick Called Albert

A Chick Called Albert
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Surprising animal and bird hatching adventures, made from our love for every living creature, every little character that we encounter. It all started with Albert, a sweet little quail that hatched from an egg I bought in the supermarket. Follow this channel for cute and amazing animal stories, with new episodes weekly in high season.

Video description
By accident I got hold of two of the smallest eggs I have ever seen.
Should I incubate them?
Would I be able to raise a baby bird that would hatch from it?

The little bird is called a Wren. In my country it is the second smallest bird species there is.

It hatched so fast that I missed it.
The feeding was hard with my big human hands and very time-consuming. It took me about 80 feeding rounds per day to keep him healthy.
But in the end it worked.

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The incubator I used is a MS incubator
MS incubators (made in Holland)
And in English

For filming I used a canon EOSD7 and an I-phone 5s

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