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10 Things We Learned From Dragon Ball Super Broly
10 Things We Learned From Dragon Ball Super Broly
10 Things We Learned From Dragon Ball Super Broly

10 Things We Learned From Dragon Ball Super Broly - CBR

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The Crazy Revelations We Learned From Dragon Ball Super Broly
Dragon Ball Super: Broly is officially here, with a wide release rocking American cinemas and killing it at the box office. With the film’s release, quite a few new facts have come to light about the world of Dragon Ball. The film explores the history of the Saiyans and the origins of Goku, Vegeta and, of course, Broly. In doing so, we’ve gained a few new pieces of knowledge of the history and world of Dragon Ball, from small tidbits to major revelations and even some explanations for previously unanswered questions.

In this video, we’ll take a look at all the interesting things we learned from Dragon Ball Super: Broly, from Vegeta’s royal status and family line to facts about the Frieza Force’s galactic tyranny. Check out the video to learn about all the new adions to Dragon Ball lore that the film gave fans!
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The most important Saiyan transformations in Dragon Ball. SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: The world of Dragon Ball would be incomplete without Saiyans and their transformations. While screaming and getting the hair recolored may not look appealing, there are significant differences between each Saiyan transformation. Today, we’ll discuss each transformation and what makes it unique. We start with the first and original transformation shown to us at the very start of Dragon Ball: Oozaru, or the Great Ape. Then, Goku turns into a Super Saiyan for the first time against Frieza on Namek after his best friend, Krillin, dies....

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This is the full DBZ fan movie created about a trip the saiyans take to take over a planet. A trip with Vegeta, Raditz and Nappa attempting to fight an alien race with a dark secret. This animationg is created with NO TRACING and an original voice cast and soundtrack. If you want to support a sequel then have a look at my Patreon page! DBZ is owned by Toei animation, fuji TV Shuesha and Akira Toryama. Please Support the official release.

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TWITCH: | The BIRTH of Super Saiyan God Vegeta EXPLAINED in Dragon Ball Super as Super Saiyan God Vegeta vs Broly FIGHT happened in Dragon Ball Super Broly. We explain How Vegeta became a God in Dragon Ball Super and before Resurrection F. SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2ND CHANNEL- WORLD OF GEEKDOM: -------------------------------- Dragon Ball Discussions Dragon Ball In Depth: Dragon Ball Super News: Dragon Ball Super Full Episode Reviews: -------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: ASK.FM: GOOGLE+: #DragonBallSuper #Vegeta #DragonBallSuperBroly

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What if Dragon Ball's Gohan trained and actually tried to be a strong fighter? SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: If you ask fans who the most powerful character in the Dragon Ball franchise is, most would probably say it’s Goku. While he’s super strong and has saved the world many times, this doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone stronger. In fact, we believe his son, Gohan, could easily surpass Goku in terms of strength. Of course, this would require a lot more training on his part, but we’ve already seen him easily take out enemies like Frieza and then, of...

Top 10 Biggest Changes in Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Top 10 Biggest Changes in Dragon Ball Super: Broly Subscribe: and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! With the release of the new Dragon Ball Super Movie, we're taking a look at the major differences between it and the original, "Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan" film. This movie obviously takes place after the TV Anime and the Tournament of Power Arc so it is radically different from the original especially in its portrayal as the overpowered villain Broly. We're taking into account all moments...

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How Dragon Ball's Krillin changed through time. SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: When Krillin first showed up in Dragon Ball, he was the perfect foil for Goku. While the kind-hearted but oblivious Saiyan trained under Master Roshi, he didn’t realize that he was hated intensely by Goku. But now, the two of them are the best of friends and this isn’t the only way Krillin’s character has changed over the years. We’ll go over the evolution of Krillin, from his physical appearance, to his personality. Unlike Goku, who stumbled into marriage, Krillin was always on the lookout for love...