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Chihuahua Won’t Leave Owner’s Gravesite
Chihuahua Won’t Leave Owner’s Gravesite
Chihuahua Won’t Leave Owner’s Gravesite

Chihuahua Won’t Leave Owner’s Gravesite - Inside Edition

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Theresa and Mike Morini took in a dog named Dita after Theresa’s mother passed away last September. The loyal 5-year-old Chihuahua mix refuses to leave her former master’s gravesite in New York State. “It broke my heart. Dita and my mother were inseparable, wherever my mother went, Dita followed,” she told Inside Eion. They even snuck Dita into the hospital outside Albany where Theresa’s mother was being treated for congestive heart failure.
Why 9-Year-Old Boy With Autism Got Arrested at School

More from Inside Edition: The parents of the 9-year-old who was arrested in August after fighting another student and striking a teacher are speaking out. Cops were called after fourth grader Devin Shepherd got into a fight with a classmate during recess at Needham Elementary School in Franklin, Ind. When a teacher intervened, Devin hit the teacher. The boy's father recorded the heartbreaking scene. “Just chill out buddy. You're leaving with me. I promise you,” the father told his son as he was being arrested.

Owner-Obsessed Dog Flung Herself Out The Window When Left Alone

One dog has suffers from a case of separation anxiety so severe that she once flung herself out a window to find her master after he left for work. Marcus Anderson, an L.A. resident, has said he tried everything to help his dog, Campbell. Anderson said that every time he heads to work, Campbell loses her mind, sometimes causing serious injury. The dog once broke her teeth chewing through a door barrier Anderson screwed in so she would stay in the house.

Japanese-American Vlogger Responds to Logan Paul: 'You Should Know Better'

More from Inside Edition: American YouTube star Logan Paul has come under intense criticism for his controversial visit to Japan. invited Japanese-American vlogger Melodee Morita to its offices to watch some of Paul's footage and discuss his actions. Melodee talked about the reactions of people on the street and provided cultural context to some of the sites featured in Paul's vlog, including a Buddhist temple and a famous fish market.

You will LAUGH SO HARD that YOU WILL FAINT - FUNNY CAT compilation

Well well well, cats for you again. But this time, even better, even funnier, even more hilarious! We know you like these furries the most, so that's why we keep making such compilations :) Just look how all these cats and kittens behave, play, fail, make funny sounds, react to different things,... So ridiculous, funny and cute Let's laugh together and make our day better by watching these awesome kitties :) What is your favorite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos! The content in this compilation is licensed and used...

Viral Plumber Who Dove Into Sewer to Fix Pipe Gets Free Jeans For a Year

More from Inside Edition: A photo of a hard-working plumber who went above and beyond the call of duty to fix a broken pipe is going viral. A homeowner snapped this shot of Jimmie Cox diving into murky water to try and fix the problem. Inside Edition connected Cox with Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, who commended the plumber for his dedication to his dirty job. A photo of a hard-working plumber who went above and beyond the call of duty to fix a broken pipe is going viral. A homeowner snapped this shot of Jimmie Cox diving into murky...

Teen With Backwards Foot Attached To Knee Meets Other Cancer Survivors Like Her

One teen has defied all odds as a dancer with a prosthetic leg. When Gabi Shull removes her prosthetic, her leg is backwards. The Missouri native traveled to Houston to perform in a fundraiser for children battling cancer this past summer. Shull took the stage and wowed the crowd and inspired everyone by taking a giant step forward. She has loved to dance from time she was 3 years old. In 2010, an MRI revealed a tumor and she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma a rare form of cancer.

Family Looks Like Legos in Botched Photo Shoot

One family’s portrait doesn’t make the people in it look real. Dave and Pam Zaring from St. Louis hired a professional photographer to shoot family photos. Imagine their shock when the shots were mailed to them and they looked like they're made of Legos. “This is too funny to keep to ourselves,” Pam told Inside Edition. “When I came over and looked at them, I can tell you both of our mouths were just compete ‘O’, just wide open,” she recalled.

Man Offers $100,000 to Charity if President Trump Steps on Scale in Public

A lot of eyebrows were raised after the president's doctor said Donald Trump is in “excellent health.” Some are actually questioning Navy Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, who is a respected physician and has served as The White House doctor for 10 years. The skeptics don't believe that Trump is 6-foot-3 inches and weighs just 239 pounds. Side by side comparisons are popping up on social media, where Trump is shown next to athletes like Tim Tebow and Tom Brady who are roughly the same height and weight.


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Bride Has Allergic Reaction to Flowers on Wedding Day

More from Inside Edition: On the biggest day of her life, a bride suffered an allergic reaction from a flower in her bouquet. "I was the scariest looking person at my wedding,” Christine Miller told Inside Edition. The culprit was the snow-on-the-mountain flower. What she didn't know is that it can be as poisonous as poison ivy. The night before the wedding, she and her bridal party stayed up to finish the floral arrangements. They had picked the flowers on her property outside Lincoln, Nebraska.

Woman Finds Tiny, Live Frog in Her Salad and Kept It as a Pet

If this frog could speak, it would have an interesting story to tell. Becky Garfinkle says she bought a salad from a local Target store and this vegetarian got quite the surprise when she sat down to eat it. She saw the tiny frog peeking out from under the salad leaves. The discovery actually made her sick to her stomach, but after all the vomiting was over she says she thought the little critter was cute.'s Mara Montalbano ( has more.

