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Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan
Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan
Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan

Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan - The Wendy Williams Show

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Video description
Lindsay Lohan sits down for an exclusive interview with Wendy to talk about her life in Dubai, latest projects, love life and family.

Plus, Lindsay opens up about her past struggles, her reality show on OWN and why she decided to live overseas.
Kardashians vs. Small Town Bakery

The Kardashian family are feuding with a bakery in Michigan. An Armenian family with the last name Kardashian, opened a restaurant in March called the "Kardashian Bakery and Grill". Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are trying to shut down the bakery, claiming they're capitalizing off of their family name. Then, Tyrese continues his social media feuds. This time he's shading rapper Yung Joc. Plus, Anna Faris has already moved on just a few months after announcing her separation from Chris Pratt. Is it too soon? Find out Wendy's take in Hot Topics?

EXCLUSIVE: Naomi Campbell's Paris Nightmare

Naomi shares for the first time details about an attempted robbery while she was in Paris. Plus, Naomi opens up about her love life, friendships with George Michael and Kim Kardashian and tells us about her new FOX show, Star.


LINDSAY LOHAN | AFTER They Were Famous SUBSCRIBE: INSTAGRAM: #LindsayLohan #AfterTheyWereFamous #MichaelMcCrudden AFTER Lindsay Lohan would light it up in Disney’s Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and then in Tina Fey’s Mean Girls. AFTER she had an album titled SPEAK which hit platinum status. AFTER she was busted for crashing car after car and driving while in possession of c0caine. Lindsay Lohan managed to get herself in trouble with the law so frequently one could make a shrine out of her mug shots. The girl slept with half of Hollywood, and then allegedly wrote the names down which was trevealed to the world. Seriously, she’s been with...

Sarah Jessica Parker on The Wendy Williams Show

Sarah Jessica Parker made her "Wendy" debut and dishes about her family, living in NYC and her guilty pleasure. Will there be another "Sex and the City" movie? How does Sarah Jessica deal with the constant paparazzi attention? Find out what she only tells Wendy!

Go Inside Lindsay Lohan's New York City Apartment | Lindsay | Oprah Winfrey Network

After 49 days of living in a hotel, Lindsay finally receives the keys to her apartment in New York. Lindsay says that hotel living reminded her of chaos in her past, but now that she's in a place of her own, will she be able to make a life for herself? Watch her walk through her new home for the first time. For more on #Lindsay, visit Find OWN on TV at #OWNTV #Lindsay #LindsayLohan SUBSCRIBE: Download the Watch OWN App: Download the OWN Bold Moves App: About OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and...

Mariah Carey's Ex Speaks Out

Billionaire James Packer is speaking out for the first time since his failed engagement to Mariah Carey and says he was at a "low point in his life when he met her". Then, actress Lupita Nyong'o is speaking out about her experience with Harvey Weinstein. Plus, Normani Kordei is quitting Fifth Harmony for a solo career. Is it too soon?

Waiting for I Love You

If you're pregnant with your first child, is it selfish to ask your mom to retire to look after your baby? Should you tell the guy you've been dating for 10 months that you love him, or wait for him to say it first?

James Franco Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Actor James Franco has been accused by several women of sexual misconduct. Plus, Seal posted a meme on Instagram that was critical of Oprah, but later went on to defend himself and clapped back at Stacey Dash.'s Nikki Boyer gives us the inside scoop.

Lindsay Lohan Weighing Return to Reality TV

The new Whitney Houston documentary hits theaters today and shows never before seen footage and addresses sexual abuse allegations. Then, Lindsay Lohan may be coming back to reality TV. She is reportedly considering a show centered around her beach club in Greece. Plus, Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who pretended to be black and was president of the NAACP in Washington state could be going to prison for 15 years. Wendy has the details in Hot Topics. _ Follow Wendy See it first. See it now. Only at

Kathy Griffin's Laugh Your Head Off Tour

Kathy Griffin made headlines after a photo was released of her holding a severed head in the likeness of President Trump. One year later, she’s done apologizing and is back to making us laugh in her new “Laugh Your Head Off” tour. Kathy tells us who she was with when she learned the infamous photo went viral and what it was like being investigated by the government. Plus, Kathy opens up about her former friendship with CNN's Anderson Cooper and reveals if she would forgive him if he apologized to her. _ Follow Wendy See it first. See it now. Only at

Kandi Burruss vs. Kim Zolciak

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" stars Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss tweeted a war of words last night. Kandi accused Kim of lying and Kim said Kandi and her husband are swingers. Then, a false alarm about an incoming ballistic missile to Hawaii over the weekend terrified the population, including visiting celebrities. Plus, Paris Jackson was trying to do a good deed when she was robbed and Selena Gomez's mom is not happy that she's back with Justin Bieber.

Lindsay Lohan's Life Coach Questions Her Sobriety | Lindsay | Oprah Winfrey Network

Lindsay's health and wellness coach A.J. Johnson hears some upsetting news and decides to confront Lindsay on her sobriety. "When we were at dinner the other night, your mom told me you had been drinking," A.J. says. On top of that, she says she found wine in Lindsay's apartment the next morning. Watch to see Lindsay's response‰ÛÓis she ready to live in her truth? For more on #Lindsay, visit Find OWN on TV at #OWNTV #Lindsay #LindsayLohan SUBSCRIBE: Download the Watch OWN App: Download the OWN Bold Moves App: About OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network...

Rihanna & Drake No Longer Friends

Drake once said he's always been in love with Rihanna and presented her with the Vanguard Award and even took out a billboard to congratulate her. Now, Rihanna says they're no longer friends and opens up about her new relationship with Saudi businessman, Hassan Jameel. Then, the Royal wedding is just 15 days away, but Meghan Markle's brother penned a letter to Prince Harry, asking him to call it off. Plus, Lil Kim's New Jersey home is in foreclosure and up for auction. Find out what the starting bid is. _ Follow Wendy See it first. See it now. Only at

Is Paris Hilton Ready for Marriage & Kids?

Paris Hilton has a new, younger, HOT boyfriend. Is she in love? Is she ready to settle down? Does she want children? Plus, is Paris still friends with Nicole Richie and will she ever do reality TV again? Find out what Paris only tells Wendy!

Toni Braxton: Trap Queen?

Toni Braxton released a new song with her rumored husband, Birdman. The song is called "Heart Away". It's mid-tempo with Toni singing over Birdman's trap music. Is Toni too legendary to sing this type of music? Then, Lindsay Lohan is eying a comeback and wants to star in the upcoming "Batgirl" movie. Plus, Chris Brown may go to jail and a popular YouTube star wants a second chance after receiving severe backlash for posting a video of a suicide victim.

5 Days Of Vlogs After Clevver (Canadian BF Reunion)

3 VIDEOS in 1 WEEK?! WHO IS SHE?!?! ps subscribe please TheLilzChannel is back with the second ever vlog on this channel - but this isn't just any vlog - this is basically the first 5 days after the Clevver & Defy Media shutdown. The days mostly consist of eating fast food, playing with puppies, hanging out with my Beauty Break PIC Joslyn Davis, and the moment you've all been waiting for - A BLAST FROM THE PAST SPECIAL GUEST - my "cabo boyfriend" Krisztian the Canadian from CABO CANTINA!! I really hope you enjoyed this vlog and I want to...