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I Get $200 Acrylic Nails Done in NYC! Too much $$$? Fiona Frills
I Get $200 Acrylic Nails Done in NYC! Too much $$$? Fiona Frills
I Get $200 Acrylic Nails Done in NYC! Too much $$$? Fiona Frills

I Get $200 Acrylic Nails Done in NYC! Too much $$$? Fiona Frills - FionaFrills

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SUBSCRIBE TODAY!  I get $200 acrylic nails at a NYC nail salon. Was it too much money? Was it worth the $200?

Here is the NYC nail salon:
(This was not sponsored. I found the nail salon on

My makeup line designed specifically for teens and teen-prone skin. Naturally happy, beautifully bright, teen-prone skin.

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In today's video, I travel to NYC and get $200 acrylic nails. Did I spend too much? The nail salon in NYC specialized in creative nail art. I go through the entire process at the nail salon -- from picking out and designing my nail to each step the nail artist does to create $200 acrylic nails.

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Goth •Special• Sculpted Acrylic Nails 🗡️

Suzie designs a striking set of Goth Nails using Clear Acrylic, Gel Paint, Stamping, and Swarovski CrystalPixie. Products Used in this Video: Forms and Glass Pink Acrylic Powder Exclusive Nail Couture 100% Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush Joya Mia Crystal Dappen Dish Set Ugly Duckling Nails Artisan Gel Paint Nailchemy Gel Paints Darling Lamp Exclusive Nail Couture Clear Jelly Stamper, Halloween Nail Art Stamping Plate Clear Jelly Stamper Swarovski Crystalpixie Suzie was not paid to promote the products in this video, and does not receive a commission from sales. Links to products are provided as a courtesy to Suzie's viewers who are interested in finding the products online. --------------- Looking for a...

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my REAL school morning routine - VLOG

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3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade MAKEUP!!

Makeup tutorial for middle school :)!! I hope you guys enjoyed. All hate comments will be ignored. I didn't end up putting a video for the drugstore mascaras, but I did want to say that one of my favorites is the great lash mascara by maybelline. I'm in 6th grade and I don't wear makeup everyday. Instagram: @lilyschuller @_.lily._

FUGLY to FAB | Short and Chipped Nail Transformation

sorry this video went up a few days late, I hope you still love it :) EDIT: I filmed the nail shapes video, it's totally worth the watch! Products Used: 180 grit nail file nail polish remover (high acetone content for shellac removal) hard wax Kiara Sky Dip Powder Nail Kit Formula X Shine XL Topcoat Spa Ritual Joie De Vivre Tweexy wearable nail polish holder Don't miss out, subscribe here! SOCIAL MEDIA ♡ Instagram: @AlexandrasGirlyTalk Twitter: Facebook: Alexandra Beth Snapchat: queenofmondays Business Inquiries:


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HI SISTERS!! A few weeks ago I did a video where I had strangers on Hollywood Boulevard in LA do my full face of makeup. I just got back from my tour in Australia and had literally the best time in the world and when I was on the Gold Coast, I wanted to have my Aussie sisters do my glam, alongside of some really hot surfer dudes as well. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE! LAST VIDEO » SISTER'S APPAREL » SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL » for new videos! __ ♡ LET'S BE BFFS INSTAGRAM » TWITTER » SNAPCHAT...

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This is my trying to glow up in 24 hrs video. I tried to do a makeover for a special event! Hair, lashes, skin, nails! My glow up was in less than 24 hours. I love makeover videos! Hope you enjoy this glow up. #girl #glow #makeover I was inspired by the amazing Marla Catherine to do this video!! She's awesome and such an inspo to me!!! Marla Congrats on your 1 Milly!!!! To many millys to come!!!! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL IT'S FALL YOU ALL BINGE MY FALL VIDEOS ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩ 💫 GO WATCH MY FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS VIDEOS 💫 🖱⚠️ SUBSCRIBE IF YOU'RE NEW!!!! ⚠️...


