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10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet
10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet
10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet

10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet - austinmcconnell

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Think you know the English language? Here are 10 letters folks used to use, but didn't quite stand the test of time. Elemenopee, my homies.
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Where did the alphabet come from? How did it develop, and why? The writing systems first developed in Sumer provided a basis for the written word, but their system of characters also inspired a shift to single phoneme systems where each letter represents a distinct sound. Support us on Patreon! (--More below) Grab your Extra Credits gear at the store! Subscribe for new episodes every Saturday! _________ Thanks to Joseph Maslov for being our guest artist this week! Check out more of Joe's work below. Website - Blog - _________ Thanks for participating in this week's discussion! We want you to be aware of...

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I took an intro to logic class once. It was ok. Special thanks to: Tompa, Robert T Mruczek, Dannyb21892, Shenanigans, and Blackbeltginganinja Thanks to: Retro, Werster More on Ocarina of Time glitchless: More on Mirror's Edge glitchless: Join my Discord server: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Twitch: Music: Videos used: (video provided by dannyb)