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"Cassie" Two-Legged Walking Robot From Agility Robotics - Made For Search & Rescue Efforts.
"Cassie" Two-Legged Walking Robot From Agility Robotics - Made For Search & Rescue Efforts.
"Cassie" Two-Legged Walking Robot From Agility Robotics - Made For Search & Rescue Efforts.

"Cassie" Two-Legged Walking Robot From Agility Robotics - Made For Search & Rescue Efforts. - Inventions World

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"Cassie" Two-Legged Walking Robot From Agility Robotics - Made For Search & Rescue Efforts.

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Meet Cassie, the new robot from Agility Robotics based on technology from Oregon State University.

A new two-legged robot being tested at the University of Michigan is a rare bird. “Cassie,” who is capable of walking unassisted on rough
and uneven terrain, has potential applications for search-and-rescue efforts as well as in the medical realm.

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