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Farewell Address to the American People
Farewell Address to the American People
Farewell Address to the American People

Farewell Address to the American People - The Obama White House

The Obama White House
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Video description
President Obama will deliver his farewell address to the American people, where he will thank his supporters, celebrate the ways we have changed this country for the better these past eight years, and offer his vision on where we all go from here.
Obama tears up while speaking about wife, daughters during farewell speech

U.S. President Barack Obama called his wife, Michelle, his best friend and thanked her for being there alongside him throughout his journey. He told his daughters the proudest job he holds is being their dad. Subscribe to Global News Channel HERE: Like Global News on Facebook HERE: Follow Global News on Twitter HERE:

"Obama out:" President Barack Obama's hilarious final White House correspondents' dinner speech

As President Obama gets set to leave office, take a look back at one of his most memorable moments when he didn't hold back in his final speech at the White House correspondents' dinner firing barbs at himself, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. For more info, please go to Subscribe to Global News Channel HERE: Like Global News on Facebook HERE: Follow Global News on Twitter HERE:

Malia Obama Breaks Into Tears During Her Father's Farewell Speech

Malia Obama breaks Into tears during her Father's Farewell Speech Malia Obama tears up during dad's speech Malia Obama Breaks Into Tears During Her Father's Farewell Speech Malia Obama Brought to Tears During President Barack Obama's Malia Obama Wipes Away Tears During Her Dad's Farewell Address This Video Of Malia Obama Crying Is The ... - Michelle, Malia Obama tear up after president's touching tribute during ... BARACK MICHELLE FURIOUS After Daughter Malia Obama's DARK ... VIDEO: Malia Obama Tears Up During President Obama's Farewell US President Obama's parting words: It's been an honour to serve you .. VIDEO: President Obama...

Dalai Lama INSPIRING SPEECHES - #MentorMeDalaiLama

✎ In today's video, we're sharing some of Dalai Lama's most inspiring speeches. Enjoy! :) ❤ HELP TRANSLATE THIS VIDEO ❤ If you loved this video, help people in other countries enjoy it too by making captions for it. Spread the love and impact. ★ MORE RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU ★ If you enjoyed this video, you may enjoy these other videos from Evan Carmichael: • Warren Buffett's Top 10 Rules For Success - • Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki's Top 10 Rules For Success - • Bob Proctor's Top 10 Rules For Success - ✔ SOURCES ✔ [Amazing People] - Dalai Lama...

President Obama Makes Final Trip On Air Force 1 | NBC News

In his final days as president, Barack Obama expresses his deep gratitude toward the staffers who supported him throughout his tenure. NBC News’ Lester Holt interviews the president for a Dateline NBC special: “The Reality of Hope.” » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News is a leading source of global news and information. Here you will find clips from NBC Nightly News, Meet The Press, and original digital videos. Subscribe to our channel for news stories, technology, politics, health, entertainment, science, business, and exclusive NBC investigations. Connect with NBC News Online! Visit NBCNews.Com: Find NBC News on Facebook:...

The Final Interview With The Obamas (Full Interview) | PEN | Entertainment Weekly

President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama sit down with People Magazine to talk about the election, raising a family in the White House, and what is next. Subscribe to ►► Watch interviews with your favorite celebrities from the world of fame. What was it like for John Green to work with Cara Delevigne, what does Jennifer Lawrence think of Amy Schumer, and much more: Find out about the latest news updates on all things entertainment. The biggest show launches, cast reveals, Hollywood celebrity gossip and the most popular movie announcements all in one place: Be the first to see our newest...

First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey Hold a Conversation on the Next Generation of Women

There's a lot that's been done by and for women and girls, but there's still plenty to do. Convened by the White House, the United State of Women Summit will rally all of us together to celebrate what we've achieved, and how we're going to take action moving forward. Covering key gender equality issues, we'll make a powerful difference in our collective future.

Excellence farewell speech in hindi at deparment of botany in banaras hindu university by R. gangwar

A very good evening to the respected dignitaries, respected teachers, seniors and my dear friends. As we all know that, today is the farewell party of our seniors. On behalf of all the juniors, I would like to speech on the farewell party of our seniors. I rajesh gangwar from (botany) 2 sem is feeling very lucky and honored to have this opportunity of giving speech today in the farewell of my lovely seniors. I would like to congratulate my all the seniors for their nice and happy journey of career. I wish them all for bright career very soon...

How Vox lied to you about sanctuary cities

"President Trump says he wants to strip funding from so-called "sanctuary cities," but what exactly do these cities do?" Help us produce more originals, pledge $1 at: ☕ Twitter $ One time donations: Bitcoin address: 1Gnb1eX7neuc4KrWnr3dUZYDLkJAtYM67x First song by Mutant Joe Additional song list available exclusively to patrons. Personal Social Media: ✎ Jesua Flores ✎ Kieran Hanselman 1791L - Shorts on politics & culture. Cities and counties that limit their cooperation with federal immigration agents are sometimes called "sanctuaries," but the word doesn't actually have any legal meaning. However, because the constitution prohibits the federal government from making states enforce its laws, cities,...

President Barack Obama's farewell address (full speech)

U.S. President Barack Obama wrapped up his eight-year presidency by looking back on his legacy and looking forward to the future of America in his farewell address in Chicago. For more info, please go to Subscribe to Global News Channel HERE: Like Global News on Facebook HERE: Follow Global News on Twitter HERE:

The best moments from Obama's farewell address

President Obama called for Americans to seek solidarity over division in a celebratory farewell address in Chicago on Tuesday, calling for a "new social compact." Obama's final major speech as president was the same sort of rallying cry to activism that propelled him to the national stage a decade ago, asking supporters to continue the work to "form a more perfect union." Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get the full story at *************************************************************************** Want even more? Subscribe to USA TODAY's YouTube channel: Like USA TODAY on Facebook: Follow USA TODAY on Twitter: Follow USA TODAY on Instagram:

It's time to step up for Britain

Jeremy Corbyn's full speech to Labour campaigners calling on them to step up for Britain. Subscribe to our channel – Join our growing movement today ↓ Join the Labour Party – Like us on Facebook – Follow us on Twitter –