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Making aluminum powder with only some aluminum foil, the ball mill jar we built last video, and some steel balls! Perfect for use with thermite, tannerite, or flash powder, this process will produce super fine and highly reactive aluminum powder.

Supplies List:
-El Cheapo Aluminum Foil
- 1/4 inch ball bearings
- 1/2 inch ball bearings
- Ball Mill & jar (see my ball mill video!)
Make Iron (III) Oxide

A simple, hands-free, effective process for making iron (III) oxide in bulk for thermite, rocketry, pigments, or anything else. So far, I have completed this process three times and made over 250g of finely powdered iron (III) oxide, better known as rust. I have also confirmed that it works in thermite. I also did a post on my blog, so check that out for more science experiments and other interesting projects. Music by - Roboskater.

How To Recover Gold From Computer Scrap with Household Chemicals

Complete process start to finish using muriatic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach. No nitric acid needed. Please check out my band, Two Common, on Sreetips is the guy in the back seat of the car behind the driver.

Making a Polished Aluminum Foil Ball in a Microwave. Microwaving aluminium.

Can you make a super polished aluminum foil ball by microwaving aluminium foil? We are going to find and and give you some pyrotechnics to boot. Check out How to Polish an Aluminum Foil Ball. Check out our other fun project videos at BUY OUTDOOR BOYS T-SHIRTS The Video Editing Software is Sony Vegas 14.0 Canon T5i (700D) GoPro Hero 5+ Black

Growing NITRATE Crystals For Gunpowder

In this video we're exploring how to grow crystals of potassium nitrate, right in the comfort of your kitchen. Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: Stump Remover: See What Else I’m Up To: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Business Inquiries: For business and sponsorship inquiries please contact us directly: Music by Alex_MakeMusic (Tropical Summer Pop) Commercial rights purchased from WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. ✌️👑 RANDOM NATION: TRANSLATE this...

Casting Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium

In this video i am making a Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium that i melted in my Metal Foundry. This was requested a lot after i posted the 'normal' Japanse Foil Ball video, so here it is ! I hope you like the result, and if you do please consider to give this a thumbs up ! :) contact me :

Explosive Science

Distinguished Scientist, Ri Vice President and explosives expert Chris Bishop presents another action-packed demonstration lecture. Following on from his explorations of Chemistry and the world of Fireworks, Professor Bishop turns his attention to the use, origins and properties of explosives. The Ri is on Twitter: and Facebook: and Tumblr: Our editorial policy: Subscribe for the latest science videos:

how to make aluminium powder without using foil

video that you need to watch: my video becomes relevant at 5:18 the music: how to melt the cans into the chunk of aluminium: yes i spelled recommended wrong at the end but i only saw that after i saved the video. i can't be bothered to go change it, too much waiting for loading.

Waterjet cutter built with a cheap pressure washer

Building an abrasive waterjet cutter with a $150 pressure washer. Water orifice, mixing tube (nozzle), cutting head, high pressure fittings, valve: 80 grit garnet abrasive - ebay eg Sun Joe pressure washer: Pressure gauge - Good waterjet background and design info: Good selection of higher-end pressure washers: Wikipedia waterjet cutter (diagram image source): Wazer waterjet cutter on Kickstarter: Support more Applied Science videos:

Making the Ultimate Ball Mill & Rotary Tumbler Jar! ELEMENTALMAKER

Today were putting together a ball mill, also called a rotary tumbler, jar. This is one of the most used tools in my home shop, useful for everything from wet tumbling brass, making black powder, or even making your own aluminum powder. Supplies: 4" SCH40 PVC Pipe 3" SCH40 PVC 4" to 3" Flush Busing 4" Coupler 4" End Cap 3" Quick Cap

Aluminum and Mercury

Molecule Website: Outro music: ------------------------------------------ When mercury is added to aluminum, it forms an amalgam (a mercury alloy). Aluminum is normally protected by a thick oxide layer, but the formation of the amalgam disrupts it. It allows fresh aluminum to react with air to form white aluminum oxide. As the oxide grows, it forms as these cool white fibers. ------------------------------------------ NileRed Shop: Facebook: Instagram: Patreon:

Don't Build a Metal Foundry Until you See This First

Updates, improvements, and all your questions answered about the Mini Metal Foundry. I had no idea so many of you would actually be building this! Common materials in the Mini Metal Foundry [✓] Clay Graphite Crucible: [✓] Steel Pail: [✓] Plaster of Paris: [✓] 2.5 Quart Bucket: [✓] 5 Quart Big Mouth Bucket: [✓] Heat Resistant Gloves: [✓] 1-3/8” Hole Saw: [✓] 3” Hole Saw: [✓] 1” x 12” Steel Pipe: Endcard Links: Stealth Shelf: Melting Soda Cans: Propane Torch: Proto-Putty: See What Else I’m Up To: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Business Inquiries: For business and sponsorship inquiries please contact us directly: Music by:...

