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15 Riddles Only the Smartest 1% Can Crack
15 Riddles Only the Smartest 1% Can Crack
15 Riddles Only the Smartest 1% Can Crack

15 Riddles Only the Smartest 1% Can Crack - BRIGHT SIDE

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Video description
Do you wanna check your logic skills? 😃 Do you love mysterious riddles, fascinating puzzles, and mind-boggling paradoxes? 😊 There are some riddles only the smartest 1% can crack. Let’s start! 🕗

1. Time will tell 0:50
2. The brother puzzle 1:26
3. A paradox – what do you call two Physicians? 1:50
4. A unique word 2:34
5. Family formula 3:16
6. The Bermuda Triangle? 3:55
7. A contradiction 4:35
8. Next in line 5:10
9. Family ties 5:49
10. Caught ya! 6:23
11. Who's the thief? 7:31
12. An unreliable force 8:22
13. Hold it 8:47
14. So much in common 9:19
15. Guess the city 9:50


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- What occurs once in a minute, twice in every moment, and never in a thousand years?
- I am your brother, but you aren't mine. You have 10 seconds to decide how this is even possible.
- I have towns and cities, but no houses or apartments. I have mountains and forests, but no rocks or trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I?
- There's a word in the English language that has 3 consecutive double letters. What is this word?
- A young lady has the same number of brothers and sisters. But each of her brothers has two times fewer brothers than sisters. How many sisters and brothers are there in the family?
- You look at the sea and notice a boat filled with people. You look away, but when your eyes go back to the boat, you don't see a single person on board. What's happened? Were they ghosts? A mirage? Victims of the Bermuda Triangle?!
- I have space but no room. I have keys but no locks. You can enter but you can’t get out. What am I?  No not the Hotel California.  
- Take a look at this seemingly random combination of letters: O T T F F S S. Can you figure out what the next 3 letters will be?  
- A is the brother of B, B is the sister of C, and C is the mother of D. How is D related to A? Will 10 seconds be enough for you to undo these family ties?
- One day a man decided to go on a fishing trip with his friends. He asked his wife to pack some things for him: a fishing rod, tackle box, some clothes for a week, and his favorite pajamas. After the man came back a week later, she un-derstood that her husband was lying and that he hadn't been on a fishing trip at all! How could she have possibly understood that?
- Anne had to leave her apartment due to some urgent matter. Before heading out, she hid some money under the kitchen mat. When she returned, the money was gone.  So, who took the money?
- Why should you never ever trust gravity?
- You can hold it in your right hand but never in your left hand. What is this mysterious object?
- Examine these numbers closely: 11, 69, 96, and 88. What do they all have in common?
- Look at this picture and try to guess the city encoded with the help of these adorable animals.

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