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10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet
10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet
10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet

10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet - austinmcconnell

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Video description
Think you know the English language? Here are 10 letters folks used to use, but didn't quite stand the test of time. Elemenopee, my homies.
How Korea crafted a better alphabet - History of Writing Systems #11 (Featural Alphabet)

The Korean alphabet is better than yours. Meet the king who invented it and watch him work his linguistic magic in this chapter in the history of writing. You wake up in another palace. This time you're in Korea. The first face to greet you is that of King Sejong the Great. He tells you of centuries of struggles trying to fit Chinese characters to his Korean language. He compares it to Japanese. But he wants something cleaner, more efficient. You tell him about your alphabet, but he's not impressed. Watch as he knocks your ideas down and invents a better writing...

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Restaurant Owner Wants to Add New Letter to Alphabet

An Australian restaurant owner has decided it's time for him to reinvent the alphabet. It's his strong conviction that the typing of the letters t and h as required to spell the word 'the' is simply too much trouble, especially when texting. An Australian restaurant owner has decided it's time for him to reinvent the alphabet. It's his strong conviction that the typing of the letters t and h as required to spell the word the is simply too much trouble, especially when texting. He spent nearly 40 thousand dollars coming up with a new single th combo letter that...

A Padlock with 3 Keys but no Keyholes - Illusion and Confusion

Thanks to Brilliant for sponsoring this episode and supporting Mr.Puzzle! Visit to improve your analytical and problem-solving skills! This massive metal Trick Lock comes together with three different keys. However, what to do with them if the keyholes are obviously missing!? The task, open the locked shackle. My shop: The puzzle shown in this video & further variants are available here: Download the free solution of a similar puzzle and print it: If you are interested in buying this puzzle please support me by using my affiliate links. If you click the link and buy a product, I will receive a commission...

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Where did the alphabet come from? How did it develop, and why? The writing systems first developed in Sumer provided a basis for the written word, but their system of characters also inspired a shift to single phoneme systems where each letter represents a distinct sound. Support us on Patreon! (--More below) Grab your Extra Credits gear at the store! Subscribe for new episodes every Saturday! _________ Thanks to Joseph Maslov for being our guest artist this week! Check out more of Joe's work below. Website - Blog - _________ Thanks for participating in this week's discussion! We want you to be aware of...