Building a DIY Transparent Hybrid Rocket Engine - NightHawkInLight

How to build a transparent hybrid rocket engine using acrylic rod and a canister of oxygen, with a breakdown of how various other types of rocket engines work along the way. Consider supporting my channel, NightHawkInLight, on Patreon and get early access to videos! Check out Applied Science's channel here: A special thanks to my top Patreon supporters: Syniurge TheBackyardScientist Matthew L Lisa L Max L

Exotic Thermite Series Ep. 1: Iron, Chromium, Stainless Steel

(Intro clips from Cody'sLab, NurdRage, and NileRed [obviously]) Hey everyone! Hope you enjoy this video! This feels so great to finally get out online after 8 months of filming/editing (not all that time was spent working on this, obviously :) )... Next up is Nickel, Cobalt, Manganese, and Tin! Maybe some alloys as well like Ferromanganese and NiChrome. After that I plan on having a "boosted and high temperature" third episode, but I'll leave it at that for now ;) First off special thanks to Cognitive Thought for being the initial spark that lead to the creation of this series. I wouldn't be...

Polished Aluminium Foil Ball (sanding sanding + more sanding )

This was a project for my son over the Easter holidays but it was far too much like hard labour so he went back to the playstation !! so I had to do it myself .. Very tedious !!! music - Dance Don't Delay by Twin Musicom

Argh. Why Is Copper So Difficult?

🔥 Random Nation Unite! Let's win a Streamy Award! 👊👑 We can win it, I we need your vote! 6 attempts, and I still haven't figured out how to make a perfect copper cast. Blame it on my OCD baby. What are we missing here? Copper Pipes: Hack Saw: Steel Tong: Fine Mesh Strainer: Endcard Links: Making Butter: Liquid Propane: Butane Rockets: Waterbending: Business Inquiries: For business and sponsorship inquiries please contact us directly: See What Else I’m Up To: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Music By: MannyMusic - “Let’s Go!” Commercial rights purchased from WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you...

Make Iron Oxide (for Thermite)

Glassware generously provided by Use the discount code "copper" for a 5% discount. Donate to NurdRage! Through Patreon (preferred): Through Bitcoin: 1NurdRAge7PNR4ULrbrpcYvc9RC4LDp9pS Make ferric chloride: Burn steel wool: Make an electrolysis box: This video was sponsored by: Mathieu Robillard Michael Zappe Emil Mikulic Dino Capiaghi osama alharby Carl Potter Collin Wright Cullen Purkis david hardy Joshua Mclain Max Loutzenheiser Phillip Hutchings Samuel Pelzer Simon Bitdiddle

FUN with an OLD COIN! - Elementalmaker

In this video we will use some chemistry magic to turn an old quarter into something a bit more interesting! Starting with a old silver quarter which is composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. We first refine the coin into pure silver, and redissolve the silver bead into nitric acid forming silver nitrate. Its at this point that we bubble acetylene gas through the solution of silver nitrate to form Silver Acetylide, a powerful and dangerous primary that cracks loudly like a party snap when ingited. Do not attempt this one at home!

Free Copper - Copper Bar from a Microwave Oven

Getting free copper is easy, Just find an old microwave oven. Scrap copper is getting harder to find without the old tv's around, but microwaves are everywhere. I recommend this Furnace.. (Affiliate) It uses Propane Gas which is much cheaper to run with no problems like burning out the element and gives you better options for crucibles like stainless steal or cast iron which last a long time. Watch more of my melting videos.. Check out my recommended safety products, Furnaces & stuff on amazon.. Pouring copper ingots is my hobby, I have sold a few on ebay at 6x the scrap copper...

Make Sodium Metal Without Electrolysis Using Domestic Chemicals

In this video we show how to make sodium metal without electrolysis using domestically available chemicals. First 40g of sodium hydroxide and 30g of magnesium are place in a steel container with a fuse or sparkler and lit. A heavy lid is quickly placed over the mixture and allowed to burn. The mixture then allowed to cool and the resulting aggregate of sodium metal and magnesium oxide is chiseled out. The aggregate is then ground in a blender until the consistency of coarse sand. It is then poured into a flask and covered with 2x-4x the volume in dioxane. A stir...

How to Make Large Copper Metal Crystals

Here I show you how to make 99.9% pure copper metal crystals using electrolysis. They are easy to make but take a very long time. Here is the link to my video where I process the sludge at the bottom for the other metals. Here is the link to the update video to this one:


In this video we are going to make some super simple and cheap rocket motors using 1/2 PVC pipe, Stump Remover (Potassium Nitrate), Powdered Sugar, Sulfur, and Bentonite Clay (Kitty Litter). Parts List: 1/2" PVC pipe (clear PVC here: 5/8" Wooden Dowel (sandpaper to adjust to size) Stump Remover (Potassium Nitrate) 10X Powdered Sugar Sulfur Powder Bentonite Clay (finely ground kitty litter)

Where Did I Get My Mercury?

In this video I show where my mercury came from. See me extracting mercury from the ore here: I forgot to mention that I only recently got the mercury back from a family member who was keeping it so little kid me didn't play with it too much. Help me make videos by donating here:

Metal Refining & Recovery, S2E3: Uranium Metal From Ore

I extract some Uranium metal from a rock. Radioactive box: Help me make videos by donating here: Follow me on Facebook: SubReddit:

How To: Dark Aluminum In Bulk (My Homemade Process)

As a forewarning you should not use marbles in a metal mill as the marbles edges can actually cut into the steal and basically cause the steel that was sheared off to spark. Once again this is not the marbles sparking but the metal itself the marbles are sheered off... This is very similar to how a flint and steel works. Thanks for watching guys, you all are awesome!! Also I sugest not grinding up aluminum in your food blender as it'll scratch up the cup and dull the blades. I find my junk blenders at rummage sales all...