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8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Deep Web
8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Deep Web
8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Deep Web

8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Deep Web - They will Kill You

They will Kill You
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Mostly everyone is browsing on the internet to get information nowadays. Let's take a look at some invisible web secrets.

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Known as ‘The Onion Router’ from its original project name, Tor is free software that allows users to communicate on the Internet anonymously. This is achieved by directing traffic through a network of over seven thousand relays that hide the user & their location from traffic analysis & network surveillance. Much like the layers of an onion, Tor implements layered data encryption in its communication protocol. Tor’s main objective is to protect the privacy of its users & to give them the freedom of conducting confidential communication & ensuring that their Internet activities are not being monitored. The software was developed by The Tor Project, Inc, Inc, a nonprofit research & education organization founded by Nick Mathewson, Roger Dingledine & five others. The bulk of their funding came from the United States Government. The Tor Browser, which is a modified & extremely secure version of Mozilla Firefox, is the project’s flagship. For the time being, attacks against Tor fall in the realm of academic research & the software’s developers reportedly welcome any challenge. It is a form of digital currency & a payment system that people all over the world can use to make transactions over the Internet. It's also a type of cryptocurrency which means that the money exchanged can’t be linked to a real identity if the person wants to remain anonymous. Bitcoin is the first decentralized form of currency meaning that the system doesn’t have any administrators or a central repository. The user has a Bitcoin address which is an identifier composed of 26-35 alphanumeric characters & it represents the possible destination of a bitcoin payment. Sites or users need to use a global database known as the blockchain which keeps track of who has how much money at all times. The blockchain is a record of all transactions that have ever been made in the Bitcoin network that also keeps track of newly generated bitcoin. This means that all users know each other’s bitcoin value. The process of generating bitcoins is called mining. The difficulty of the problem increases based on the speed of decryption so that a single block is decrypted every ten minutes. The dark web is not the same thing as the deep web but instead only represents a small part of it. The deep web refers to any site that can’t be accessed through traional search engines while the dark web represents a part of the deep web that has been hidden intentionally. The most famous content on the dark web can be found in the Tor Network & accessed through Tor browsers. There seems to be no limit what can be found on the dark web. Content includes numerous scams, child pornography, cannibal sites, the sexualized torture & killing of animals, porn that would be banned anywhere else or live torture rooms. Bitcoins may be used to buy anything from fake documents to illegal drugs & weapons or the services of hackers & hitmen. Named after an ancient network of trade routes, the deep web’s Silk Road was an online black market & the first modern darknet market.This means that it could only be accessed with specific configurations, authorization or software. After a development process of 6 months, the Silk Road was launched in February 2011 & it became known as a platform for selling a wide variety of illegal drugs. In October 2013, Ross William Ulbricht, the person suspected of being the Silk Road’s founder under the pseudonym ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’, was arrested by the FBI. He was charged with money laundering, & computer hacking & conspiracy to traffic narcotics & sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. His net worth at the time of his arrest was estimated at $28.5 million. Transactions that took place on the Silk Road were conducted with bitcoins. Circada 3301 was the name attributed to a secret organization that on six occasions published a series of complex puzzles with the purpose of recruiting highly intelligent individuals. Even though the puzzles were posted on different platforms, it was claimed that most of the clues could be found on the deep web. The puzzles focused on steganography, cryptography & data security. Mariana’s Web is an umbrella term used in reference to what lies in the deepest part of the Internet. Some believe that Mariana’s Web is actually an artificial intelligence entity. Others claim that it’s the place where you’ll find the most horrific things available on the deep web.
Cicada 3301 (All Clues and How They Were Solved)

Want to know more about PGP encryption? Here's the video I used Songs: 00:40 song {Halsey - Haunting (Official Instrumental) Piano cover by cragezy As not stated, the video is not entirely accurate (i.e notes shown were drawn up for clearity). Please refrain from pointing out the flaws when the majority of the video is correct. Douche Clues Clue 1: 0:00 Clue 2: 1:22 Clue 3: 1:48 Clue 4: 2:00 Clue 5: 5:50 Clue 6: 6:45 Clue 7: 8:22 Clue 8: 10:11 Clue 9: 11:05 Clue 10: 13:08

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