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I tried green hair for a week
I tried green hair for a week
I tried green hair for a week

I tried green hair for a week - Niki DeMar

Niki DeMar
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HEY GUYS! I'm Niki from Niki and Gabi. Get to know this twin :) instagram: twitter: tumblr:

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I tried green hair...and not just once, but I tried it for a week! It's not the usual color people go for..which is why I wanted to see how I would feel at the end of the week. What were the pros and cons? Watch to see what my week looked like. What else should I try for a week?


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-niki demar
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In the past I've said I've wanted to shave my head, and my family took it lightly. Let's see how my older sister and TWIN sister react when I facetime with this hair prank! Do they fall for it? WATCH ARE YOU A BLUE BABE? Hair stylist: @faithwinters go check out her page! she's dope at hair:) FOLLOW ME: Insta: @niki Twitter: @nikidemar Snapchat: nikidemarrr Uber code: nikid38 YT Channel: Niki and Gabi

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