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Alphabet City cartoon - Episode 01
Alphabet City cartoon - Episode 01
Alphabet City cartoon - Episode 01

Alphabet City cartoon - Episode 01 - Alphabet City

Alphabet City
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Have you ever wondered what the letters of the alphabet are like as people? No? Have you ever wondered what the stories are behind the way our words are spelled? No? Well watch Alphabet City anyway! It's short, it's animated, and it's free to watch.

Video description
Ever wanted to learn the story behind the way words get spelled? No? Ever wanted to meet the letters of the alphabet? No? Well watch Alphabet City anyway! It's animated, it's kinda educational, and it's on YouTube.
In this episode, the letter X comes to town and tries to get all up in them words.

Made by R. Chett Hoffman
Theme Song by Funkin' A
The Alphabet Set

Buy yourself a copy of the book! "Elemenno Pee is all mixed up and doesn't know where he belongs. With a little help and a good sing-along, can he find his place among his friends?" Happy reading!

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