Shackled Kids Were Allowed 1 Meal a Day and Showers Twice a Year: Cops

Voicemails left by Louise Turpin, the California mother whose 13 kids were rescued after allegedly being shackled and malnourished in the family home, have been released. Shocking new details of the children's horrific ordeal are emerging. They reportedly were given just one meal a day and were allowed to shower twice a year. Louise Turpin's brother, Billy, and sister, Teresa, tell Inside Edition they tried many times to speak with their nephews and nieces but were rebuffed.

Formerly Homeless Little Boy Sobs With Joy When he Sees His New Home

An 8-year-old boy got the surprise of his life! He was so excited, he started weeping. So, why the tears of joy? Little Daeyrs just got his own bed, for the very first time. He and his mom were homeless and living in shelters. All he ever wanted was his own home with his own bed. With the help of the nonprofit, Humble Design, he got his wish. Sleep well, buddy!

Rare African Painted Dog Pups Make First Appearance Trying to Keep up with Mom

After spending six weeks deep in their den, a pack of rare African painted dogs have emerged, alongside their mother. This is the first time the pups have shown their faces, and they are adorable! Animal experts at the Chester Zoo in the U.K. are thrilled all seven of the pups look strong and healthy. They can reach speeds of more than 44 miles per hour and feature patches of yellow, brown and white fur.'s Keleigh Nealon ( has more.

Parents Charged with Child Endangerment Over 8-Year-Old Son's Prank

More from Inside Edition: A YouTube video of a child named Rocco and his 20-year-old nanny riding in the bed of a pickup truck in California filled with Orbeez (water and gel based plastic balls) led authorities to issue charges against two adults. Police said in a release the video showed "dangerous driving behavior involving children." In the video, the balls are later dumped out of the back of the truck for fun. They naturally rolled down the street and eventually clogged storm drains and triggered a major cleanup operation.

Couple Is Shocked When Chocolate Lab Gives Birth To Green Puppy

More from Inside Edition: One thing's for sure, it may not look like it, but Fifi's hair is all natural. The puppy shocked her mom's owners when Milly, her mother, gave birth to a litter of pups but Fifi came out green! Experts say it's rare but happens when light-colored puppies come in contact with a substance call Biliverden which is found in the placenta. Her owners say the color will fade but Fifi has gotten quite a bit of attention in the meantime.

Watch This Baby Adorably Get Confused By Dad and His Identical Twin

A father teamed up with his identical twin to confuse his child. Baby Reed tried to figure out which of the twins was his father, Stephen. Reed looked between his dad and his identical uncle, Michael, before pointing at Stephen and saying: "Dada." But when he was passed to his dad, he pointed at Michael and said: "Dada." The two men laughed as Reed tried to make sense of the situation.

Match the Dog to Their Owner - Lineup

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Don't you hate it when your snacks are stuck in the vending machine? It can cause people to freak out, but there is a solution, and shaking the machine is not it. That could cause the machine to fall on you. It is best to order something from above what you wanted, because when the item falls, it could hit your snack. It’s also possible that if you order something from the same row, the vibrations could cause what you originally purchased to shake out and fall.

Saving a homeless Chihuahua who was NOT ready yet for human contact.

Please help send us on the next life saving rescue mission by donating $5 here: If you missed Washington's amazing rescue video, please watch it here: To adopt ChiChi or Washington, please visit our friends at:

Advice for Evading the Flu This Winter

As the flu spreads across America, there may be ways to avoid it. Dr. Roshini Raj spoke to Inside Edition about the flu. Public transportation is a hot zone for spreading the flu virus. Your kitchen sink is dirtier than the elevator and your office desk. Raj says the best way to avoid the flu is to wash your hands as much as possible.

Famous Child Celebs You Would NEVER Recognize Today

Famous People Who Let Themselves Go Try out ThePremium Network for free: Subscribe to our channel: For copyright matters please contact us at: Child stars have seemed to reach a certain level of immortality. In the eyes of Hollywood, they are forever the age where they became famous. But the entertainment industry can often be pretty cruel to the aging child star. As the kid grows up in front of the camera, they have to play their cards just right so they can stay relevant and continue to get work regardless of how old they are. However, what usually...

9-Year-Old With Cancer Gets Dying Wish to Meet His Newborn Sister

This was the moment this dying little boy had waited for. 9-year-old Bailey got to meet his newborn sister, named Millie. Bailey was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of cancer. He battled it for more than a year. For 9 months, he kept fighting with the hope of meeting Millie. And he did. A month later, on Christmas Eve, Bailey passed away.'s Leigh Scheps ( has more.

Teen Saves Dad's Struggling Restaurant After Getting Retweeted by Paulina Rubio

Jackie Garza, 18, says when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, her father's restaurant was the only one left open in the neighborhood. But after the storm hit, sales went down and stayed low. With one little tweet, Garza stopped her father's restaurant from closing. Jackie's tweet was seen by thousands after a Mexican singer and actress named Paulina Rubio retweeted it to her more than 11 million followers.'s Keleigh Nealon ( has more.