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10 Times Dragon Ball Went Too Far
10 Times Dragon Ball Went Too Far
10 Times Dragon Ball Went Too Far

10 Times Dragon Ball Went Too Far - CBR

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10 times the Dragon Ball anime series went a little bit too far!
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Japanese cartoons and media in general have always had a different take on what was appropriate for children compared to American cartoons. We can see this in the dialogue and actions of cartoons from Speed Racer all the way to series like My Hero Academia. However, we decided to take a look at a different Japanese property that might be guilty of some out there scenes. Yes, we’re looking at the ever continuing Dragon Ball franchise.

From the original series to Z to GT and now Super, a lot of out there moments have come from Goku and friends. Ranging from relationships to comments to general concepts, the Dragon Ball series has never failed to cross that line in some way. Whether it was intentional or not, we’ve tried to take a look at some of the more startling moments from the franchise. So grab a snack and a drink, let’s get started!


Entry 4 - GOKU & BULMA
Entry 6 - GOKU & UUB LEAVE
Entry 10 - GOHAN & PICCOLO


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