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How hammerforged barrels and riflings are made
How hammerforged barrels and riflings are made
How hammerforged barrels and riflings are made

How hammerforged barrels and riflings are made - capandball

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Well this is my channel and these are my impressions about shooting old and repro blackpowder and cartridge guns. You will find target shooting, hunting, reloading and military history related videos here starring pre 1945 firearms. Since I was a little child I knew I want to be a history teacher. In fact I graduated as one. Later I studied military sciences on university level, and now I am doing my phd in firearms history while I teach military history at the university. That's my life, my hobby. I hope you'll enjoy my videos as much I enjoyed making them. Greetings form Hungary, the land of good wines and beautiful women. Oh yes, and please forgive my Hunglish. ;)

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I had a chance to visit the Sabatti factory in Gardone, Italy. This company is one of the very few who manufacture barrels with cold forging method. This method is capable for manufacturing extremely durable barrels with very accurate dimensions. The technology was invented in Germany/Austria just before WW2, but it is still one of the best methods for making an accurate rifling and bore. Enjoy the trip!
Forging a gun barrel

This is my first attempt at forging a gun barrel as a colonial gunsmith would have. It's forged from a section of a wrought iron tire off a wooden wagon wheel. This effort is only the first couple steps for forging a barrel. Additional steps include forging (and filing) the barrel to an octagon shape, drilling the center hole larger, then reaming it to a final bore size, putting in the spirals, adding a breech plug and forging and adding the sights and hardware to mount the barrel in the stock. I may follow up with additional...

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----PART 2: ---- Due to concerns over the rifling in my previous barrel (which were justified) I will be building a rifling attachment for my lathe. This is the first part, the second part will hopefully be the end but this may become a three part series. Next time we will make the rifling tool and finish the tail stock mount, then do some actual rifling

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George Smithwick is a sixth generation cooper who makes traditional wooden buckets and barrels. He is continuing a family tradition that began in the 18th century in Ireland. George talks to us about what a Cooper is, some history of the trade, tools he uses, and the step-by-step process of making a wooden bucket. Edward Washington and Jimmy Murray from the Sydney Living Museums' Programs team flew down to catch up with George to see if he could help with making us some new buckets and he was happy to show us how he worked; using tools, techniques and practises that...

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How long have I been around this platform? This will help: Many companies selling M4 and AR variants today try to sell a carbine or rifle that may be suitable for plinking cans, shooting gophers etc. but will not hold up to the standards required for hard use and long life with a high round count. Few companies meet the criteria lined out in the TDP of which Colt and FN abide. Bravo Company is one of the very few companies producing carbines and rifles that meet this standard. Others are Daniel Defense, LMT,...

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Making a Rifled Barrel without Machine Tools (TIS081)

The Idahoan demonstrates a do-it-yourself version of the button rifling process for making a rifled pistol barrel with minimal tooling. DISCLAIMER: If you attempt anything shown in this video, you do so strictly at your own risk. No guarantee is made of the safety or suitability of barrels made by this process for any particular applicaiton.

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Fun Gun Reviews Presents: How to Remove an AR 15 Barrel. It's simple with just a few tools. The upper has a Picatinny rail gas block and not an A2 Front sight. Thanks for watching~ Sootch00 Music is from Jingle Punks Royalty Free Music through the Fullscreen Network. Used with permission.