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"The Joker" Makeup Tutorial with Jeffree Star & Nojusthenry
"The Joker" Makeup Tutorial with Jeffree Star & Nojusthenry
"The Joker" Makeup Tutorial with Jeffree Star & Nojusthenry

"The Joker" Makeup Tutorial with Jeffree Star & Nojusthenry - jeffreestar

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Video description
I wanted to do a fun Halloween makeup look so I asked my friend Henry aka Nojusthenry to create this Joker inspired look! We wanted to mix the classic look with a little bit of dirty glam to capture myself with the character! Being a huge Batman fan since I was little, this was the perfect choice for a spooky makeup creation.

Video by: Christian Henry Smith

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MAKEUP ARTIST: Henry Vasquez
Instagram: @nojusthenry

makeup details……

Jeffree Star Cosmetics "Velour Liquid Lipstick" shades: Drug Lord & Mistletoe

Nubousom Lashes in style "Russian Black"
*use code Nojusthenry for 20%

HOT Makeup Professional luminous eyeshadow's in shades "Jump Around" "Little More" & "Connection"

MAC Cosmetics Full Coverage Foundation in shade W10

Make Up For Ever Paint Stick in shade "White" &
Flash Color Case

BenNye liquid latex
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