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The COOLEST Tech at CES 2019!
The COOLEST Tech at CES 2019!
The COOLEST Tech at CES 2019!

The COOLEST Tech at CES 2019! - TechLinked

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10nm PC processors holiday 2019
With Comcast, adding 10 gigabit broadband + WiFi 6 in homes

HTC Vive Pro Eye – basically Pro with eye tracking
Vive Pro Cosmos – wireless PC headset
Vive Reality System – moving away from SteamVR tracking?







What... IS this thing!? - WEIRD tech @ CES 2019

Thanks to Seasonic for sponsoring this video! Buy Seasonic PSUs on Amazon: Buy Seasonic PSUs on Newegg: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: NEWS SOURCES: Lovot Babeyes - Slap a GoPro sticker on your baby Evil Alien Tail-Pillow Cat Exercise wheel Apple’s ad is weird because… it’s not true VR in the back of a car A smart display for… your stove A smart oven that identifies your food Cosmos flip-keyboard phone The good kind of welt Intelligent Toilet

Google Stadia - Gaming REVOLUTION

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Can a Disabled Person Drive a Tesla?

How is it possible for a disabled person to drive a car? Today Cambry is going to answer that question for us! A cool thing about Tesla's is they have a summon feature to help move the car into position for easy entry and exiting. PLUS an electric car never needs to stop at the gas station! Definitely an added bonus for the disabled community. The future is exciting, and Tesla is the most high tech car on the market, leading the way for fully autonomous driving. Get 1000 miles of free Tesla supercharging when you buy a Tesla with...

Blizzard BANS Preach & Thousands More, WoW Lead Ion Talks About Classic & State of BfA | NEWS

Well that was quite the news week! A massive ban wave has rocked the player-base, knocking out many who exploited a bug in WoW’s newly added experience boost potions. Game Director Ion Hazzikostas has talked about the state of the game during a Q&A, and Blizzard have launched a free weekend to encourage people to try out Patch 8.1.5. Patreon Art: Twitter:

Super Smash Ultimate LEAKED!


Best of CES 2019: Top Tech Tour!

CES 2019 was incredible. The Biggest Tech show is full of the future including Ping Pong Playing Robots, 8K TVs, Foldable Phones, Laptops, Flexible OLEDs, Cameras and so smart home. Thanks to Omron for sponsoring my journey: More info here: Check out Unboxed here: At #CES2019 Watch as I play with #FORPHEUS the Ping Pong Playing Robot by @omronautomationamericas, Look at the Amazing #tech LG OLED falls Curved Wall, 8K TVs, Flexible Smartphones, Razer Gaming, Honor View 20, LG OLED R the rollable TV, Ultrawide Monitors and more! Subscribe if you enjoyed the CES 2019 highlights...

Intel Unveils New GPU Designs!

► Subscribe to Olan Rogers: Sources & Timestamps! ► 1:16 - Intel Graphic Command Center ► 1:44 - Intel GPU Renders Unveiled ► 2:27 - Intel Gen11 Graphics Memory ► 3:20 - Another Journalist Joins Intel ► 4:13 - People Buying Lots of RTX Cards ► 5:25 - Nvidia Creator Drivers ► 6:15 - Ray Tracing in Tomb Raider ► 6:55 - Zen 2 BIOS Updates Rolling Out ► 7:29 - Google Stadia ► 7:55 - Custom AMD GPU for Stadia ► 8:40 - Discless Xbox One S in May ► 9:04 - Epic Games New Plugins ► 9:16 - Quantic Dreams to Epic Games ► 9:26 - More Epic Store Exclusives ► 9:36 -...

150k Subscriber Special - Comments Galore

!!NSFW!! Not for little ears.... Thank you to all of the subscribers for watching. What better way to celebrate than taking look at some of the regular "visitors" of the channel. Here is Fight the Flat Earths interview with Blu: I'll be in the chat of the Premiere to say hi :) See you all Tuesday and again.....THANKYOU!!

Apple's Big "F U" to China

Learn through Problem Solving and the first 200 people can save 20% off today on Brillant at Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: NEWS SOURCES: THAT’S TU MANY SKUs RTX 2060 confirmed GTX 1160 40 SKUs!? RTX/GTX 2050/1150,38291.html DESIGNED IN CUPERTINO, MADE IN INDIA CHROMECAST WHO? QUICK BITS WE CALL IT AUTO-CLOCKING SKY’S BLUE ABADEEABADIE CHOOSE-YOUR-OWN-DYSTOPIA OH, THE HORIZONTAL-ITY REMEMBER: THESIS + SUPPORTING POINTS

The Smallest Ryzen Yet! $150 Asrock Mini Gaming PC

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144 hz monitors, am I the only one that can't tell the difference?