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Gel vs Acrylic Clarity

Suzie builds two nails - one in Acrylic and one in Gel, in order to compare the Clarity of the two. This video also gives a great look at the differences in building a nail extension with Acrylic vs Gel. Suzie was not paid to promote the products in this video, and does not receive a commission from sales. Links to products are provided as a courtesy to Suzie's viewers who are interested in finding the products online. --------------- Looking for a video Suzie has done? Check out her Instant Search Video Catalog, that makes it easy to find specific videos: Follow Suzie on...

Nail Tech Controls My Acrylic Nails BLINDFOLDED *30 DAY CHALLENGE*💅🏼| Piper Rockelle

Shalom guys, Hope your day is great but better watching this funny 30 day challenge! In this challenge a nail tech controls my acrylic nails for 1 month, while I'm blindfolded!! This isn’t a day challenge, this isn’t a 24 hour challenge, this is a 30 day challenge! For 1 month I let my nail tech chose the nail design and color for my long acrylic nails while I am blindfolded. This is a suspenseful and funny blindfolded challenge! Wait until you see the results of this girl’s nails. Every week my nails where different, sometimes super long acrylic nails,...

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Bam! Both are $45 (50,000 Korean won) Amazing They are so professional Nail shop direction: Thank you for your subscription and likes! ♥ Music: Lovely Swindler by Amarià Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library

Fix Short Bitten Nails with Acrylic

Suzie takes Grant's badly bitten short nails, and transforms them with Acrylic into a beautiful set of nails with style. Products used in this video: PRE-PRIME: Exclusive Nail Couture PRIMER: Exclusive Nail Couture FORM: Exclusive Nail Couture ETERNAL BEIGE: Exclusive Nail Couture Swan E-File CERAMIC BIT: Exclusive Nail Couture UV Base/Top Coat: UGLY DUCKLING Gel Polish #43: UGLY DUCKLING Glow LED Nail Dryer: VANITY PLANET Looking to purchase the Vanity Planet Glow LED Nail Dryer? Click this link: Enter your special discount code: SUZIESNAILS at checkout to get 70% off. You get a great Nail Dryer and help support my channel too, as I receive a small commission...

my one year anniversary get ready with me - makeup & outfit (part 1) | aliyah simone

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Painting My Grandma's Nails (she thinks we're on National Television)

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Hey, guys! Today we are going to be doing an exciting summer themed design with a fantasy twist! Yes, you've guessed that right. We are going to be creating a MERMAID TAIL NAIL! OMG!!! First of all, as you all know, I absolutely love MERMAIDS! They are up there with unicorns! Adam believes that they aren't real, but I've seen multiple. Our Mermaid is going to have an absolutely gorgeous and colourful tail and I swear down that these colours haven't been picked subconsciously. They just happen to be the same colour as my hair! Well, there you are guys, go and take...


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SUBSCRIBE TO TXUNAMY HERE ➜ As you can see Txunamy gets acrylic nails for the First Time!! Her dad has no idea she got them so we have to break it down to him as he is against it 100%!!Wish us luck. Watch till the end as she tries to make slime with her nails that LONG, and tries to go shopping with those nails... Can she do it? Stay tuned through the whole video to see if she can. JOIN THE FAMILY ➜ & TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS SO YOU WILL GET NOTIFIED EVERYTIME WE POST!! WER'E EXPECTING A...

Steampunk Gel Inlay Nails

Suzie creates a stunning set of Steampunk Gel Inlay Nails using Alcohol Ink and Steampunk bits in this detailed step by step tutorial. Products featured in this video: Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Light Elegance Gel Polish Bling Brush Cleanser by Light Elegance Fuzion Clear Base LED/UV Gel Steampunk Bits Nail Techniques Beyond Pro Rechargeable LED Lamp by Kiara Sky Darling Lamp by Exclusive Nail Couture Smoothie Buffer by Exclusive Nail Couture Shine E Gel Top - Exclusive Nail Couture Suzie was not paid to promote the products in this video, and does not receive a commission from sales. Some of the products Suzie purchased herself, and some were given to...