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I Repaired My Totaled Audi R8's Cracked Frame for $500! Insurance Quoted $29,522!
I Repaired My Totaled Audi R8's Cracked Frame for $500! Insurance Quoted $29,522!
I Repaired My Totaled Audi R8's Cracked Frame for $500! Insurance Quoted $29,522!

I Repaired My Totaled Audi R8's Cracked Frame for $500! Insurance Quoted $29,522! - Samcrac

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I'm Sam! I like cars, and chickens. Check out my automotive projects, and stories.

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My cheap salvage auction Audi R8 had one flaw, and that's a cracked front frame and an estimated repair cost of almost $30,000. We fix it now for way cheaper than any body shop would have.

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I Upgraded my Salvage Audi R8's Wrecked Suspension & Saved $3,000 in the Process!

Let's replace and upgrade the broken suspension in our salvage Audi R8 rebuild project. Would you believe this car was totaled? Huge thanks to FCP Euro: Instagram: Email Me: Mail: Samcrac PO Box 713 Odessa, FL 33556

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Here's How Much My Salvage Audi R8 Cost & How Much I Will Invest to Rebuild It

Here is the full disclosure of the winning bid on my totaled auction Audi R8 and what the final cost will be once it's completely rebuilt! Easily the cheapest one around. Huge Thanks To Orthodox Auto Company: Audi R8 Auction Listing: White Mercedes Listing: Instagram: Email Me: Mail: Samcrac PO Box 713 Odessa, FL 33556

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