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It's Okay To Screw Up Sometimes, We Hope
It's Okay To Screw Up Sometimes, We Hope
It's Okay To Screw Up Sometimes, We Hope

It's Okay To Screw Up Sometimes, We Hope - Matt and Tom

Matt and Tom
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This is Matt Gray and Tom Scott's channel, where we post unscripted, longer-form videos! For business enquiries, click the link below.

Video description
We're all human, and therefore occasionally make small errors. Sometimes these can have slightly bigger consequences. Here's why last week's video was a filler video.

Every Video We've Ever Published But They're At 1000× Normal Speed

Faceswapping, Unethical Videos, and Future Shock
High Winds and Helicopters: Tom's Failed Video

Unfortunately, as occasionally happens, one of Tom's videos didn't turn out quite right. So here's why it won't be released. MATT: TOM: Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas – Natasha Dow Schüll: [nb: aff. link]

Looking Back On Advent Locker, With Dan

We talk bout how, In 2012, Dan and Tom gave away presents using Amazon Lockers. Also includes a tangent about Yiwu, where Christmas tat (amongst other things) is made. DAN: | MATT: | TOM: Advent Locker: Dan wrote about Yiwu Market here: FAQs What kit do you use? Short answer: Røde NTG2, Roland R44, Sony RX100ii, GoPro 4 The Kit List: What do you use to edit? Short answer: Adobe Creative Suite. Editing: Why Game On & Citation Needed Take So Long:

Don't Shoot for the Moon and Miss

Why was there a bit of grain and noise in the most recent season of Citation Needed? Here's a story, a motto that definitely isn't for use in your regular everyday life, and also a complete false start. MATT: | TOM: Go here to apply to be in the audience for the next Citation Needed recording: Citation Needed Series 7: Citation Needed Series 1, in the kitchen: Game On:

Rejects from Tom's Ideas Board 2: The Modern Years

Tom has come up with many ideas over the years, but it's time to let some of them go. MATT: | TOM: First part of Tom's ideas board: Bugs, the TV series: Breakdancing or Falling Over: [I didn't keep a central note of anything else people sent me, and I miss a lot of incoming tweets, so apologies to anyone else -- I really am sorry despite the words not coming out right! -- Tom] We Might Call You - Follow our twitters if you would like to know when this happens Pandemic Legacy: Settlers of Catan: Richard Osman's World Cup of...

14 Minutes, 47 Questions

With 14 mins left in the camera, we asked twitter for questions. MATT: | TOM: Why Does Tom Always Wear Red T-Shirts? Containing the Worst Nuclear Disaster in History: Chernobyl's New Confinement Structure Real Life Emoji Keyboard FAQs What kit do you use? Short answer: Røde NTG2, Roland R44, Sony RX100ii, GoPro 4 The Kit List: What do you use to edit? Short answer: Adobe Creative Suite. Editing: Why Game On & Citation Needed Take So Long:

How and Why We Shredded Your Comments

Now that's a self-explanatory title. A few weeks ago, we did a live stream of comment printing and shredding. This is how we did it. MATT: TOM: We Shred Your Comments, Live!

How Did You Get Where You Are, Working "With Computers"?

This is as close to careers advice as you'll ever get from us. It's more of a list of what we did, starting with university through to our careers today. Subscribe to MATT: - Subscribe to TOM:

Fifteen Minutes of Old School Video Game Nostalgia

It was inevitable that, at some point, we'd talk about old video games. This is that time. Links for the new mini-consoles: [nb: affiliate links to Amazon. But like Matt says, just buy the original on eBay instead.] SNES Classic: Megadrive Portable: The Micro Machines J-Cart: Old games emulated on the Internet Archive: Digger: Alley Cat: Arnie isn't available, but Arnie 2 is: Tom talking about the Amstrad 1512:

Tales From The Arctic 1: The Arrival, The Icebreaker, and The Roommate.

Tom is back from his adventure round the Arctic, and has some tales to tell! MATT: | TOM: The trip was on the Kapitan Klebnikov, through Quark Expeditions: -- although we've since found out that Tom's story about how Chris came up with the idea for the trip was, in short, bollocks: Quark Expeditions got in touch offering berths, not money! Tom was part of "Chris Hadfield's Generator Arctic: Northern Exposure" An expedition that blends comedy, music, science and art, created on an icebreaker heading through the Northwest Passage. Ben Brown filmed whales from above with his drone! FAQs What kit do you use? Short...

Get Some God Damn…

…Hearing Protection. If you're going to see live music, you should probably be wearing hearing protection, as sustained exposure to loud noise will damage your hearing. MATT: | TOM: This video is not sponsored, we are just recommending things we use. We both use and recommend Alpine MusicSafe earplugs: Moldex Spark Earplugs (relatively comfy cheap foam ones): Medical information about Tinnitus: British Tinnitus Association: Reference from the UK Health And Safety Executive: Hearing Protection At Work: Hearing Protection At Events: FAQs What kit do you use? Short answer: Røde NTG2, Roland R44, Sony RX100ii, GoPro 4/5 The Kit List: What do you use to edit? Short answer: Adobe Creative Suite. Editing: Why...

