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Ladies' Triple Axel (3A): from Ito to Tuktamysheva
Ladies' Triple Axel (3A): from Ito to Tuktamysheva
Ladies' Triple Axel (3A): from Ito to Tuktamysheva

Ladies' Triple Axel (3A): from Ito to Tuktamysheva - hyunsifs88

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Video description

A video with the 6 ladies that have landed a 3A (triple Axel) at an International competition, followed by side-by-side slow-mo comparison of Ito, Harding, Asada and Tuktamysheva's.
The Jump that Changed Figure Skating Forever | Olympics on the Record

The story of Ulrich Salchow, the Swedish figure skater who invented the Salchow jump and whose name jumped into the sport's DNA and changed the Olympic Games' competition forever. Find more about the story behind Record-breaking moments in "The Olympics on the Record" series: Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here:

Top 10 Most Successful Female Figure Skaters in the IJS Era (2005-2018)

Second part of my Top 10 series. All the clips I included are from their winning performances. To be honest, I lacked the depth of knowledge on the history of ladies figure skating. I'm so glad I got to make this because I was able to research and learn about so many things. Like with the men's video, it's like taking a history class in figure skating 😊 This list counts the number of medals attained at the Olympics and World Championships, the two most important competitions in figure skating. This list only included awarded medals under the International Judging System adapted...

Girls girls girls - Triple lutz, triple X

Compilation of female figure skaters performing triple lutz combinations and sequences. Triple Lutz / Triple toe loop Triple Lutz / Half loop / Triple Salchow Triple Lutz / Triple loop Triple Lutz / Triple toe loop / Triple loop Triple Lutz / Triple loop / triple loop Midori Ito Kristi Yamaguchi Nicole Bobek Laetitia Hubert Kimmie Meissner Rachael Flatt Shizuka Arakawa Julia Li Serafima Sakhanovich Alsu Kayumova Yu-Na Kim Mirai Nagasu Elizaveta Tuktamysheva Gabrielle Daleman Alexandra Proklova Polina Agafonova Anna Pogorilaya Maria Artemieva Elena Radionova Sakoto Miyahara Amber Glenn Polina Edmunds Julia Lipnitskaya Alaine Chartrand Irina Slutskaya Adelina Sotnikova Natalia Ogoreltseva Gracie Gold Miki Ando

Midori Ito δΌŠθ—€ γΏγ©γ‚Š (JPN) - 1994 World Professionals, Ladies' Technical Program

Landover, Maryland, USA - 1994 World Professional Figure Skating Championships, Ladies' Technical Program - Midori Ito of Japan edged out Kristi Yamaguchi of the United States to place 1st after this skate. Despite a slight leg wrap on her triple Axel, you truly see the power and wonderful technique she has in performing this jump from the height, distance and the speed (in both the take off and landing), all of which are lacking in those of Mao Asada.

Worst of Figure Skating Couple Falls

Music: Syn Cole - Feel Good [NCS Release] Download this track for FREE: Support on iTunes: --- Listen on Spotify: Listen on SoundCloud: Connect with NCS: Snapchat: ncsmusic β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ Syn Cole β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ NCS YouTube Playlists NCS Trap NCS House NCS Dubstep NCS Drumstep NCS Hardstyle NCS Drum&Bass ALL NCS MUSIC PLAYLIST: NCS 24/7 Livestream | NCS music, all day everyday β€’

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Relive the amazing free program of Russia's 15 year old Yulia Lipnitskaya from the Team Figure Skating event at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games as she scores an incredible 141.51 Subscribe to the Olympic YouTube channel: Discover more about Sochi 2014:

Tonya Harding (USA) - 1991 Skate America, Ladies' Original Program (First 3A-2T Ever Completed)

Oakland, California,USA - 1991 Skate America, Figure Skating, Ladies' Original Program - First, a piece on the skaters' draw for skating order in the Original Program. Then, excerpts of the Original Programs of Surya Bonaly of France and Kristi Yamaguchi of the United States. Finally, the complete Short Program of Tonya Harding of the United States, where she became the first woman to land the triple Axel in combination, and the first to land it in the Short Program.

LADIES TRIPLE AXEL 2017 | γƒ¬γƒ‡γ‚£γƒΌγ‚Ήγƒˆγƒͺプルをクセル | Figure Skating Mashup

Hi! Today I decided to make a video about the ladies who have successfully landed the TRIPLE AXEL jump in international competition. You can see how I RANKED them at 3:43. Then the SIDE-by-SIDES at the end of the video! Don't forget to LIKE and SHARE this video to your friends! SUBSCRIBE! :) You can also E-MAIL me at for your COMMENTS and SUGGESTIONS. Thank You! Music: Winter Ride by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: No Copyright Infringement Intended. :)

First ever double quad in competition - from Universal Sports 2010, Kingston, Canada, ISU Mens Figure Skating Grand Prix, with the change in rules, Kevin Reynolds (CAN) pulls off two different quadruple jumps, but still falls short of the lead by 1.28, and is in second. (Watch the full event at