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THE #FURBY ORGAN! tooooo many hours were spent on this project
Needless to say! building things like this isnt cheap! but thanks to my amazing patreon supporters who are funding machines like this!
Have a think about popping a dollar on a pledge some day! it will help to make some truly dodgy machines! :-

Next patreon livestream Jam and chat is on the 19th of july. all patreons invited!

Check the previous build log video here :-

CHECK OUT NERVOUS SQUIRRELS AMAZING FURBY GURDY, the initial influence of this machine!

im still looking for furby donations for upcoming projects! i will cre you and stuff in return please dont let them go to waste! send them in
The address is :-
Big Life, 67 – 69 Chalton Street,

more info to come on my patreon! there is a zine on the concept and design of the furby organ up there now though!
Patreon :-
Facebook :-
Website :-
Instagram :-

Always looking for old gear! to mod or conserve in the "museum of everything else" one day

ETH Donations always welcome, here :- 0xD765bf71f5c10F91d704D792De4b21712B132f23

Other donation options right here! thanks :-
Top 10 Incredible Street Performers Videos [AMAZING]

People are awesome and people are amazing. Check out these street performances of these street performers in this top 10 videos presentation. Street performers musicians, street performers singing, street performer drummer and other. Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more 👉

My Ants Died - a huge mix-up

Click here to SUBSCRIBE: Check out & subscribe to my NEW DAILY VLOGS: My pet carpenter ants have disappeared for over six months and it has started to worry me. So this week, I actually went in and attempted to dig them out from beneath their resident rock in their ant terrarium called the Grove. I wanted to move them into a more effective ant farm setup where we could actually see the ants. What I discovered shocked me... twice! Hope you enjoy this week's unpredictable episode. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. The plants...

What Does a 4D Ball Look Like in Real Life? Amazing Experiment Shows Spherical Version of Tesseract

Follow me on: Get your subscription box here: Twitter: Facebook: In this video I show you what a movement through a fourth spatial dimension would look like in our 3D World. I show you what crazy stuff would happen if a 4th dimensional being were to move 4D objects through our 3D space. Weird things happen like the sudden appearing of objects, shape changing, sudden mirror imaging and more! This video is helpful to understanding a 4th spatial dimension using the simplest object...a sphere. This is easier than a tesseract to understand because it looks the same from all directions. WARNING: If you...

An Intro to Circuit Bending

A short intro on how to get started with circuit bending toys, specifically musical instrument toys. For the things mentioned in the video, follow the links below: Spotify jazz playlist: TS100 65W Digital OLED Programmable Soldering Iron TS100 open source firmware: Gearbest links: Products used in the video: Electronic tools and 3D printer deals: 11.11 Sale China Black Friday : No links are affiliate links! I do not believe in affiliate links for things I review, as that (in my opinion) creates a possibility of distrust. If I ever post an affiliate link for any reason I will be completely transparent with this fact. Follow and...

Pocket Operators! | Andrew Huang

SUBSCRIBE To My Channel! 🎙️ Learn more about Production & Music Theory with this playlist! 🎚️ Is that a Pocket Operator in your pocket or are you just happy to see me or are you just happy that you have a Pocket Operator in your pocket? Disclosure: Teenage Engineering did not pay me to make this video. I just like to be part of the conversation around fun new things that make music. ★ POCKET OPERATORS ★ Disclosure #2: These are Amazon affiliate links so if you get a Pocket Operator through here (or anything on Amazon actually) I get a small percentage,...

Line Rider - Mountain King

I synchronized the song "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg to my first line rider track drawing everything by hand. It took me over a month of my free time to create. Hope you enjoy! Also quick warning for headphone users, the song starts off quiet and gets a lot louder. Subscribe if you want to see more chaotic doodles. Big thanks to Conundrumer and Rabid Squirrel for the help and inspiration. Links to their channels are below. Conundrumer: Rabid Squirrel: Business contact:


Support me on Patreon! Patty Gurdy's Facebook Page: Insta: LISTEN/BUY MY MUSIC HERE: Spotify: iTunes: Amazon: Want more? I also play in a Pirate Folk Metal band: This instrument is called "hurdy gurdy" and has its roots in the medieval times. It works like a mechanical violin with a wheel bow, that can play bass, melody and rhythm all at once. ****** Staining my instrument: If you want to support me, give me a thumbs up and share this video on any social media platform you like! Thank you :) Business contact:


Brand new #synthJam on my Homebrew DIY modular synth, Subscribe for weekly videos. down in the Lumen​ Crypt.. Plenty of tunes and stems over on my patreon! #gameboy #LSDJ Subscribe for weekly videos. the synth is controlled by the Gameboy with an Little Sound Dj - LSDj​ Cartridge. Words from a poem i wrote called STAND AND DELIVER (.S.A.D.). Vocals going through a Roland VT3 to get extra pitches. Patreon :- Facebook :- Website :- Instagram :- Always looking for old gear! to mod or conserve in the "museum of everything else" one day :P ETH Donations always welcome, here :- 0xD765bf71f5c10F91d704D792De4b21712B132f23 Other donation options...

Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage, Organ

The record was made in Ettal (Germany). I reworked this song for a holy mess of Internat Ettal. Sheet music: Played by: Rácz Boldizsár The film made by: Andrónyi Tamás, Rácz Boldizsár

Incredibly Satisfying Sphericons

3D Printing and experimenting with these crazy, mysterious shapes called 'sphericons'. Watch to learn more! 3D Printable Sphericon Files - Buy Polyalchemy Elixir PLA! Link to THE SPHERICON Kickstarter Campaign - Support Maker's Muse on Patreon 50 3D Printing Tips and Tricks - 3D Printing Essentials -

15 MOST SATISFYING Redstone Contraptions in Minecraft!

Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed this video! Today we take a look at 15 of the most satisfying redstone contraptions in Minecraft! VIDEOS FEATURED: - 8x8 Door: - Shooting Sand Door: - Self building village: - Self building door: The Mumbo Merch Store! It's beautiful! My INSANE PC was kindly provided by Chillblast, a company specialising in Performance systems. We have a full range available with 3 systems of varying price and power! Check them out here: My server is kindly provide by CubedHost free of charge! Click this link to get a 25% discount off one of their servers! 2ND CHANNEL: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: OFFICIAL...

Pipe Guy - House/Trance/Techno Live

Please SUBSCRIBE and LIKE my Facebook page If you enjoyed the show and want to throw some change into my virtual case: Instagram: @pip3guy For all Bookings: Now streaming on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play Music: Playing a live set in Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia on my homemade PVC pipe instrument, played with a pair of thongs (flip flops to the non-Aussie viewers :P) To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Technology has failed us

FORD GT VID IS UP: Previous ► Reddit Reactions Playlist ► My Links ● Merch: ● Twitter: ● Instagram: ● Facebook: Link: Outro Song: Tommie Sunshine and Disco Fries X Wrongchilde - Dance 2 Your Heartbeat ft. Sierra Kusterbeck Video Link: Link: Thanks for watching, dudes! Ratings, favorites, and general feedback is always appreciated :)

Ants vs. Alien Mold

Click here to SUBSCRIBE: Get our new AC Hybrid Nest 2.0 ant farm: 'All You Need' Hybrid 2.0 Gear Pack (complete kit): An ant plague: Today we deal with an alarming, foreign mold invasion in the ant farm setup of our new pharaoh ant colony, (species: Monomorium pharaonis) called the Tomb Raiders. We discuss how this mysterious mold could pose a danger to the ant colony, how ants naturally deal and control mold growth in their living space, and attempt to eradicate the mold growth via a method involving artificial wind. Also, the plot twist will blow you out of...

Why There Are No Bluish-Yellow Crayons: The Forbidden Color Experiment

Follow me on: Twitter: Facebook: Get your subscription box here: In this video I see if you can see this forbidden color! I explain what a forbidden color is and then I actually show you that you cannot see it in a real experiment. I talk about why bluish yellow and reddish green is a color that no one can see. Then I show you a way that you may be able to see a new color that you have never before realized. Most people cannot see this color. WARNING: If you use the information from this video for your own projects...


TechZone ► Do you like cartoons? But of course you do! Who doesn't, right? No matter how old you are and how many times you've watched the same cartoon, it keeps being interesting! Can you guess where are we going with this? You like to watch cartoons, and we like to search for unusual facts that you probably didn't know about them. So, are you ready to test how much you really love the Simpsons, Family Guy or Futurama? Then let's get it on!

INSANE Self Playing Musical Instruments And Robots Playing Instruments Videos [AMAZING]

Amazing videos of self playing musical instruments including piano, violin, guitar, drums, accordion and more. And also robotic musical instruments and robots that play musical instruments. Subscribe for more 👉 Full videos in order of appearance: Decap Self-Playing Automatic Marzioli Accordion plays Jan Smit by Jan Burg Violins Played by Robots Player piano "The Entertainer" Robotic Drums MakerFaireRome 2014 - A Robotic Band 4 Armed Mohawked Robot playing the drum Piano playing robot hands Guitar-playing robot Panflute first system test Flight of the Bumblebee - GLOCKENSPIEL Robotic drummer prototype - arduino midi

Moog System 55 Modular Synth At Dublin Science Gallery

Moog System 55 ....With the moog soundlab, which is basically a Moog System 55 and a load of other things like Sub 37's a rack of voyagers and Moogerfoogers. DAY 2. Im doing a residency with it for a week. Which is open to the public. Took a bit of getting used to always having people watch whilst your trying to write, but once past that. its Grrrrrreat. Patreon :- Facebook :- Website :- Instagram :- Always looking for old gear! to mod or conserve in the "museum of everything else" one day :P ETH Donations always welcome, here :- 0xD765bf71f5c10F91d704D792De4b21712B132f23 Other donation options...

Bootleg Furby Hatchimal Surprise Egg Pokemon Toys

Chad takes a look at some very strange bootleg toys who have taken inspiration from both furby and hatchimals... ► New? Subscribe! → ► My 2nd Channel! → ► Get a Chadtronic Shirt! → ► Support me on Patreon! → My Social Media: ► ► ► I stream on Twitch! → ► My Instagram! → ► My Snapchat! → chadtronicsnaps BOOTLEG FURBY HATCHIMAL SURPRISE EGG POKEMON TOYS Music by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

10 AWESOME Movie Themes by John Williams!

▶ SUBSCRIBE for more amazing film music on piano! ▶ Buy our official shirt! ▶ Learn piano easily: John Williams is best known for his brilliant and moving soundtracks to several incredible movies such as Harry Potter, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. He is one of the greatest film composers to ever have lived and continues to write some of the most awe-inspiring and heart-wrenching music to this day. This video will show you 10 of John Williams' most AMAZING movie themes by the master himself. Trust us, you will know these themes: they are so well crafted that it is...