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Nagasu gets triple axel turning the history of skating in first American woman in Olympic Games
Nagasu gets triple axel turning the history of skating in first American woman in Olympic Games
Nagasu gets triple axel turning the history of skating in first American woman in Olympic Games

Nagasu gets triple axel turning the history of skating in first American woman in Olympic Games - Science and more

Science and more
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Nagasu gets triple axel turning the history of skating in first American woman in Olympic Games

At the Pyeongchang Winter Games, Nagasu achieved his triumphant redemption, turning the history of figure skating in the United States into the first American woman to achieve a triple axel in the Olympic Games. It's historic and something that no one can take away from me, Nagasu said. I wanted to make the United States proud. Nagasu, 24, landed the jump in the Gangneung Ice Arena under enormous pressure, the first of five women to perform their free skating on the last day of competition to the Olympic team medal. With the United States team sitting in third place, without hope of losing the gold medal but under the threat of losing his provisional bronze in Italy, Nagasu took the ice and did not retain anything in the 4 1/2 minute show that she I had scripted Miss's music. Saigon

The triple axel was first, and she delivered, completing all the complicated rotations and landing solidly on one foot. His coach pumped his fists and jumped with excitement. From there, it was as if an anvil was lifted from the trenches of Nagasu, and she did not miss a jump or make a mistake in the skate. While her program was reduced, she was radiant, completing her final triple cycle and ending with a layback twist of sheer beauty and liberation. Nagasu shook her fists twice when her teammates cheered her, aware of her sacrifice and courage. The judges qualified her with 137.53, more than seven points more than the best mark of her season. The high risk triple axel, which actually requires 3 1/2 rotations in the air because the skaters take off from a forward position and land backwards, was the first jump in their program.
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