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Learn Swedish: The Alphabet
Learn Swedish: The Alphabet
Learn Swedish: The Alphabet

Learn Swedish: The Alphabet - GoSwedish

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My name's Aaliyah Westin. I suddenly ended up teaching my native language Swedish, right here, in my own fun way. It's a gift to speak many languages. It let's you communicate with more people. So, if you want to Go Swedish, don't hesitate, you've come to the right place. Don't care about Swedish or learning in general? Oh, I hear you. Join anyway. Already speak Swedish? Well, we can still hang. Really want to learn? Awesome stuff! And for you I say; don't forget to check out the GoSwedish apps for your smartphones and other devices. Even my brother did. He's Swedish! But he suddenly taught a friend Swedish. You never know when you need a language app! Subscribe to always get updated when I post new lessons. Feel free to drop off your comments and communicate with the others in the comment sections that are on the same journey as you and give each other feedback and I'm there too; and feel free to follow me outside the 'classroom' on my Social Media below. This is fun, huh? :)

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Please read: Some insist that they hear an "ea" sound at the end of each letter but it's an exhale, Swedish people don't hear it, it's natural for us; we are breathing. Every Swede knows that the sound follows when saying the alphabet but again; it's an exhale. It's not part of the letters. No need to comment about it. I already have hundreds of those comments.

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And now, lovely ones, it's time to get to know the Swedish alphabet. The letters are ready to introduce themselves. I repeat each letter four times for you. I had fun repeating myself. It felt like a new language suddenly after repeating the letters SO much. Have you noticed when repeating a word/letter over & over again, it suddenly sounds weird & you can make out so much. It's like when looking up the sky for too long, you feel clouds are making figures. Interesting - And you know what else is interesting? The alphabet! Let's do this, hit play... Letters, get ready!


Please read this whole description for information about how to Go Swedish with me outside of YouTube.

Are you looking to learn a new language? Are you curious about Swedish? Have you walked around wondering how on earth to find a way to learn Swedish online through YouTube? Well, well - It is your lucky day!

Welcome to the world where we Go Swedish! I appreciate each and everyone of my subscribers and friends here, all of my precious viewers. I love to communicate with the amazing people of my channel, where you can practice your Swedish with me if you wish, through little comments. If you want to learn Swedish and have fun while doing so, you should join me and the other people being a part of my channel and you will too Go Swedish!

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