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McDonald's McKids McFlurry Maker, Spinmaster Toys - Make Your Own McFlurries!
McDonald's McKids McFlurry Maker, Spinmaster Toys - Make Your Own McFlurries!
McDonald's McKids McFlurry Maker, Spinmaster Toys - Make Your Own McFlurries!

McDonald's McKids McFlurry Maker, Spinmaster Toys - Make Your Own McFlurries! - Lucky Penny Shop

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Welcome to the Lucky Penny Shop, one of the original toy learning channels on YouTube, the official channel of new & vintage toys and candy & snacks from around the world. We teach you how to set-up and play new games and toys and also love to check out games and toys from the past and learn how kids played with them way back when! Your hosts LPS-Dave and Butch the Dog create a fun and educational environment in a creative comedic way to help nurture learning about science activities, games and toys as well as toys for STEM Education and how they can benefit kids of all ages. Lucky Penny Shop Send Snail mail: Lucky Penny Shop 119 S Emerson St #113 Mount Prospect, IL 60056

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​​​Watch our product feature video for McDonald's McKids McFlurry Maker, Spinmaster Toys.

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UN-boxing: 1:00
Ingredients Check: 3:49
Adding Ingredients: 4:16
Mixing: 6:27
Pouring: 11:50
Mixing in Reese's: 13:29
Tasting: 13:57

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