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Famous Celebs Who Became HOMELESS
Famous Celebs Who Became HOMELESS
Famous Celebs Who Became HOMELESS

Famous Celebs Who Became HOMELESS - Talltanic

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Fame sometimes comes at you fast. Sometimes, those who get rich and famous can’t control their money spending habits. Sometimes the money's all spent on luxurious items that few can afford or their cold hard cash is thrown away on drugs. Either way, these are Famous Celebs Who Became HOMELESS.

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#6 - Toni Braxton
The reason Toni Braxton became homeless and in a considerable amount of debt even after her successful career as a singer is because of several different factors--although the major contributor was medical bills that came along with chronic health problems. This legendary R&B singer began her rise to fame in the 90’s and even though she had sold over 20 million records, Toni was still waiting for the money to come in when she went broke. She unsuccessfully tried to sue Arista and LaFace Records for the money she was entitled to. Beginning in 2008, Toni dealt with health issues like having a benign lump removed from her breast, microvascular angina, and lupus. It was a sad combination that led to her downfall, none of which she actually deserved.

#5 - Willie Aames
You might not recognize the name Willie Aames, but he was a key character in the 70’s-80’s ABC show, Eight is Enough. In its peak, he was raking in $1 million a year, which for most people, is plenty for a few dozen years. Even though he had that money and he had been earning more in shows like Charles in Charge, he still couldn’t manage to pay for even the simplest of things. His car got repossessed and his wife left him after he couldn’t pay for the medical bills when she was sick. Soon after his wife left him, Willie found himself sleeping in parking garages and parks while he desperately tried securing any odd job he could get his hands on. He said later that he remembers laying underneath the bushes thinking to himself “Is this really how it turns out?” Here is a picture of Aames during one of his worst moments. Another case of someone who had it all and then lost everything.

#4 - Margot Kidder
You might remember the name Margot Robbie, but Margot Kidder is a different woman and actress altogether. Kidder is the woman who first portrayed Lois Lane in the four Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve. When she became bankrupt due to a banking error and through no fault of her own, the mental state she was in didn’t allow her to perceive the situation as it really was. Her bipolar disorder created such a state of paranoia in her mind that she began sleeping in cardboard boxes in random backyards around Los Angeles. When she was found, her front teeth were both missing and the majority of her hair was hacked off. She has since become a different person but she’ll always be haunted by the days when she was homeless.

#3 - Lena Headey
Although you might just think of Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister in the HBO hit show Game of Thrones but she’s had a more reputable career than just playing the villain queen of Westeros. You may think that playing such a role ensures that you never have to worry about money again but that isn’t always the case. Lena might not have been completely homeless but one of her divorces left her so high and dry that she had to declare bankruptcy and claimed she only had $5 left in her bank account. That’s not enough to make even the unsullied look at you twice.

#2 - Nicolas Cage
This is another person in Hollywood that we are rather surprised didn’t quite make the cut when it came to resisting the urge to spend every dime he made. Yes, Nicolas Cage has been one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors and as a result of that massive amount of wealth, he splurged and bought houses all over the world, one of them was even a castle. Cage thought that he had been paying his taxes on each property in the 2007 year but it turned out that his former business manager had been mismanaging his money all along. While Cage sued the man in question, it was too late and his New Orleans, Bel Air, and Nevada houses were put in foreclosure. This didn’t exactly make him homeless but he certainly had less homes after that.

#1 - Natasha Lyonne
Almost as if she had portrayed the character of Nicky Nichols in real life, actress Natasha Lyonne has had some trouble with the law, been evicted, and was also found in the hospital under a different name being treated for hepatitis C as well as a heart infection. She might have played roles in films like Slums of Beverly Hills and American Pie but that money clearly didn’t last because she ended up, just like the rest of them, homeless on the streets. She has since revitalized her acting career, with the help of OITNB, but that the fact that she was once homeless. Either way, we’re just glad she’s back on her feet. doesn’t reverse
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