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Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth
Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth
Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth

Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth - Talltanic

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The world is most certainly divided on whether or not aliens have actually visited earth. It’s undeniable that there are things on earth that are very difficult to explain, and seem almost impossible to have been completed without the help of an external force of some kind. More than 40,000 Americans have insurance against alien abduction and most British, German and Americans believe in an intelligent lifeform of some sort, makes me wonder, what do you believe?  Today we look at archaeological and other evidence that could lead us to believe that they have spent some time on earth at one stage or another.

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8 - Brick by Brick
Tiwanaand Puma Punku is a hugely important archeological site located in western Bolivia in South America. It forms part of a large temple complex that is part of Tiwanacu, and there are achievements on this site that dwarf the work of the Aztecs. Many of the blocks used in construction weigh as much as 400 tons and were moved 50 miles a time. The shape is another factors that leaves people puzzled, as there are no chisel marks on any of the stones, so how did they get their shape? The rocks were then fitted together perfectly and the end result is so strong, that they can withstand earthquakes. In the early 1900’s, Arthur Posnansky traveled to the site and said it was built as a giant clock. Rogue historians are convinced that aliens assisted in building this near flawless site.

7 - Ready for take-off
Here’s another prominent figure who’s come out with a strange claim. Kazem Finjan, Iraq's Minister for Transport told journalists that the ancient Sumerian people built a fully functioning space base more than 7,000 years ago! The ancient Sumerian people are part of the oldest civilizations on earth, and that back then they were already heading off into space to make contact with extra-terrestrials. He also stated that they discovered Pluto, thousands of years before it was officially discovered in 1933. During his speech, Finjan stated that the aliens assisted the ancient Sumerian people in building the site using their state-of-the-art technology. Finjan was opening up an airport on that particular site, and he said it was a well-favored spot because weather conions were always favorable for safe landings and take-offs.

6 - A huge circle of stones
For a long time, many people believed Stonehenge could not have been built with human technology from 5 000 years ago, when the first giant rocks were put into place. The rocks, some weighing close to 50 tons, are placed in a perfect circular arrangement and are miles away from any rocks that  were in easy access. For these reasons and others, it has been suggested the structure functioned as a landing pad for alien space craft. Now though, scientists believe that it may have been possible for humans of that era to achieve, and that the arrangement represents the solstices and assisted in astronomical observation.

5 - A rumble in the jungle
Now to Southern Mexico, where an intriguing sarcophagus lid is proof of alien interaction with humans, according to alien theorists. The image is of Pacal the Great who ruled the Mayan people during the 7th century. It would seem he could well be on a platform in a spacecraft, with hands of controls and an oxygen tube in his month.

4 - Balls of stone
Stone balls of sizes ranging from a few inches to several feet in diameter have been discovered in Costa Rica. Once again this had alien theorists in a flutter, but is believed these were made by hands centuries ago.

3 - Let’s have a ball
Let’s take a trip to Ball Island, a rock formation that closely resembles a pyramid, out in the middle of the Tasman sea between Australia and New Zealand. Besides housing one of the most peculiar animals on the planet, the giant stick insect, this island has many theorists believing it was placed there by aliens. The pyramid seems too flawless to be made by nature, and it’s even thought that it might have been the home to dragons as it looks like a dragon’s claw. Mystery hunters love frequenting this island, in the hope of finding something that leads them to conclude that this was the work of aliens or home to the dragons.

2 - Stoned
The massive stones at Baalbek, near Lebanon are also believed to have acted as a landing site or beacon for alien craft. Some of them weigh an estimated 750 tons, and are one mile from the quarry. Modern engineers admit it would be a huge challenge today, and yes, those are people sitting on it. Any ideas anyone?

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