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First 9 Minutes of Detective Pikachu
First 9 Minutes of Detective Pikachu
First 9 Minutes of Detective Pikachu

First 9 Minutes of Detective Pikachu - IGN

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Video description
See the beginning of the newest Pokemon game's Japanese release.

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Detective Pikachu: Get Ready to Crack the Case! - Nintendo 3DS

In Detective Pikachu, a new game coming on March 23rd for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, you can team up with the self-proclaimed “great detectivePikachu to solve a puzzling case involving oddly behaving Pokémon and discover a possible connection to the mysterious Mewtwo while encountering many characters in Ryme City. Detective Pikachu is now available for pre-order! #Nintendo3DS #DetectivePikachu Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! Visit for all the latest! Like Nintendo on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Pinterest: Follow us on Google+:

Making A Giant Pikachu Gummy Candy Sweets With CKN Toys Pokemon Go Candy

Hi guys, today we are making GIANT Pokemon Pikachu Gummy candy.Yes that's right we love Pokemon and Gummy candy so much we thought why not make a Gummy Pikachu. It is very simple to make. All you need is some jelly,gelatine,some water and a Pikachu mould. We made a few flavours and try them out one by one to see which one taste the best. Thanks for watching and if you enjoy the video please don't forget to subscribe to CKN Toys. OUR OTHER VIDEOS Unboxing New Spiderman Battery-Powered Ride On Super Car 6V Test Drive Park Playtime Fun Spiderman Super Giant Surprise...

Detective Pikachu Official Japanese Trailer

The popular Pokemon is doing his best Sherlock Holmes impression in this upcoming Nintendo 3DS game. ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: GOOGLE+:

Detective Pikachu - REVIEW (3DS)

Is Pokémon's latest spinoff, Detective Pikachu, an endearing mystery? Or should this talking Pikachu have kept quiet? Find out in our review of the full release of Detective Pikachu! --------------------------------- Follow GameXplain! --------------------------------- ➤ PATREON: ➤ FACEBOOK:: ➤ TWITTER: ➤ INSTAGRAM: ➤ GOOGLE+: ⮞ Support us by shopping @ Play-Asia- & @ AMAZON- ⮞ Get our Real Talk Podcast early for $1/month at

Pokemon Go!!! - Pikachu Parkour/Freerunning

Catching a wild Pikachu may be harder than you thought. Especially if it's doing Parkour! Subscribe! Click to Facebook: Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Instagram! @KumaFilms Follow us on Twitter! @kumakumafilms Follow us on Soundcloud! Contact us at Pokemon Go!!! Pikachu Parkour/Freerunning. Wild Pikachu running around Taiwan. Why the Pikachu getup....? Why not Pikachu: Todd Robins Music: Custom Model - Frothin' (RoboCLIP Remix) Facebook: Soundcloud: FREE song download here: Check out more of DAMN SON! at

Pokemon Giant Toys Surprise Egg Opening Unboxing Fun With Ash Ketchum Pikachu Ckn Toys

Hi guys, today we are smashing open this cool Pokemon Poke ball giant toys surprise egg.This egg is filled with the coolest and Pokemon toys ever.Watch Ask Ketchum unbox and play with all these cool toys including Ash's Arena Challenge set,Battle Moves Pikachu,Groudon figurine,Clip 'N' Carry Poke Ball Belt,Battle Ready Pikachu,Catch 'N' Return Poke Ball,Pokemon Trainer Gloves,Oshawott Remote Control,Battle Attack Mega Venusaur and Pokemon Quick Attackers.If you love Pokemon you will love this video. Please don't forget to subscribe to Ckn Toys. Surprise Eggs in other Languages - huevos sorpresa, яйця з сюрпризом, överraskning ägg, сюрприз яйца, ovos surpresa, Überraschung Eier, œufs...

Detective Pikachu Releases Worldwide March 23rd; NEW amiibo Announced!

