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How hammerforged barrels and riflings are made
How hammerforged barrels and riflings are made
How hammerforged barrels and riflings are made

How hammerforged barrels and riflings are made - capandball

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Well this is my channel and these are my impressions about shooting old and repro blackpowder and cartridge guns. You will find target shooting, hunting, reloading and military history related videos here starring pre 1945 firearms. Since I was a little child I knew I want to be a history teacher. In fact I graduated as one. Later I studied military sciences on university level, and now I am doing my phd in firearms history while I teach military history at the university. That's my life, my hobby. I hope you'll enjoy my videos as much I enjoyed making them. Greetings form Hungary, the land of good wines and beautiful women. Oh yes, and please forgive my Hunglish. ;)

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I had a chance to visit the Sabatti factory in Gardone, Italy. This company is one of the very few who manufacture barrels with cold forging method. This method is capable for manufacturing extremely durable barrels with very accurate dimensions. The technology was invented in Germany/Austria just before WW2, but it is still one of the best methods for making an accurate rifling and bore. Enjoy the trip!
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----PART 2: ---- Due to concerns over the rifling in my previous barrel (which were justified) I will be building a rifling attachment for my lathe. This is the first part, the second part will hopefully be the end but this may become a three part series. Next time we will make the rifling tool and finish the tail stock mount, then do some actual rifling

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This Sine bar hook cut rifling machine was originally owned by "old man Savage". It then was bought from him by an Arizona gunsmith named Bill Sucalie. The diamond rifler, gundrill and gun barrel reamer was bought by Bill from Old man Savage all at the same time. Bob Blake my grandfather purchased Bill's Gunsmith buisness in 1966 to where Bob and my father Dave Blake ran a Barrel Making shop for about 5 Years. We had kept the equipment all of these years and have remained gundrill speacialist ever since. We have now restored...

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Rifling a barrel - push button rifling. The button turns by it self. A 10 T press is enough to push the button through the barrel. We are also offering deep hole drilling on professional drilling machines. If you are interested in buttons or deep hole drilling you can contact me email: