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10 Dark Secrets Hidden In Hotel Transylvania 3
10 Dark Secrets Hidden In Hotel Transylvania 3
10 Dark Secrets Hidden In Hotel Transylvania 3

10 Dark Secrets Hidden In Hotel Transylvania 3 - Screen Rant

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Hotel Transylvanie 3 is a fun movie for all ages... as long as you don't read into it too much. Subscribe to our channel:

In a world filled with monsters and ghouls, there are bound to be some pretty dark moments despite being a children’s movie. Of course we’re talking about the Sony Pictures Animation sequel known as Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. All of the gang is back for a fun-filled adventure aboard a cruise ship. Along with returning voices like Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez, the rest of the cast is filled with some big Hollywood Stars. The voice of the Mummy was originally played by Cee-Lo Green, but some real life drama makes the actor a little different for both the sequel and Summer vacation.
While traveling out to sea, our favorite monsters fly aboard the Gremlins Air flight, but there are some dark secrets associated with those little critters and a long history of horror.

Speaking of horrors, imagine real life in the Bermuda triangle and the real disasters the area is named after. Missing flights and boats are just the tip of the drama. A number of new characters are introduced in the film, including the strangest fish you’ll ever see and something that looks like a character out of SpongeBob Squarepants. In the movie, we get to see Dennis play and interact with his new puppy Twinkles. There is just a lot of sad truths about the dog the movie does not unveil. Watch to see all these dark secrets and learn more about the film after checking out Dracula, Mavis, and your other favorite characters on the big screen!



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