Detective Pikachu is finally getting a worldwide release that includes both episodes! Not only that but an extra large Detective Pikachu amiibo is coming as well! Get the full details here! SOURCE: --------------------------------- Follow GameXplain! --------------------------------- ➤ PATREON: ➤ FACEBOOK:: ➤ TWITTER: ➤ INSTAGRAM: ➤ GOOGLE+: ⮞ Support us by shopping @ Play-Asia- & @ AMAZON- ⮞ Get our Real Talk Podcast early for $1/month at

Mimikyu's True Identity REVEALED (Pokemon Sun and Moon) - TRENDING IN JAPAN

Mimikyu is hiding something underneath that pikachu costume. I think we might have found our answer as to who Mimikyu really is. Mimikyu is from Pokemon Sun and Moon. #mimikyu #mimimkyuidentity #pokemonsunandmoon #pokemonsm Source : What's Up Japan Playlist : Yo-kai Watch Origins Playlist : Follow Us On: Facebook : Twitter :

Pikachu Special Edition 2DS XL Unboxing

We unbox the adorable Pikachu themed 2DS XL that finally made it's way West. Subscribe to IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: IGN OFFICIAL APP: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: GOOGLE+:


FEAR Sawk might be one of the best Pokemon in the game with how straight up unfair it is! Nosepass is also known for this strong FEAR Pokemon strategy. EVERY POKEMON MOVESET - Verlisify Pokemon Movesets ✔ Support The Verlisify Channel SPONSOR on Youtube Gaming ► Other Websites ►YOUTUBE GAMING LINK - VERLISIFY ►Pokemon Moveset / Pokemon Team List ►Pokemon Type Coverage Checker ► Pokemon News / New Pokemon Strategy Guides and Information - Pokemon News ---Patreon Shoutout--- Leo Espinoza TripleTank ----- Music ---- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 - Through The Sea Of Time Remix [DnB] ---Verlisify Channel Description--- The focus of this channel is to cover everything...

Drawing Pokémon From Memory w/ Jaiden Animations

Drawing's hard especially when you don't have a good memory. Jaiden's video ➤ Jaidens' channel (if somehow you don't know her already): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tumblr ➤ Website ➤ Facebook ➤ Twitter ➤ Tapastic ➤

Pokemon In Real Life 2018 | Top 25s | All Characters

Pokemon In Real Life 2018 | Top 25s | All Characters ► Help Us to Get 100.000 Subscribers : ► Facebook: ► © Image Copyright : Joshua Dunlop ► © Copyright : The images in our video what is using a lot on digital. So I don’t know who is create them. If you have any issue about their copyright, please contact me by email "". Thank you ! Thank Music : Alex Skrindo & Stahl! - Moments [NCS Release] Download this track for FREE: ------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for watching :D. Please leave your like/ comments and don't forget subscribe our channel for more...

☆Red VS Ash/Satoshi [Mega Charizard X VS Pikachu/Greninja]☆

*******THE BATTLE WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR****** HEEEEEEY whaaaaaz up my boys and girls from everywhere it's your PRB12 and....THIS IS THE BATTLE OF MY DREAMS! x3 I always wanted to see ash battling the legendary Red and ...who's gonna win? :O WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO TO FIND OUT! 8D ENJOY! :D DISCLAIMER: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the...

Detective Pikachu All Cutscenes - Pokémon Full Movie English Dub

Detective Pikachu is ready to crack the case! 00:05:42 Chapter 1 Tahnti Park 00:21:47 Chapter 2 Litwit Cave 00:35:41 Chapter 3 PCL 01:11:11 Chapter 4 Cappucci Island 01:37:55 Chapter 5 Fine park 01:48:10 Chapter 6 GNN 02:14:46 Chapter 7 Ryme Wharf 02:30:25 Chapter 8 Where R Goes 02:59:20 Chapter 9 Pokemon Carnival The game follows a peculiar talking Pikachu who, despite not being as powerful and nimble as other Pikachu of his kind, is rather intelligent and claims to be a great detective. One day, Pikachu encounters a boy named Tim Goodman, who is able to understand what he is saying. Thus, the two begin working together to solve various...

Detective Pikachu - "Find The Necklace!" | Episode 2! [Chapter 1 100% Walkthrough]

Detective Pikachu - Chapter 1 | Episode 2 100% Walkthrough with Abdallah! Detective Pikachu is available on Nintendo 3DS and Abdallah provides gameplay of Chapter 1 / Case 2 "Find The Necklace!" in HD 1080p 60fps, with a family-friendly narration! Playlist: Purchase #DetectivePikachu and play along: Welcome to my webcam, HD 1080p 60fps, 100% Walkthrough of Detective Pikachu on Nintendo 3DS with family-friendly narration! In this series, I'll be playing through all the cases and chapters, solving all the riddles, and completing the game to the end! If you're excited for #DetectivePikachu, be sure to SMASH that LIKE...

