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10 Actors Who Needed To Be Digitally Edited For Movies
10 Actors Who Needed To Be Digitally Edited For Movies
10 Actors Who Needed To Be Digitally Edited For Movies

10 Actors Who Needed To Be Digitally Edited For Movies - Screen Rant

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Sometimes the actors we see on the screen aren't really what they seem! Subscribe to our channel:

Advancements in CG technology has not only changed the way action, aliens, and digital effects are created, but CG is now used for a lot of subtle moments in our favorite movies. No longer does an actor need to go through a full make-up and prosthetic process for certain special effects. Thanks for post-production work, nearly anything can be done, including a lot of subtle moments featuring various characters. Watch to see how actors have been eed and changed for a variety of movies including some huge blockbuster hits.

Pee-Wee Herman actor Paul Rubens was well past his prime when Netflix announced the film “Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday”. To help keep him the same age, multiple techniques were used to remove wrinkles and make his face feel younger again. Jessica Alba has a no-nude policy for her films and she stuck with it for the movie Machete where her body was digitally recreated using Cg technology. Wesley Snipes butted heads with David S. Goyer on Blade: Trinity so bad that special CG was needed just to create a dramatic shot featuring the hero. Dr. Manhattan was fully nude in Watchmen and a lot of attention was focused on a body part which needed to match in every scene it appeared in. Nicolas Cage is a huge Ghost Rider fan, but his fandom forced a few key changes and CG effects for both Ghost Rider movies. Dakota Johnson wore some cover ups while filming 50 Shades of Grey and the CG artists had to get a little creative when rendering some special hair. Watch to see all these digital es and several others!



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