Today i directly compare 60 hz vs 144 hz gaming monitors using the BenQ ZOWIE XL2536. I am gonna be honest here... I can't tell the difference between a AMD Freesync monitor and a proper 144hz monitor. Thanks to Benq for supplying the monitor, it's a really nice one IF you need the high refresh rate! buy it here : or this one is missing some features: OR here's the asus one I use: Consider Supporting Me On Patreon? Shopping on Amazon? Use these links and it supports the channel: I have a website: I have an Instagram: I have a Twitter: I have...

AMD Drops 7nm BOMBS - Radeon VII & Ryzen 3rd Gen CES Keynote Recap!

AMD made some huge announcements earlier today, including plans for Ryzen 3 which will launch in the "middle of 2019" and Radeon VII, a 7nm Vega 2 based GPU that launches on Feb 7 for $699. Here's my recap of the AMD CES Keynote! CES 2019 Coverage Proudly Sponsored By: Corsair - Enermax - Deepcool - Cooler Master - CES 2019 Playlist: ▷ MY STORE - shirts, mugs, pint glasses & hoodies ▷ SOCIAL Twitter: @paulhardware Facebook: Instagram: :::Send Me Stuff::: Paul's Hardware P.O. Box 4325 Diamond Bar, CA 91765 ► Edited by Joe Aguilar - ShaostylePostProductions Audio file(s) provided by Epidemic Sound

CES 2019 Dispatch 1 : Lots of Cool Gadgets at Pepcom's Digital Experience

Sponsored by the HDHomerun All in One Cord Cutting Solution! - In our first dispatch we tackle Pepcom's Digital Experience to see what kind of cool things we can find. Thanks to Elias Saba from for the camera work! See more #CES2019 : and subscribe! See all of my prior dispatch videos: VIDEO INDEX: 01:27 - HP Omen 15 02:16 - HP Omen Obelisk 02:54 - HP Omen X Emerpium 65 03:40 - HP Omen Mindframe 04:22 - HP Chromebook 14 05:14 - HP Elite 1 G5 All-In-One Display - Privacy shield 06:35 - IOGEAR 6-Slot SD Card Thunderbolt 3 Reader 07:19 - IOGEAR...


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Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT

The first 200 people who head to will get 20% off their annual premium subscription of Brilliant. Why is the headphone jack, a long-time fixture on smartphones, disappearing? Techquickie Merch Store: Techquickie Movie Poster: Follow: Leave a reply with your requests for future episodes, or tweet them here: Join the community: Intro Theme: Showdown by F.O.O.L from Monstercat - Best of 2016 Video Link: iTunes Download Link: Listen on Spotify:

Is Apple out of Ideas!?

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The Best of CES 2019: Only the cream of the crop

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It's Finally Time for 8K

Between 8K and Rollable OLED LG has some really cool stuff at CES 2019. LG SIGNATURE TV R (AKA Rollable OLED TV): LG OLED TV 8K, model Z9: LG NanoCell TV 8K, Model SM9900:   LG Sound Bar, model SL9Y: LG gram, 14’’: LG gram, 17”: LG Projector HU85L: XBOOM – portable speakers PK 3: PK 5: PK 7: LG AI first-home UX of LG TV webOS 4.5 Platform : Check out our new channel! Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter:

💰 How We Make Money 💰

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Intel ACTUALLY Made This!?

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Building a $4000 24-core MONSTER...

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Samsung leaked their own phone...

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How Apple Changed CES Forever | Untangled

Every January, almost 180,000 people travel to Las Vegas for CES, Consumer Electronics Show. It's one of the biggest tech shows of the year, bringing in people from all over the world. Big electronics companies set up booths along with many startup tech companies showing off their latest devices. But Apple never went to CES. They only had presentations at Macworld. Here's how Apple's absence changed CES forever. ------------------------------------------------------ #Apple #CES #TechInsider Tech Insider tells you all you need to know about tech: gadgets, how-to's, gaming, science, digital culture, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: TI on Facebook: TI...

Japan Finally DID IT.

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