The Detective Pikachu Movie Now Has a Release Date!

Legendary Pictures has announced the planned release date for the Detective Pikachu movie! See the date and what this means for Legendary's confidence in the film! SOURCE: --------------------------------- Follow GameXplain! --------------------------------- ➤ PATREON: ➤ FACEBOOK:: ➤ TWITTER: ➤ INSTAGRAM: ➤ GOOGLE+: ⮞ Support us by shopping @ Play-Asia- & @ AMAZON- ⮞ Get our Real Talk Podcast early for $1/month at

Game Theory: Pokemon Are Going EXTINCT! (Pokemon Sun and Moon)

The Pokedex is FULL OF LIES! ►► The TRUTH Behind Fire Pokemon! ►► SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► The Alola Islands have a BIG Problem, and it’s name is Yungoos. Humans on Alola imported the Yungoos to rid the island of unwanted vermin, like the Rattata. What they didn’t realize is that this has a far greater effect than what they intended. Because the Yungoos is not native to Alola, it has no natural predators there, and this allows it to live unchecked! In this episode, I’ll reveal how the imported Yungoos will DESTROY Alola’s ecosystem and...


Its amazing how fast some Pokemon are forgotten. In just a few generations some Pokemon can fade into nothing and even immediately after a new game like Pokemon Sun and Moon. What causes a Pokemon to be forgotten? Which Pokemon are already forgotten? Top 10 Forgotten Pokemon of All Time ---Channel Description--- The focus of this channel is to cover everything Pokemon. Pokemon Strategy Guides and Gameplay Guides for Pokemon Sun and Moon & Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are a primary focus, as well as Pokemon Moveset guides for every Pokemon. I also make rare Pokemon locations in Pokemon...

Requests #2 - Pokemon Type Swap: Pikachu Fire, Water, Grass And Dark.

Support us : ================================================== Pokemon images in this video are downloaded from the website: ================================================== Music: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Late Nights by Johan Borjesson 2. Shake Down by Gavin Luke 3. Bop It by Gavin Luke 4. Make It Rain by Johan Borjesson ===================================================

GIANT EGG POKEMON GO Surprise Toys Opening Huge PokeBall

Ryan ToysReview open super giant egg Pokemon Go! Join Ryan for surprise toys opening with lots of Pokemon toys inside. Watch Ryan as a Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum catch Pikachu in real Life IRl to crack open this super huge giant PokeBall Egg! PO

Top 10 Pokemon Nobody Hates

In this video I list off the Pokemon that I believe virtually nobody hates. -T-SHIRTS! - -PATREON REWARDS - -TWITTER: -FACEBOOK: Pokemon Mystery Gift Remix - Alder’s Encounter music - Kalos Pokemon League Remix - Violet/Olivine City Remix - Sunyshore Remastered - Lilycove Remix - Team Magma/Aqua Hideout Remix - Mt. Pyre Remix - Unova Wild Battle Remastered - Please don't tell me to play Pokemon Roblox. Pokemon GO is fine though. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the sequels to Pokemon Sun and Moon, have just been announced and I'd love to focus on main series games like...

10 Pokemon Fusions You Wish Actually Existed

10 Pokemon Fusions You wish Actually Existed Subscribe for more Top 10 videos: - More Top 10 Trends Videos - Trending Now! ► YouTuber Top 10s ► Gaming Top 10s ► 10 Things You Won't Believe Exist! ► 10 Pokemon Fusions You Wish Existed 1) Gardelure - gardevoir and chandelure fusion Psychic Ghost, but Psychic Dark Seems Cooler, would only be super effected by bug and fairy types, no resistances tho 2) Grenumbreon - Greninja & Umbreon (Made By Shin Art) Dark Fighting or Dark Water 3) Articogre - Kyogre and Articuno - Flying Water Type Josephine stoise & Magenton Water Electric...

10 Pokémon You Wouldn't Want To Be Real

I want Pokemon to be real, but have you thought of giant DEADLY bugs and ghosts walking around? Happy Friday the 13th! Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed! Twitch= Twitch: Discord: ♦Follow me♦ MUSIC: (Outro) ParagonX9 Lensko - Rebirth [NCS Release] overwerk ART: THE TERRIFYING PINSIR\ Lots of realistic Pokemon