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Great Detective Pikachu - English Trailer - Feat. Danny DeVito (NEW MOVIE!)
Great Detective Pikachu - English Trailer - Feat. Danny DeVito (NEW MOVIE!)
Great Detective Pikachu - English Trailer - Feat. Danny DeVito (NEW MOVIE!)

Great Detective Pikachu - English Trailer - Feat. Danny DeVito (NEW MOVIE!) - Tealhollow1

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Video description
Who could possibly voice our favorite Pokemon in the English Version of Detective Pikachu? Danny DeVito of course!
Looks like Legendary Entertainment is making a Detective Pikachu movie! Ryan Reynolds is playing Pikachu!

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The songs used in this trailer were (Thomas Bergersen - Rada) (Heinz Kiessling - Take The Plunge)

Audio is taken from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Batman Returns.
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