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Monster magnet meets monster magnet...
Monster magnet meets monster magnet...
Monster magnet meets monster magnet...

Monster magnet meets monster magnet... - Brainiac75

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Hi. I'm Brian. I put pride in being a nerd and a lot of effort in making educational, entertaining and epic videos about science in my own home. I'm just an amateur doing this is in my spare time but I spend a lot of time on each of my videos to make them worth watching. That's why I'm not a weekly uploader but I will upload as often as possible without losing quality over quantity. Just subscribe and click the notification bell and you will be notified when I finally upload a video. Want to send me something? From outside Denmark: Brainiac75 P.O. Box 34 DK-8800 Viborg Denmark Adresse for Danmark: Brainiac75 Postboks 34 8800 Viborg

Video description
Is it possible to combine two giant 6x2" neodymium magnets to one single 6x4" without destroying them? Let's find out!
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Add me on Facebook - (click LIKE on Facebook to add me) Download the songs in the video: Song name: The last sun. Song name: Monolith Amazon: Thank you to Crealev for providing the levitation device at the end of the video. If you'd like more information about the units that they provide, check out their website:

NEW RECORDS! Testing 6x4" neodymium magnet

Wauw! I have tested the giant 6x4" magnet I combined from two single 6x2" monster magnets in my previous video. And I'm not disappointed - I show you the results in this video. New records incoming! One of the 6x2" magnets (and the 200x50mm) donated by Unboxing video: Combining the two 6x2": Previous tests with the other large magnets: All my videos here: FULL MUSIC CREDITS Time codes: 0:00 + 3:02 + 8:32 Hiding Your Reality by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ISRC: USUAN1700081 Time codes: 0:34 + 6:14 Music for Manatees by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By...

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Link to me magnet giveaway Product Links: 1200lb Magnet - 880lb Magnet - 350lb Magnet - (My recommended starter magnet) 242lb Magnet - 1200lb Double Sided Magnet - Rope - My Net - My GoPro - Instagram- Danny_Magnet Facebook - Music by : vlad gluschenko Music from https://FREETOUSE.COM Track: Vlad Gluschenko - Dawn Music from https://FREETOUSE.COM Track: MBB - Wake Up "Wake Up" by MBB is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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I'm trying to move the Magnetic North Earth pole to my home, but I have not been able yet :). Apart from the jokes placing all of these close magnets was not easy. I would have liked to see the interaction between the magnetic fields of all the magnets on the table. I thank for providing me for free the bulk of the magnets you saw in the video. Here are the links of some interesting products Monolith : Death Magnet: Small Case: Medium Case: LIKE & SUBSCRIBE HERE: WATCH MY TOP VIDEOS HERE: On my channel you will find all...

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This video tests a question: can induced magnetic fields in copper stop a magnetic bullet? Get a free audiobook through my sponsor Audible by signing up for a free trial here: Or by texting the code 'nighthawk' to number 500-500. I hope you enjoy this video, this was a fun one to test. Dozens more comments came in on my last video about this subject while I was filming so I hope this answers some questions. Thank you to my Patreon supporters to continue to make these videos happen! A special thanks to my top Patrons: Syniurge, Matthew Leitzke, TheBackyardScientist,...


Magnet fishing for lost treasure is hard! But very rewarding when you pull up some amazing finds. KEEP OUR WATERS CLEAN GRAB MY SHIRT HERE- THE MAGNET I USE- Want to join the DUX Pro Staff? Email: and include your social media following numbers and in under 150 words why we should select you to be a part of the Pro Staff! DUX WATERFOWL WEBSITE - DUX FREEDOM LANYARD - DUX PRO STAFF SHIRT - DUX CAMO HOODIE - DUX GUN STICKER - Social Media INSTAGRAM MINE- DUX- SNAPCHAT- MINE- bobguy888 Facebook MINE- DUX- Equipment Gopro 3 plus- Gopro hero 5- lav mic- Nikon D3300-...

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Two neodymium magnets vs. our press Thanks for First4magnet for sending those powerful magnets to us. Check out their awesome youtube channel and websites And here you can see how I made tools for this video Our second channel Our fan shop Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!! Music Thor's Hammer-Ethan Meixell