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Glass Trailer #2 (2019) Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, Bruce Willis
Glass Trailer #2 (2019) Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, Bruce Willis
Glass Trailer #2 (2019) Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, Bruce Willis

Glass Trailer #2 (2019) Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, Bruce Willis - IGN

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Mr Glasses employs the many personalities of Kevin Wendell Crumb to show the world who real heroes are.

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GLASS Trailer Breakdown! UNBREAKABLE Easter Eggs & Details You Missed! #SDCC

GLASS, the sequel to UNBREAKABLE and SPLIT directed by M. Night Shyamalan, released a Comic Con trailer, showing Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson), with Bruce Willis and James MacAvoy. What details and Easter Eggs did you miss in this Glass trailer? Erik Voss breaks down this trailer frame by frame, explaining all the connections to Unbreakable and Split, and the new superhero universe Shyamalan is creating. What is the significance of the COLOR palette in this trailer? CONNECT WITH US! Facebook: Twitter: CONNECT WITH ERIK: SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR PATREON SUPPORTERS (, including these beautiful people: Kelly Hopper Kenny Smith Matthew Salvas Pony Stark Wilhelmina Ebbeson Rose Bellandi Eric Oliver Chelsea...

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17 important Glass trailer details, Unbreakable & Split connections, easter eggs & theories you may have missed in the official Glass Comic Con trailer starring James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Anya Taylor-Joy, Sarah Paulson & Samuel L. Jackson. Subscribe for more! ► Connect with Jan on Twitter ► RELATED VIDEOS -------------- A Quiet Place Deleted Scenes ► A Quiet Place Ending Explained ► PLAYLISTS YOU MIGHT LIKE ------------------------ Ending & Post Credits Scenes Explained ► Movie Deleted Scenes & Rejected Concepts ► Amazing Movie & TV Facts ► Easter Eggs ► Movie & TV Theories ► Marvel ► DC ► Fox Marvel Movies ► Star Wars...

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Glass - Official Trailer #2 [HD]

Glass In Theaters January 18, 2019 M. Night Shyamalan brings together the narratives of two of his standout originals—2000’s Unbreakable, from Touchstone, and 2016’s Split, from Universal—in one explosive, all-new comic-book thriller: Glass. From Unbreakable, Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn as does Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price, known also by his pseudonym Mr. Glass. Joining from Split are James McAvoy, reprising his role as Kevin Wendell Crumb and the multiple identities who reside within, and Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cooke, the only captive to survive an encounter with The Beast. Following the conclusion of Split, Glass...

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Avengers Endgame Trailer gets an in-depth, frame by frame breakdown! Thanks to Wix for Sponsoring this Video! Build Your Own Website at: Avengers Endgame is the official title of the followup to Avengers Infinity War, revealed in a NEW TRAILER that shows us the aftermath of Thanos' snap, aka The Decimation! Hawkeye has returned -- but what happened to him? How did Ant-Man escape from the Quantum Realm? Erik Voss breaks down every detail you missed from this Avengers trailer, including a MAJOR clue that could point to time travel playing into the movie's plot. Is Thanos weakened? Who will...

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Glass Trailer 2 REACTION

Glass Trailer 2 REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & review of the official trailer 2 for M Night Shyamalan's sequel! January 2019! Glass Trailer 2 REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official trailer 2 for Glass from Comic Con starring Bruce Willis, James McAvoy and Samuel L Jackson, from M Night Shyamalan! The sequel to Unbreakable and Split, hitting theaters in 2019! Share your own reaction to the official trailer 2 for Glass before you see the full movie in 2019! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your...

Why the First Look at Glass Reveals More than You Think! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

Split gave us the return of Unbreakable hero Bruce Willis, but the first look at Glass has the whole band back together! So what else does it reveal? Jessica has the details on today's Nerdist News! Do these get you more excited for the sequel? Let us know in the comments below! Subscribe for more Nerdist News: Watch the last episode at: More on this story: More Glass: Watch more Nerdist News: Follow Us: Facebook Twitter Instagram Nerdist News Jessica Chobot Dan Casey Kyle Hill Nerdist News 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. Image: Universal