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10 Times Goku Was Heavily Underestimated (Dragon Ball)
10 Times Goku Was Heavily Underestimated (Dragon Ball)
10 Times Goku Was Heavily Underestimated (Dragon Ball)

10 Times Goku Was Heavily Underestimated (Dragon Ball) - CBR

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10 Dragon Ball moments where Goku was slept on by his opponent.
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Goku is among the standard for fictional martial artists. He’s been training ever since he was a small child and the results of his training are obvious to us as viewers. We’ve seen him train on spaceships, god-like mansions and in the afterlife. The grind doesn’t stop for Goku, but that isn’t as obvious to his enemies, who consistently undermine his power and training. That doesn’t mean Goku won’t put those words back in his enemy’s mouth though.

So who are all of you thinking of? Well, we took some of his fights and decided to make our own list. Whether it’s an alien, robot or a god, Goku has a wide spectrum of enemies who are ready to get down and we’ve had a great time watching him do battle with everyone. You can just go ahead, sit back, relax, and enjoy Goku hand out awesome beat downs.


Entry 1 - RADITZ
Entry 2 - NAPPA
Entry 3 - VEGETA
Entry 4 - GINYU
Entry 5 - FRIEZA
Entry 6 - COOLER
Entry 7 - DR. GERO
Entry 8 - ANDROIDS
Entry 9 - PILAF
Entry 10 - BEERUS


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