Five Minutes in Matt's Mind

Matt makes a note of silly things that make him laugh, whether from his mind wandering or odd conversations with friends. This is us, reading through the note. (included below too!) MATT: | TOM: New Citation Needed won't be out for a month or two, but we've got over 30 already here in this playlist! ~~~ The contents of Matt's note ~~~ Keith Moon Landing (Danny) DeVito Burrito Mojito Penn Gillette razor For fuck's saké The Vengaboys' Intercity Disco: a party in the cab of a 225 Gangrene - a Geordie who's just started recycling. Roquefort pinafore Pricey précis Freddie flintoff's "unboxing” video St Paul’s Balls Panache ganache Squat & haggard....

MSN Messenger, Pub Flares, and a Surprise Dog

Join us on the NOSTALGIALOG, as we realise the internet no longer has an "I'm bored" button. MATT: | TOM: This is not the Jay Foreman song we referenced, but it's still good!

Travel Optimisations With Chelsea

Between the three of us we've done a quite a bit of travel, so here's some advice on how to travel in comfort, in style, and in budget! CHELSEA: | MATT: | TOM: Although we mention many brands and websites, this is not a sponsored video.

Matt and Tom Visit Bramble Bank

Thanks to Andy from 25th Southampton Sea Scout Group for inviting us to Bramble Bank, a sand bar in the middle of the Solent! MATT: TOM: 25th Southampton Sea Scouts:

People Bought More Weird Things With Our Amazon Affiliate Link

Amazon gives us an anonymous summary of everything that's been bought after clicking one of our affiliate links. Since the last video, some of you have bought some… interesting things! MATT: | TOM: To clarify: • Every Amazon link below is an affiliate link. This means that as well as showing you the product, it tells them that we sent you there. • If you click on one of our affiliate links, then buy anything from Amazon UK within 24hrs or so, they give us a small percentage of what you paid them as a thanks. • It doesn't...

Matt's Dream Jobs and Grown-Up Work Experience

Matt would like to have a go at other people's jobs, just to see what they're like. Please keep your suggestions in the YT comments. (It gets a little overwhelming if you're emailing and commenting and DMing!) MATT: TOM: [Note to Matt's employer: he's happy there and has no intention to leave] Students Union Video: Ishihara Test: Finland Video:

Tabletop Time Machine II – Experiment 4

We enjoyed it so much the first time round that we’re trying it again as our final experiment. Let’s charge those Fact Batteries! TOM is @tomscott and at GARY is @garybrannan MATT is @unnamedculprit and at CHRIS doesn't do this social media nonsense. More from us: Edited by Elliot Gough:

Matt Does Not Film Everything

A follow-up video to some tweets we've been getting about the gorgeous shots from Tom's latest video in Cardiff MATT: | TOM: Sweeping DJI Ronin shot from Cardiff Connectome Scanning: Looking at the Brain's Wiring - How The Arecibo Telescope Could Help Save The World Behind The Scenes at the Arecibo Radio Telescope Camera stabilisers we spoke about (Amazon Affiliate links): DJI Osmo: DJI Osmo for your phone: DJI Ronin:

We Toured The Restricted Parts of Heathrow Airport

Thanks to all the Heathrow team! They asked us to plug "Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport". It starts 8pm, Wednesday 2nd May on ITV: MATT: | TOM: MUSIC: Local Elevator by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist:

Tom's Five Minute Theory: History's Repeating Itself, and Doctor Who's Getting Cancelled In 2019

Fun fact: YouTube allows up to 100 characters in the title of a video. MATT: | TOM: REGISTER TO VOTE: It only takes a few minutes, and if you don't do it soon, you won't be allowed to vote on the day. You can also register for a postal vote if you can't get to the polling station on the day. No, seriously, if you're in the UK and haven't yet, stop reading this and register to vote. This will still be here when you've finished.

50 Shades of Matt Gray

We ramble about how this came about. See the wonder here: (and read the about page for more) Simon Harris: MATT: | TOM: FAQs What kit do you use? Short answer: Røde NTG2, Roland R44, Sony RX100ii, GoPro 4 The Kit List: What do you use to edit? Short answer: Adobe Creative Suite. Editing: Why Game On & Citation Needed Take So Long:

Funny TV, Kids' Cartoons, and Tom's Thoughts on the New Star Trek

Tom's been (surprisingly) watching some TV shows recently and would like to share the good stuff! MATT: TOM: Nothing here is sponsored, though the amazon link below is an affiliate link. Tom's spoilery, ROT-13d comments for The Good Place: Vs guvf frevrf qbrfa'g raq jvgu gur sbhe znva punenpgref evqvat vagb Uryy jvgu cynaf gb fuhg vg qbja naq serr nyy gur genccrq, gbegherq fbhyf gurer, V nz tbvat gb or ernyyl qvfnccbvagrq. Be znlor V whfg ernq Vnva Z Onaxf' Fhesnpr Qrgnvy gbb erpragyl. Ohg frevbhfyl, jul ner abar bs gurz pbaprearq nobhg gurve ybirq barf? Oynpxznvy Zvpunry naq FGBC OVYYVBAF...