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Increased volcanic activity on Hawaii raises escape fears
Increased volcanic activity on Hawaii raises escape fears
Increased volcanic activity on Hawaii raises escape fears

Increased volcanic activity on Hawaii raises escape fears - euronews (in English)

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New fissures and lava flows head towards key exit roads for thousands of people as the authorities step up evacuation plans.…

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Miles de residentes de un condado de Hawaii recibieron esta pasada noche del jueves una orden de desalojo de sus casas debido a la erupción del volcán Kilauea, después de una cadena de terremotos, de acuerdo con las autoridades. Ahora mismo el plan de evacuación sigue en marcha. Planeta Snakedos es una de las fuentes para reportar las nuevas noticias de avistamientos OVNIS, información de encubrimientos del espacio y la extraña actividad que ocurre dentro y fuera de nuestro planeta. Envíame un correo electrónico con su material de archivo y luchemos por la divulgación! ▶ Puedes leer la noticia en: ▶ Credito:...

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Lava continues to swallow up homes in Hawaii

More than 1,000 Hawaii residents have been forced to evacuate their homes as a dangerous lava flow continues to spread on the state's Big Island. CBS News correspondent Carter Evans reports on CBSN about why this lava flow is so unusual.

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Hawaii: Lava flow worsens scorching through roads

Lava continued to flow from the Kilauea volcano Sunday (November 9), with video from the County of Hawaii showing a thick stream of lava crossing a road near the village of Pahoa. A week since the leading edge of the Puna lava flow stalled, Hawaii officials said it remains about 480 feet from Pahoa Village Road. COURTESY COUNTY OF HAWAII What are the top stories today? Click to watch: euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe! euronews is available in 14 languages: In English: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: VKontakte:

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